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  1. Still pushing around my parts bin. Gonna drop the M10 in there soon...
  2. I have one from a parts car. Texted you.
  3. Well that throws a monkey wrench into the equation. Report back when they respond. Preferably you'd want matching hardware on mirrored pieces to make life easier for servicing in the future, but if they're going to provide different sized pieces, the least they can do is note that. I'd say supply hardware too, but chances are they would supply a lesser grade hardware than you'll get. Don't forget to make a note in a manual or service book in that section so you later on or the next guy/family members knows too.
  4. Yes, those are M10's. As it's already been mentioned, chase the threads and you'll be good to go.
  5. Cool, thanks! Checking it now.
  6. I have a pair of those in their boxes already. I was looking for a more authentic set if possible. Thanks for the help though! Hey, I'm in NJ. Thank you! I appreciate that. I am looking for them to be in as close to like-new condition if possible. I know it's a tall order, but hopefully they're out there!
  7. Are they the URO brand ones?
  8. Hi all, Looking for a set of roundie tails in great shape. Specifically looking for the lenses, but also interested in the shroud rings too. Thanks in advance!
  9. Looks great, sits flat, I'm all about it.
  10. I've gotta switch to those before I install mine. OP - if you're replacing the boot for sure take the time to take the rest apart and get fresh grease in there. It looks scarier than it is. This place is amazing for the resources and help. Here's some photos of my E21 setup for reference/inspiration.
  11. Oh right on guys, thank you so much! I appreciate the offers, down for either one of you guys, just let me know where to send the money to. Here's a pic of current status for your troubles..:)
  12. Hi guys, I am in search of the brake pedal pin in the pedal box, number 7 in the diagram. https://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=2583-USA-01-1972-114-BMW-2002tii&diagId=35_0194 Thank you in advance!
  13. Love this so much. The attention to detail and all of the fabrication around this car is killer. Rad that you went that far out of the box, but still looks well put together.
  14. Ceramic coat them too! Find a local detailer or do it yourself. The hydrophobic, nano technology available in detailing now is more advanced than it has ever been. This means easy cleaning and an added clear/top coat over the powder coated finish. I had mine done while they were all pulled apart and freshly powder coated.

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