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  1. Sports Car Restoration in Connecticut isn't far and is more of a one stop shop depending on what you are looking to do. Also Hampton Engines in West Hampton if you are looking for motor work.
  2. You may want to try the little garage in Huntington out on the Island depending on what you are getting done. No personal experience with them, but they have a good reputation and they always have 2002s parked at the shop. I'll be using them once I get deeper into my project.
  3. Thanks all, figured I wouldn't be that lucky. Even though I have the IE piece, I like the boxed method as it will let you seat lock nut further onto the threads of the motor mount. @'76mintgrun'02 on the picture you attached I see that you welded along the bottom, but looks like you careful to leave both bottom corners open, I'm guessing so it wouldn't turn into something that would trap water and promote rust growth. Has that worked well and it drains ok for you? Beautiful welds by the way.
  4. So I finally pulled my front sub frame to begin the refresh. I've read enough about the driver side motor mount being a week point, so it is on my list of things to address. The question is, based on the picture attached, do I have to do anything else? It looks as though a PO welded in a reinforcement plate. However, this is a different way then every other reinforcement of this area I've seen done. I've seen the open side opposite where this plate is welded on either boxed in or the IE reinforcement plate welded in on the opposite side (I actually have the IE plate as I had ordered one in anticipation of needing it). So the question is, did I luck out and I can check off one of the things on the to do list to ta done? Or do I still need to add some reinforcement to the open side? TIA.
  5. @JerryC I have the weld in piece from IE already with the mount stripped and ready to be welded up prior to finishing. I was lucky mine hadn't cracked yet, but I've heard it enough that it's only a matter of time, so I'm not taking any chances. @182kartracer I think that approach may be a little harder on my wallet than I'm willing to swallow. I'm just starting and have a fair amount of rust repair and body work to take up after I get both axles done and it rolling again. @torquewrench80 I am in Blue Point, so about 45 mins from both you and your car, haha. If your car is in Huntington, that means it isn't far from the Little Garage. Have you had any dealings with them? As far as I know they are the only BMW classic specialists on the island. @halboyles that is an idea I hadn't thought of before and I like it. I can do the POR approach by myself (no access to a spray both etc) and for only $200 or so. That may be the way I go, the rust preventer followed by a top coat.
  6. I am finally to the point where I can stop taking items off the car and start reassembling something. I'm taking up the refresh of the front suspension components, which I have been hoarding over the winter. But, first things first, I need to clean the front sub frame, take it down to bare metal and...........this is where I am not sure. I think I've read every article on the FAQ about the painting powder coat debate, but don't I can't see the group coming to any kind of general consensus. So I figured I'd ask again, if for no other reason than to re-kindle the debate. I've got it in my head that powder coat is the way to go, as for what ever reason I feel like it will be more durable (this will be a street driven car and here on Long Island it is amazing what passes for streets now a days). However, I've see the argument about the inability to perform repairs to the finish yourself (is this really an issue or does the durability make it a non-issue?) and pockets of rust being able to form under a crack in the finish (is this something anyone has first hand experience with?). While I am at it, anything else I should have done related to the front axle in the finish of choice? I'm thinking strut tubes and brake backing plates. Last but not least, if anyone has experience with this work being done at a place in or around Long Island, I'd love to get some recommendations on a shop to use. Thanks in advance.
  7. I'm working on getting together parts to upgrade my front suspension and will be pulling to front sub frame to have it media blasted, primed and painted as part of the process. I'm looking for recommendations for a shop to perform this work, as well as any personal experience you all have (either positive or negative) for shops you've dealt with on Long Island. Eventually after both the front and rear sub frames are completed, it will be on to the body work and new paint, so a shop that could do all of the above would definitely be a plus.
  8. Kartracer, your car doesn't happen to be a golf roundie does it? I used to see one every now and then driving around near my house.
  9. Also in York (Dallastown). My car is in pieces though with my engine out on a stand, haha, but still happy to get together and talk about our cars even though I won't be out in mine for awhile. Jay
  10. I believe that Korman makes the front turbo spoiler in two materials, fiberglass and ABS plastic.
  11. I have one, but it is in need of a rebuild. Came off of a running car, but needs to be rejetted. Had to set the idle speed high to get it running from cold but once warmed up was OK. Has water choke. Let me know if interested. Jay
  12. Brad, I was not in an 02. Mine is in a permanent spot in the garage for now being rebuilt. I would be up for getting together. Glad to hear that there are a few 02 owners around here.
  13. I spotted a golf roudie 02 just south of the city getting on I83 this AM. Anyone from here? I'm an 02 newbie and looking for all the local resources I can get. Thanks.
  14. I've been lurking reading forum posts for about a year now, looking for the right 2002. I finally found one that fit the bill and she's coming home to the garage this coming weekend. Planning a full restoration, so after pulling everything apart, I'll be starting with the body work. Has anyone had any good or bad experiences with any of the body shops around York, PA? Thanks in advance.
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