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  1. Dude, you working on an 02? Hope you've been doing well, it's been a while. You still got that Rabbit, that's a nice car. I've got the motor out and on a stand, this is easy. Jason thought $500 would be a good price. I didn't put many miles on it at all after he rebuilt it. I think you ought to turn this tub into a race car! :-) I bought an 02 a couple months ago from an old friend in Clarkston. It's awesome and coming along. I want a better motor for it though. I would love to give you 500 for yours then start the process of building a larger lump. Say the word, I will bring the cash My car btw.
  2. I thought it was you. Looking forward to helping you defer some costs!
  3. Sure they are buddy. http://oxforddictionaries.com/definition/english/motor Keep playing the cute card, you may be right one day.
  4. Ultralite do you also own a Vw van? If so we've met. I am super interested in your motor, I have no problem pulling it at a "mutual" friends shop down here near the decatur area. It's Rich btw with the black e30. We met at [email protected] a couple of years ago. If you are who I am thinking you are.
  5. How many miles on the motor? How much you looking for?
  6. If anyone is kicking this around, let me say a couple of things regarding the quality, and bullet ride's feedback regarding his first header gb. Both are right on. I love my m20 headers. They were made beautifully by the manufacturer, and bullet ride made sure the gb went off without a hitch. If you have any reservations about this gb, don't. I am in line again. Rich
  7. My car on Cosmics when I first got it. I love them. Good luck with tires though
  8. Looking for a manual in good condition. I would like it to be a driving project at least. Show me what you have. Thanks Rich
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