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  1. Get2theBimmah

    Gas Tank Repair

    Ohh okay, when I called, I spoke to one of the kids over there so maybe he just wasn't aware of the pricing haha. If you can get it clean enough then go for it. Mine's a bit crusty and I'd rather have it blasted and acid dipped to get it cleaned out and then coated professionally.
  2. Get2theBimmah

    Gas Tank Repair

    Sal at Rennsport?
  3. Get2theBimmah

    BavAuto has Closed!

    Very sad. Their catalogs were great. I had some of their center folds cut out and put on my walls growing up too. ECS and FCP Euro pushed them into the ground, but adapt or be driven out. Unfortunately it was the later. That cover with the tiag E46 blasting through the puddle is etched in my memory forever.
  4. Get2theBimmah

    My coworker gave me a 2002

    I've always favored matchbox over hotwheels for authenticity of the vehicles. I do like how matchbox went with the narrow body vs the turbo that hotwheels does. I had some custom ones made to mimic my friends' cars for Christmas a few years back and got one done to match my blue one with black IE air dam naturally haha. He even shaved down the flairs so they looked more similar. Bravo matchbox, with the steelie/hub cap style wheels to boot!
  5. Get2theBimmah

    Gas Tank Repair

    Check out I gave them a call to inquire about my gas tank a few weeks ago. Very reasonable - like $150 to prep and coat the tank inside and out! They're a ways away from you there in NY, but google radiator shops in your area and give them a call. Not too many around anymore, but they're still out there.
  6. Get2theBimmah

    More Eye Candy from the Great White North

    LOL Exactly...not that there's anything wrong with that're just distracted by the others..
  7. Get2theBimmah

    More Eye Candy from the Great White North

    Yeah the background setup had me more excited than the 3.0...
  8. Get2theBimmah

    PPI Around Paramus, NJ

    Yes, Levent can check it out, he's great! Although he's a little drive from Paramus. The shop I work at focuses on late model BMW's, but we have the ability to do a ppi and we're right in Fair Lawn.
  9. Every one I've seen has them blended above the blinker. A friend of mine recently picked up an original 19k mile California car and it's bonded too. I'm in the same boat as you. Mine is going back in for paint and I'm having him bond the two pieces together.
  10. Get2theBimmah

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    Got the subframes on and she finally is sitting on her own weight! Still a long way to go, but she's almost ready to go back to the body shop!
  11. Get2theBimmah

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    Looks amazing!!
  12. Get2theBimmah

    Favorite BMW Ad

    winner winner ^
  13. Get2theBimmah

    Cable ties

    Just checked with my local dealer today. The superseded 661 number is the only one still available and according to realoem is the 70mm length ones.
  14. Get2theBimmah

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    Yeah, the tight hoop is symmetrical on each side. They typically get yanked open, mangled or ripped off completely over the years. See what's left of the one that used to be there. If you can cut the rest of it off/clean it up, it'd be worth it to do it now before you powder coat.