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  1. Hi All... seller here. Thanks for all the interest. A few people have asked what the price would be for the entire car. I'd sell it all for $5500. I will probably be taking parts of this weekend to sell for if you're interest please let me know. To everyone who's PM'd me please have patience. I will try to get to your request as they've come in. -Ken
  2. Price:: 1 Location: : 92007 Hello everyone....someone bought the entire car. Hopefully we'll see it on eh road someday.
  3. Hi All, someone asked what they'd look like on a car. So I thought I'd share with everyone. Here's a pic of them on my car when I originally bought it.
  4. Hi Steve...thanks for the input. I just looked and the cast-in date is 11/72...so definitely "of the period". -Ken
  5. These are not the BMW wheels made by FPS but another wheel made by them.
  6. Price:: 500 Location: : San Diego Selling a set of 4 FPS 13x5.5" wheels. Came off my euro car and are in good shape. 4x100 and have ~4" of back space ( outer edge of rim to mounting plane). Asking $500 and you pay shipping and any packaging you'd want. Of course prefer local pickup. Located in 92007
  7. Hi All, Rebuilding my front suspension and had to cut a castle nut off the front tension strut. Only nylocs are available now. Anyone with a M14-1.5 castle nut sitting in their parts bin they wouldn't mind selling? #2 in this: http://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=ST11-EUR-04-1973-114-BMW-2002&diagId=31_0436 Thanks - Ken
  8. ...yes, KS as in the maker. A little more info...I cleaned one of each and see the size stamp on the top of 89.49. As you say sounds like a rebuild and used what they could get. Other thing... one weighted 540g and the other 552g. Would anyone be woried about weight misbalance. What's normal piston to piston?
  9. Hi All, Going through a refresh of my engine and had a little surprise when I took the pistons out. Number 1 & 4 were from SK and 2 & 3 were from Mahle...unusual? The SKs were marked 89.056 +1+ and the Mahle's +89V13...same size?
  10. Hi All, Just a fyi for those looking for front rotors for your Tii's I just got this from Walloth & Nesch. http://www.wallothnesch.com/newsletter/20150118_Newsletter_englisch_so.html Says "new product" so I wonder if someone made a batch.... -Ken
  11. Hello All, I want to do the volvo brake upgrade for a non Tii but I am not sure about which hubs I need. When I look available hubs I see two for the e21... 31211116681 for the 320i, is this the "big bearing" hub? and 31211116682 for 315,316,318,318i,320/4, is this the "small bearing" hub for the non Tii conversion? Is the idea to take the non vented hub from the e21 and put the vented disk from the e21? I assume the vented version went on a larger axial kind of like our Tii vs non-Tii 02s. I'm in France and find when the FAQs refer to parts, they're on cars that were found in the US…there seem to be a few more choices over here…. Cheers, Ken
  12. First, thanks for everyones response! I'm going to go ahead with the volvo route. I just looked at the rims…no ET marking although it maybe hidden under the grime! Just "FPS", "Made in Italy", "5.5 13, and build year marking with "72". Tried to measure the ET and it was more in the 25 range than 18. Also the car is a euro model.
  13. Hello All, Trying to bring back a car that hasn't run for 15 years and I'm up to going thru the brakes. The callipers are badly rusted. Before just replacing them I'm considering going to vented brakes. I've read in the FAQ that they may not fit some 13" wheels. Anyone know it they'll fit FPS wheels (13x5.5)? I'm not quite ready for new wheels yet…(gotta watch that scope creep!) Second question…in the FAQ there is a statement along the lines if you're going to run 15" wheels you should go the Tii route with the bigger spindle, vs the volvo route, or eat up bearings. Anyone with the volvo setup really have any bearing problems? Thanks in advance...
  14. First, wow nice car! I think I'm missing the bracket on the left side....sorry for the smudge. Maybe I'll use the upper radiator mounting bolt....

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