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  1. Out in the middle of the Pacific....I need a set of rear bumper braces. Part number 511 254 70 065 If you have a set please send me a message. Thanks! Location: Hawaii
  2. Looking for a turbo airdam. New or thrashed. [email protected]
  3. Hello, That is at it says a 340 degree Norris cam. It does idle at 800RPM with a lumpy idle (should be) and really starts breathing around 4000RPM. This cam with 10.5:1CR, fat side drafts, and a good header you can tune your M10 close to 200HP (+). I have used one in a 9.5:1 though would suggest higher compression to get the most spank out of it. Really hard to find a Norris bumpstick these days as they have been out of business for a long time. Most of us that used this cam mildly ported and polished the head and used high rev springs. By the way .....some of us like driving our near to track cars on the street....
  4. Looking for a turbo front spoiler in So Cal. Any Condition. Please resond via the faq ...or call /text 808 640 0066. Thanks!
  5. I am looking for a new or used set of turbo flares with the accompanying front spoiler. Thanks in advance for your reply... [email protected]
  6. Prices in Australia for parts to our cars are ridiculous. If any has a set and can help this guy out I bet he would be willing to cover the costs even though they seem ridiculous to you. If I had a spare set I would send them with my sympathy!
  7. Looking for a 265 Getrag Manual Transmission. Please respond to [email protected] Thanks
  8. Hey Hawk! I have a diff cover I can pull here on Big Island. $30 includes ship to you! ppal [email protected]
  9. Looking for a manual e30 steering rack for my project! Anyone out there have one? Thanks
  10. Woops sorry revising request...Looking for a 318 e30 alternator bracket part number 12311284306. This is the bracket needed to install an e30 alternator...Part number 1 in the attached diagram. Anyone have one? Thanks
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