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  1. Thread title was misleading...I was expecting to see way different pics LOL Pretty car nonetheless.
  2. Was meaning to continue the updates, but got sidetracked... Backtracking to the last update, aside from the little neighborhood spin around the shop, I had not yet taken it out on a proper drive. The trim work and car wash were completed the Saturday night before Father's Day. It was just enough to make it presentable for the cruise and shakedown. The plan was for Emily and I to take it from the shop over to my parent's house to show them. My father had gotten sick shortly after I took the car off the road, so other than sending pics over his way, he or my mom had not seen the car since I was knocking rust off of it and chipping off layers of bondo in their driveway years before. I couldn't wait to get him in the passenger seat and go out for a drive!! First time I got to see the car out in the sunlight this far along as the other day was overcast. My dad had such a blast cruising around with me, Em and the dog! He loved the way it drove, but he enjoyed all of the thumbs up and waves we got a little more I think. A shady spot allowed for a cool down for everyone while a quick sandwich run and more driving was in order. Later on, the next stop was over by her family to see her dad. We stopped for some sweets to bring by and I checked over the engine compartment to see how everything was holding up on the 90*+ day. While I was under the hood, a guy came up to me asking if it was an 02 and that these used to surprise them and their V8's back when they were new. I was quickly reminded of how much I enjoyed the reminiscing and stories that strangers would come up to share with me. Outside, soaking up the sun in all of it's glory. Still gotta add the front bumper and rocker trim, but I am diggin the no bumper look a bit. Such a surreal feeling to see the car tangibly how I wanted it, after picturing it in my head all those years. When the day came to an end, we swung back to the shop to drop the car off. While it still isn't finished yet, we realized what a special day it was getting the car formally on the road for the first time in over 4 years, but even more so, to have taken both of our fathers out for drives in it on its maiden day on Father's Day. As we plan on keeping this car in the family for a very, very long time, we will look back at this point in time and cherish how awesome it was to be able to do that. (not to mention there were no hiccups or issues either!) Victory and smiles all around!
  3. heh yep! Gotta be horizontal. That's a good question. Been over a year since it was with the body guy. We got our sample to match from under the B pillar strip, not tainted by age or the PO's DIY paint job. Thanks! Thank you! Right on! Oh yes, lots of frustration and all the similar emotions along the way followed by small victories haha. Thanks, and good luck with yours...send some pics over as you go along. That certainly would've helped the process haha. Yes!! Go get it! Exactly. The ceramic coating is a liquid top coat that cures/hardens on top of the clear coat or film. If you've got the film, then it goes on top. If there's no film, it goes right onto the paint. There's also special ceramic coating for wheels and brakes for the higher temp areas as well as one for fabrics for the interior.
  4. Thanks! PPF is pretty resilient. The guys were showing how durable it is even with a wire brush to it. Not on mine, but a scrap piece they slapped on a scrap door. Looked like an infomercial seeing the self healing in it. Washing just requires different non conventional products. Same process of washing and quick detailers. The biggest difference is no waxing (but that's what ceramic coating is for).
  5. Gettin' there JP. Driver seat went in and it was time to take it out. I tried loading a couple of videos of driving around the neighborhood, but they didn't work. I'll save this space and try again later. Since it moved, stopped and didn't leak, I figured it was time to get fresh rubber and get it up on the rack. Proper road test was in order and with Father's Day around the corner, no better time. Dropped the passenger seat in. Front grills and roundel really give the car it's character. Layered in dust, it needed a wash. That's more like it..
  6. Been awhile since I've updated here... Taillights and exhaust on. Full Ireland long tubes and exhaust system currently, but have a set of Koogle headers on their way and going to replace the rest of the system with a fabbed one here in house. Grabbed the seats to get the interior going... Rear bumper and trim installed. Seat belts in! Belt trim and rain gutter trim installed! Rear bench lined up and ready to go... NOS ashtrays thanks to a fellow member! Couldn't pass these up for the fresh rear door cards..
