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  1. Thanks, Does et25 on 7" fit clear the suspension without any rubbing? Yes I think 195 tyres would be the best option
  2. Thanks, how high? ET 25 Etc 30? What is considered the best et for 7" wheels?
  3. Greetings to all, Will 15" x 7 with ET 20 wheels fit without any issues at all or does it depend on suspension settings as well? I have been looking for ages on the forum but I read mixed answers... I have no way to try these before ordering so please be so kind to let me know if I will have any fitment issues Thanks allot
  4. So instead of looking for a better solution I will concentrate my efforts to finding the right parts According to this very nice write-up http://www.bmw2002faq.com/_/technical-articles/brakes/vented-brakes-upgrade-r10 I need 1981-83 e21 Hubs is that from any e21 or only from a certain model (like 320i etc) ? And only from 81-83? Are other years different? Also are these the callipers that I am after?? http://www.ebay.de/itm/BREMSSATTEL-vorn-rechts-VOLVO-240-260-P242-P244-P245-P262-P264-P265-/131731376511?hash=item1eabcd497f:g:fNsAAOSwPhdU~-18 @LEE - Just to clear things a bit more in my confused head...Are these callipers from Wilwood dual circuit? Thanks to all Filip
  5. Thanks guys that cleared things out a bit for me. On the same note it also made me realise that it wont be easy to find a better solution than those that already exist...
  6. I Agree about extra weight and more complications but my steering box needs replacement anyway plus the engine (M42) I will be installing already has a pump so ... The question is does anyone know if it would fit?
  7. I m looking into converting my steering to power. I know that people have done conversions to e21 rack and pinion but I was wondering if a powered steering box could be fitted would a box out of an e28 fit? Or any other power steering box from any other car?
  8. Any opinions on the best compromise between looks and driving experience would be really highly appreciated to help me choose a good set up of wheels / suspension. Thanks
  9. I thought the same but then got a bit confused because it only does it when cornering...
  10. Ok I think I found a suitable donor car with an M42 engine and a decent set of recaros for sale. Probably next week I ll go to buy it (500 km away But the main question is about rims and suspension. On the same trip to buy the donor car I ll have the chance to get some wheels so I d like to hear opinions about a good set up. This is what I am aiming for : Improved handling and driving quality (would also like to lower the car as much as possible without affecting the previous 2 too much) At the moment I have 13s and I get tire rubbing when cornering hard ( my bad suspension is also to blame for this a well) Shall I go for 14s or 15s? Of course I like 15s more and (16s even more) but I really want the best compromise in order to maintain good driving experience. I know allot of you have tried many different set ups so your experience and advise is really appreciated. Its always better not to reinvent the wheel ;-) Thanks
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