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  1. achman

    Bilstein HD?

    Not sure, I just replaced all the bushings, mounts, and pads in mine before I ordered. Glad you got them!
  2. I think the car would rust out before I made the shore...
  3. Just ordered mine this morning thanks to @chago997. I had ordered them three times from places in the USA who said they had them in stock, only to find out they were drop shipping and actually did not have them at all the whole time
  4. achman

    Bilstein HD?

    https://www.bilstein-shocks.co.uk/products/34-000236 Out of stock everywhere in the USA price is competitive even with shipping I would hurry, I just ordered mine
  5. Congrats on the purchase. I have never seen another Ets. Moorkens car in person, hopefully we can park next to each other someday!
  6. Chatted with Bilstein UK this morning, they said yes confirmed they have them in stock. Ordered them to have them shipped to NJ Super helpful, looking forward to it!!! Thanks so much I also ordered them from a place in USA who said they have them, although they are a drop-ship company and I doubt they will ever come. If they DO, I will offer them for sale on 2002faq most likely Now have to order the HandR springs
  7. Checked last night, and yes, springs were installed correctly, thanks
  8. I will literally order tonight, but just wondering if the site is legit? I guess it is if you received them?
  9. Trust me, I was ribbed endlessly about my 4wd Tii so you wouldn't have been the first
  10. Will double check but they were installed by a great shop GutenParts
  11. PMd you I am local
  12. These are the "HD equivalent" now right? Did you ship to usa?
  13. It's completely possible. The springs were "used Korman springs, 1/2" drop; they were marked very clearly but it is possible the seller mixed up front and rear. The longer springs were installed in front as marked, should it be other way around?
  14. What shocks did you use with the V springs?
  15. So it looks like the best choice might be Koni+HandR+IE big sway bars?.....since the Billy HDs are not available...

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