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  1. achman

    Complete Upgraded 2002 Door Brake Sets

    Hello, would like to order a set of your door brakes. Mine still has the original from 1973, and one of them failed at The Vintage last year. I never remember until I try to get in the car! Please let me know info. Thanks
  2. achman

    1976 Inka

    No affiliation but check it out
  3. achman

    Starter recommendations

    THIS i installed one on mine, and it was a huge part of killing my hot start issues. Well, that and a bunch of other things...but the faster spin up really helps
  4. achman

    Wanted to buy Pre 73 2002 (California Buyer)

    I think you really mean "pre-74" as a '73 has round taillights also...
  5. Gerta the '73 Tii loves her two German garagemates, a 911 and c55 amg. The holy trifecta of German goodness. And then there's the wicked stepsister Fiat Abarth.
  6. Make sure you have the correct resistance when running the Petronix. I burned out my hot spark because of an incorrect resistor/hot spark/coil combo. The car ran fine but when it had been running for 15 min, it died. Yes, I had sediment in the gas but this is when I first got the car and this was the issue. You might have too much resistance with that resistor and the resistor plugs and possibly the wires, and the resistor is getting hot for that reason. Make sure you have the correct coil. Or I could be talking out of my ass.
  7. achman

    1975 BMW 2002 Restoration

    The tires look seriously old. I would simply check any fuel/water etc. hoses and replace anything. Double check brakes, fuel system for contamination, change fuel filters. If car does not overheat in traffic, don't mess with it. If it does, have the radiator re-cored and put on a "tropical" fan. Then drive it.
  8. This is not a $3-5K car This is a $1500 car. It needs everything, from engine rebuild to major metal work, interior, all mechanics etc. You are basically selling a VIN# or a parts car IMHO
  9. Also definitely use NGK BP6ES or BP5ES plugs NON-resistor copper plugs
  10. This sounds like a fuel filter/debris issues to me. Has nothing to do with running lean IMHO. When the car has been running for 15min it has sucked up debris to clog the in-tank filter and possibly the filter by the radiator. Don't go start replacing parts that have nothing to do with the issue. This is either a fuel starvation issue or a spark issue. Do you have points or electronic ignition? With either-- correct coil? Resistor or no? 1. check for 29psi fuel pressure at pump inlet. If not, determine if issue is wiring or pump. Switch to 5-series electronic fuel pump. 2. Check for correct timing, Tii is sensitive to correct timing. Check dwell if points. 2. Check in-tank fuel filter screen and tank for sediment. Replace fuel filter with correct MANN filter by radiator. Install flowing correct direction. 3. Install proper airbox/Mahle air filters
  11. achman

    Modified 1971 2002

    I'll take it. It is possible this might be sarcasm.
  12. achman

    feeler- 1971 BMW 2002 Roundie

    This was a "for sale" ad disguised as a "what's the car worth" ad, nothing to see here Sent from my STV100-2 using Tapatalk
  13. achman

    Best way to market a 72 tii?

    I sold my E36 M3 Sedan on BAT. Besides pressuring me to lower my reserve (I didn't) they were fine. The comments were almost all positive, I was very upfront about what was wrong with the car (barely anything) and it sold. Should have gotten more, but the market spoke and it is what it is. The one thing I wish was that payment process/pickup details should be more uniform.
  14. Hans did the exact same with mine, it came back looking brand new. He tested it on his rig after he completely disassembled it and replaced any worn or used up parts. Every screw looked like new. He has pumps already finished and ready to go if you want to do an exchange and get yours sooner (no pump is "matching numbers" ) but I chose to have him rebuild mine so it would stay with my car. Sent from my STV100-2 using Tapatalk
  15. Hmm that's a bummer. Hans was getting along in years. I had mine done 3 years ago I think. Yeah I would say Gus is the pump man now... Sent from my STV100-2 using Tapatalk