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  1. Have a brake booster for a late model 02 that is in good shape?
  2. So I have a 72 BMW '02 with a 32/36 rebuilt weber carb. randomly one day it kept dying at an idle so I replaced the idle valve but I'm still having issues where the car won't idle down its stuck right below 3k rpms. I've messed with both screws and it doesn't do anything. I've tried to block off the brake booster and still no change. Any ideas of where to look? The carb was rebuilt in spring of last year and I drove it all over with no issue until randomly one day in the fall I started having issues and its never been the same. Had my dad tear the carb down and check it all out and everything looked fine. I'm thinking vacuum leak but where can I check other than the brake booster?
  3. Alright that is perfect, thanks for spelling it out for me. Luckily my 02 has good CV joints so that will be an easy swap over. Guess now its time for me to find spacers and the right bolts!
  4. Maybe a stupid question but when you say out board joint is that on the half shaft or is it the piece that the half shaft bolts to on the back side of the rear brakes? Also do you have to do anything on the half shafts since you are using smaller 8mm bolts?
  5. Hello Everyone, so I keep reading up on swapping e21 diffs into a 2002 and keep seeing variations depending on what year this and that. So I'm looking for some advise on what else I'll need to complete this swap. What I have: 1972 BMW 2002 E21 LSD out of a 82 320is E21 Halfshafts out of a 82 320is What I need (so far) 02 diff cover My questions comes to the halfshafts. I've seen some where you need a spacer or some where you have to drill something and now I've come across something where 80+ e21 halfshafts don't need a spacer. Thanks in advance
  6. Price:: 800 Shipped Location: : St Joseph, MO Selling a sidedraft weber 40 set up. Got these for my project but have decided to hold off on a motor build. Came off a running 2002 3 months ago, they were removed for a weber 32/36 carb for a daily driver. One stack has a piece broken off but the mesh grills will cover it. Asking 800 Shipped.
  7. Just did 30 hours round trip in my '72 2002 earlier this year. Did great and wasn't miserable the whole time lol
  8. Hey all, so I'm in the middle of planning out a motor rebuild and I was curious on the header, will a header off an e21 or e30 m10 fit a 2002 one? I didn't know if they would be shaped different or not. Someone local to me has a Bavauto one off an e21 that I could probably pick up pretty cheap if it will fit. If not I guess I'll just keep an eye out for something.
  9. Awesome thanks guys. So my dad are going to go over my list I have to see what doesn't really need to be replaced and what does since the motor currently runs fine and this is just a refresh with the addition of dual carbs and a cam. Right now I have the following on the for sure list: Piston Rings All the gaskets Water Pump (since I have it apart an its the only thing not new on the cooling) Rocker Arms Water Bypass Kit (for the carbs) Head and block sent to machine shop with pistons 284 regrind cam Valve Guides Is there anything else that is a must or highly recommended? Like rod bearings, main bearings, sprockets, timing chain (probably will replace), freeze plug, rocker shaft, came gear, valve retainers Can I reuse my hardware? My dad said I might need head bolts as some you can't reuse but didn't know on a M10
  10. Yeah I figured the 45s were too big for what I want. Thank you for the idea on the 284 regrind, sounds like it will be enough for what I'm wanting. Thanks for the knowledge on this.
  11. Motor wise my plans are to keep the motor pretty much all stock with the exception of the side drafts and a bit bigger cam to go with dual carbs. The car is a cruiser, only doing the dual carbs bc I love how they look. When it comes to the 5 speed swap, is there a full list that shows what all is needed to do the swap from a 4 speed to 5 speed? I saw one on here for an automatic to 5 speed but of course my pedal box is good and some other small parts. Thanks again guys.
  12. Hello all, I have begun the process of pricing out rebuilding my M10 over the winter. I'm wondering what you guys recommend when it comes to replacing parts. Of course all the gaskets and chain will be replaced but I'm wondering if I really need to replace all the hardware and big components. I have a '72 and the car runs good, uses a little oil but not much to worry about. Doing this really to just give me piece of mind and also go dual carbs (40s) and a bit bigger cam (looking at the IE 292). Also is there a very big gain in doing a 5 Speed swap? I don't track the car but a 5th gear might be nice for highway driving to keep the rpms down. Has anyone done this and is it worth the cost? Thanks for everyones opinion in advance.
  13. For sale is a alpina cluster I just bought off here. Was going to run it but I've decided I'm going to do something custom instead. I can't guarantee 100% that it's a real alpina. I was told it was and also that it is fully functional as the ad on here stated. I paid 200 so that's what I'm asking also will be 15 for shipping plus Paypal fees. Best way to contact me is text 8162614929 or message me on here. First come first serve, will not hold till pay day. Location: Missouri<br />
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