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  1. Ceramic coat them too! Find a local detailer or do it yourself. The hydrophobic, nano technology available in detailing now is more advanced than it has ever been. This means easy cleaning and an added clear/top coat over the powder coated finish. I had mine done while they were all pulled apart and freshly powder coated.
  2. I feel like something like this would be good to 3D print..
  3. Yeah for sure, sorry I haven't been on here in a bit. Branch Brook Auto Top in Newark, NJ. His name is Charlie, older guy who's been doing it since he was a teenager. He had everything from B5 S4 Avants to 70's Coupe DeVille's in there. He actually had two 2002's he was doing before mine. Let him know Matt with the blue 2002 referred ya!
  4. Got the air dam measured and temporarily held in place until I rivet it. The upholsterer also came by and dropped off some of the interior. Very pleased with it. Had to drop it in quick to see how it looks against Riviera.
  5. Thanks! You're right, wasn't sure that it was, but enough working it got it out. Probably won't be fun going in, but it's always easier removing it lol.
  6. In searching for the handbrake lever replacement, I saw the old posts regarding the button and spring removal and diagrams, but has anyone replaced the lever itself? I ask this because the base of the lever (where the cables ride on) is too large to be pulled out from the trans tunnel. Is removing the base that holds the lever on the only way to gain enough room to remove it? Then of course it would have to be welded back on again...
  7. Haha sorry I didn't specify. It is the glass bead. Very effective getting the grime off these parts without being too abrasive. i Yep, enjoyed both of them thoroughly at the vintage. It's wild how he has what looks like a multi piece version of mine. I love the style of them, just need a larger diameter for the bump steer correctors. Too much effort to build these into 15's though..
  8. Yes it's Riviera. I got it paint matched to the original b pillar section under the trim for a non faded/altered color. The media I'm using is glass. It gets it cleaned up real nice without damaging any bit like the threads and such.
  9. Great, thank you guys! Yeah the rest of the wiring is getting soldered and heat shrinked before being wrapped up. Thanks for the leads and suggestions!
  10. Sandblasting some of the engine components while the body guy is finishing paint.
  11. Hey guys I am looking to to replace the right angle female spades inside of the headlight connector. I can refurb the black plastic piece unless they too are available. Any leads would be a huge help! Thank you in advance!
  12. Is that the one at the Kobiessi realty office?
  13. Ceramic coating the fabric will last for years repelling fluids and debris from your interior.
  14. Getting engine cleaning and prepping underway.
  15. Ohh okay, when I called, I spoke to one of the kids over there so maybe he just wasn't aware of the pricing haha. If you can get it clean enough then go for it. Mine's a bit crusty and I'd rather have it blasted and acid dipped to get it cleaned out and then coated professionally.

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