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  1. Nice! Looking forward to progress photos!
  2. I pulled my original stops out for Harry's. Great product and the stops are better than original. Completely worth it!
  3. Cardboard template, some MDF, and vinyl from a fabric store and you'll be good to go. Definitely a fun weekend project. You can also reskin the trunk floor to match for the following weekend.
  4. Definitely a good idea to have the body plumbed and straightened on a frame machine. While it is pretty common for good bodyshops to have them, like anything else, you'll want to find the place that is well versed with them. Keep the subframes on the car so they can move it around and roll it over the machine. The ones I've seen don't bother with subframes as it's focusing on the body's straightness.
  5. Nice!!! Everything looks awesome, that's how it's done!
  6. You can switch their locations to fit, but that's only if you have enough of the right ones to work for your specific coded key. It helps to have another door handle to poach shims from. I gotta dig up some extra shims that I can ship out your way in hopes that they'd be the sizes you can use. If you want, PM me your info.
  7. Oh my...can you send me in the direction of more pics of your car? This thing is so badass. Sorry for the threadjack OP.
  8. Whoa, either one of those would be enough for me to set the car on fire. Take photos as you go along. Thread whatever hardware you remove back into the areas you removed them from. Bag things and label! Keep bigger labeled boxes/bags to put those smaller labeled bags in based on the areas you removed them from. (future you will thank present you for doing this) Good luck with it! I'm 3 years into my first one at the moment God speed! -Matt
  9. Oh right on, didn't see that, I gotta order those up! I don't recall seeing those when I did the brake system years ago when I first got it on the road. That or my memory isn't serving me well which could also be the case hah. Thanks for pointing that out!
  10. Thank you. That's awesome! I never intended to do this or go this far. It's all been "while I'm there" and snowballed from there haha. Send me some pics of yours, I would love to see it. Do you have a pic or PN of what you're referencing? I just replaced what I already had back there, but never noticed any rattling. Yeah exactly. Polys on a street car are fine. Of course rubber will be softer, but that's not what I'm looking for as it's not a daily. Anything stiffer than rubber in the drivetrain is a different story on a street car. No need for that.
  11. I'm hesitant to put anything on those components inside the brake system. For the plating, I contemplated it early on, but opted on just installing the new oem hardware without plating every bit. No doubt the plating does look amazing both on its on and in contrast to what it's bolted to, but just not what I wanted to do. Yeah the stuff that was blasted got painted or clear coated. Thanks guys!
  12. The battery relocation to the trunk will be secured down with Kooglewerk's hand made tray. Once I saw drawings teased on instagram, I was so excited for it. Excellent craftsmanship, love what Forrest and crew are doing for the 02 community. Made a pattern of the original trunk floor vinyl to cut some extra material the upholsterer had leftover. How it's going to look completed. On the fence about putting the wheel well mini pieces on the sides or not.
  13. Some brake love. Resealed front calipers and got the pistons and cylinders cleaned up. Powder coated the calipers gloss black and added BMW stickers along with doing the front wheel bearings.
  14. The shop is great, been so lucky to have all of these resources at my finger tips.
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