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  1. Not my car but my plate is hung the same way. There should be two holes for bolts and J-nuts to fasten the plate. Are you not wanting this look?
  2. Can you guys explain how the charge pipe voltage regulator (with boost adjustment) works. I had it off when I put in a new starter and am stumped.
  3. That' s what I ordered and received three years ago. Did you speak with Robert Knudsen, Product Specialist?
  4. Let me know if anyone needs an original manual. It's used, smudged and some service tags are used/gone but it's the real deal. PM with ph # and I'll send pics.$500 obo.
  5. AP-3202 is the internal part number for K&N. Ask for Robert Knudsen, Product Specialist.
  6. Such an early car too. This is the place to start when looking for rare Turbo parts. Welcome
  7. From a previous post I refer to all the time- On ‎11‎/‎1‎/‎2013 at 0:21 PM, AustrianVespaGuy said: This is actually a project that I'm just about to embark on also so while we're on the topic I'd like to verify what seems to be the consensus as to the proper method. Please correct any steps that aren't right: 1.) Jack up, jack stands, etc. 2.) Remove wheel and brake caliper (hang out of the way, no need to disconnect hydraulics) 3.) Cut the safety wire and undo the three bolts holding the strut to the control arm 4.) Separate tie rod end from front knuckle. 5.) Undo three top mount bolts on top of fender well 6.) Remove if enough clearance, if not, go to steps 7 and 8. 7.) Disconnect stabilizer bar link from control arm 8.) Disconnect control arm and radius link from front subframe. That all sound right? Also, does anyone know where to get new spring pads/seats? I figure I ought to replace those while I have everything apart. Thanks! -Carl delete items 4,7 and 8. two caliper bolts, three lower strut bolts, three upper strut nuts and take it out. edit....and the one little bolt that holds the brake hose bracket to the strut....i forgot about that one as i don't use it on my car.
  8. Were the rivets on the outer joint a "Turbo" specific assembly? Love to see a pic of what you're talking about.
  9. http://www.ebay.com/itm/BMW-2002-1600-Ti-Tii-Trunk-Basket-Trunk-Bin-/152374480724?vxp=mtr No affiliation. I think he makes them to order
  10. You can see in this pic from the factory, the rocker panels (and under-coating) are in black (for Chamonix) - I have no clue about Polaris.
  11. Nice. Do you have pics of #3 in the diagram? Much appreciated!

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