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  1. Nice work! Tell me more about wrapping the sides of the center console. It looks like an even seam down the center of it.
  2. The rails are still available. Awesome guys over there at R-D. http://www.restoration-design.com/store/category/BMW
  3. Yep you can tighten the phillips, just gauge it by feel. Tight enough to not droop, but loose enough to be able to flip down and use.
  4. It's a little tricky to get your hand under the dash to access the speedo cable, but twist the nut/cylinder around the end of the speedo cable where it meets the cluster and then the cable will be freed up to be pulled out of the back of it. Disconnect some of the other wires to the back of the cluster. You can access them by reaching your hand behind it from up top where you sit bc you've gotten the speedo cable removed. The switches in the dash are plugged in. Having the cluster out will allow you to access the switches on each side.
  5. Hey guys just wanted to share coverage that myself and my friend Ryan Lee (Silver Bavaria on air ride) photographed and my buddy Wes Van Heest shot and edited the video. http://ultimateklasse.com/blog/2016/6/5/the-vintage-2016
  6. Daaaaamn that thing is minty! Looks great, have fun with her!
  7. A lot of finagling and elbow grease. You've gotta persuade them to come out.
  8. I love you guys. Took me all of 30 seconds to go back and switch the wire to the other terminal and she fired right up. Thank you for the help!
  9. Thanks guys! That sounds like its my issue. I connected the small female to the male that is linked to the ground as it was on my stock unit. Checking this picture out it with what you guys told me above, this should do the trick. Gonna swap it after work.
  10. Just installed a brand new E30 M3 starter in my 72 tii and it spins freely. I mounted it back up securely and wired the power and ground the way it was on my stock starter, but no luck It has power and is working, but is just revving, the teeth are not meshing. Not sure what I've missed, but I'm hoping that's where you guys can help. Any tips are appreciated.
  11. Bump! My tach was dead and re-grounding fixed it for a long while. Mine just recently stopped working while driving. Everything else on the dash works and lights up, just the tach does not work. Took the cluster out and checked the grounds and everything was still solid.
  12. Possible grounding issue? Sometimes its as simple as running a new ground behind the cluster. My tach wasn't working, nor was my fuel gauge and the new ground wire fixed it. Not sure if that's the case here, but its simple enough to give it a shot.
  13. So I had an interesting combination of electrical things stop working for me, just curious if this makes sense or if any of you heard of this..The combination is no horn, no hazard lights, and no buzzer when the door is open with the key in the car. The fuses all checked out fine. Is this something that some of you may have heard of? TIA
  14. Hey guys just wanted to come back with an update. Installed a new fuel filter with no luck, so I pulled the spark plugs as mentioned earlier and sure enough cylinder 3 was far worse than the others. I put new NGK's in and will be monitoring to see if this is reoccurring there, but with the new plugs she's running great again.
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