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  1. Hi Bryce, I'm interested with the BEHR AC Panel and rocker trim in chrome (I saw on your flicker) Do email me the list + price lists to: joshes(at)yahoo(dot)com Cheers! Josh
  2. Hi Jim, Thanks for the reply. Much apprecaited. Yes, 2002faq colou chart was my first destination. But it's rather misleading to mix paint from a computer screen because computer screen is backlit so the colour could be brighter than it should be. Some colour chart like the one I just recently bought has information on the formula to create the final colour. This is really helpful for mixing the paint. Unfortunately only available for year 1966 (4 years too early) and only 2 colours on the chart. Thanks anyway, Jim Cheers! Josh
  3. Hi John, Thanks for the inputm I have recently bought a 1966 colour chip incl the mixing 'recipe' although only 2 colours on paper - and it is 5 years too early but never mind. I will check 'paperheaven' and wee what he's got. Cheers! Josh
  4. Anybody out there have this color chart? Perhaps you finish with it? Please kindly let me know. I am interested to buy - I need it to choose the paint correctly. Thank you all! Josh
  5. Wow! Thank you for your reply Willie. Now I've more confident in going on with the purchase. Btw, do you have a chart book of BMW vin numbers or something? It's just cool. I've been googling and all but always end up in newer BMW vin decoder which lead me to an E30. Thanks again! Josh
  6. Hi all, First of all, I'd like to indtro my self. My name's Josh. Live in Jakarta, Indonesia. I'm about to purchase a 1600-2. The vin / plate number is: 1552583. I need to learn about the car before purchasing tommorow. It is a right hand drive and we are still arguing of what year the car is. The paperwork stated 1970 but the car was imported in 1974 and known as a 1974 1600-2. I hope somebody can help me out to identify the VIN 1552583 - or if anybody can point a decoder for classic VIN BMW car. I have tried realoem but it came out for E30 4 door saloon LHD as the decoder ask for the last 7 digit - this car has only 7 digit vin (see attached pic). Please kindly help me out. Lastly, sorry if this VIN issue has been discussed on other posts. I did a searchon VIn but unable to source a decoder. Again thank you all good folks! Josh [/img]

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