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  1. What sizes are they? I’m interested and local (Annandale) cheers, Don
  2. I would buy eleventy of these. Eleventy billion. With a B.
  3. I’ll take it. PM inbound
  4. Hey Marshal, probably (formerly) my ‘76 pastelblau car that I just sold today in southern old town. I hope they enjoy it. Cheers, Don
  5. Driver quality. Cylinder head rebuilt with fresh valve guide seals, valve job, decked. Some rust in front valence and minor drivers floorboard. Interior in good shape. Second paint job, unknown date, original color. Lots of pics and video. Located in Washington DC. 90E71D19-C7FA-40BF-8908-1AEC3AB6753B.MOV BA73E6E0-DB68-439A-BC65-10F8ACFBF1D9.MOV A7F7D202-83AB-4D0B-9E7B-DC26527D12AE.MOV
  6. Oh, and the national Capitol chapter of the CCA puts on a number of DIYs throughout the year. I haven’t been to one, but I hear they’re great.
  7. Do you happen to be military, reserves, retired, or DoD civilian? I use the auto hobby shops on fort myer, fort belvoir, and Bolling AFB. Welcome to NOVA! cheers, Don
  8. I have one that I’ll be putting on the market shortly. I’ll shoot you a PM.

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