  7. Missed the first run, waiting to get my hands on the next batch. Love them!
  8. These (https://www.ecstuning.com/b-genuine-bmw-parts/sh-met-nut/07129925770/ ) should already be in your door. If not there's the PN to order. For the screws, I used Belmetric MSM5.5X38 - Sheet Metal Screw Pan Head Zinc (MSM5.5X38)
  9. So in for this!!! We deal with the S65 platform all day at work, so if you have any questions maybe I can help ya. Make sure you add rod bearings to that list of "to-do's" for the engine. There's no real difference between the 09 engines and up. We've pulled a bunch of 2011's with the earlier 088/89 bearings. Reseal everything too while it's out. Oil filter housing stand is a bitch to do on those. Might as well tackle the throttle actuators preventatively too. Not sure if I missed it, but if you are going to go DCT, that is going to be quite a challenge as the ABS ties in with all of that, so you'd have to get creative getting all of that stuffed into a tiny hub to fit under the small wheels you're looking to do. I'd stick with the 6MT, not to mention it'll be way more fun that way.
  10. Just worked with Marty at H&R. He took care of my injectors. Great dude with a lot of knowledge and was very helpful, answering other questions I had.
  11. ^ for those not skilled enough to make it themselves, they're sold for relatively cheap to make your life easier. - https://www.homedepot.com/p/BLACK-DECKER-2-0-Amp-Variable-Speed-Oscillating-Multi-Tool-BD200MTB/203124595?source=shoppingads&locale=en-US&mtc=Shopping-B-F_D25T-G-D25T-25_9_PORTABLE_POWER-Multi-NA-Feed-PLA-NA-NA-PortablePower_PLA&cm_mmc=Shopping-B-F_D25T-G-D25T-25_9_PORTABLE_POWER-Multi-NA-Feed-PLA-NA-NA-PortablePower_PLA-71700000034127218-58700003933021540-92700060764889375&gclid=Cj0KCQiApsiBBhCKARIsAN8o_4jJUlaBzf47c0OnMMnjpZEpePQIV-3LTvxtsWFttA1WD6YAjPr5hV8aArtgEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds I'm with Marty on stripping everything down. If you're taking it that far, expose all you can to make sure nothing is hiding. A little extra effort now to know that it is solid and nothing's harboring. Not to mention, modern sound deadening is much better when you go to put everything back together. Also for parts storage tips - feed all bolts, nuts screws back into areas they're removed from or tape/zip tie baggies of hardware to their associated components. Easier to find when reassembling later on. But yes, as mentioned above - label, categorize and stay organized. The more OCD you are about storage, the easier your life will be weeks, months, years later when you pull them back out again. Good luck and post updates!
  12. Hey all, I'm having a misfire that I'm hoping you can help me track down.. Quick backstory: The car has been off the road for about 4 years now. Car was solid and ran like a champ for the 4 years I owned/used it prior to that. Mechanically it was well sorted when I parked it for severe rust issues. While it was down, I resealed the engine, but I left the head on it as well as the distributor. I fired it up briefly (few seconds) last year to see if my wiring was correct with no cooling system attached. Turned over and idled quickly - great. Fast forward to a couple weeks ago: I ran the car on that old gas just to warm it up with the cooling system hooked up to see if Tstat would open. Car idled higher due to the vacuum line not hooked up to brake booster, but the 3 or 4 times starting and idling it, it cranked up with no issues and stayed running. When I capped my thumb over the vacuum port on the intake, the idle dropped down and stayed smooth. The following weekend, I connected that booster hose to the intake manifold and plugged the tach wire into my cluster. The car wouldn't start - no ignition. I then realized I plugged the wire into the ground spade of the tach rather than signal. I plugged that into the correct spade, but in thoughts that I flooded it, we pulled the plugs to air it out and noticed cylinder 3 plug was clean compared to the rest. Looking to my fuel system, I pulled my tank and dumped the fuel out and replaced with fresh 93 octane. With thoughts of the old gas damaging the injectors, I had them sent out to HR to get refreshed. Fuel pressure is up into the banjo bolt on the front of the kugel and all 8 plungers the kugel move freely. I replaced my E28 fuel pump with a new one and popped the benched injectors into the car with the same result again. While we checked spark on the plugs, my buddy said the spark was amber and weak looking, but he did hold it to the plated strut top stud (not sure if that would make a difference). When we fired up the car again, we pulled each spark plug wire out while I was on light/consistent throttle to keep it steady and not backfire. When pulling 1 and 2 the car stumbled, but 3 and 4 caused no difference. We're going to do a compression test to see what that yields and hopefully rule that out. Any thoughts on where to look next? Parts: Plastic intake runner setup - not cracked New black coil Original ceramic(?) resistor The other relays mounted to the firewall (not sure their specific names) are also original New spark plugs - twice now first were the recommended NGKs I always used and second set now were Bosch's just to attempt to start with new plugs again New cap New rotor Ignition wires from when it was parked (replaced new when I was driving it regularly)
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