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  1. Mine was a factory reman too, with the X VIN# X
  2. Pulled it all apart and found the issue. My buddy "helped" me swap the turbo and didn't tighten all four of the nuts on the turbo to manifold.Car boosts fine now. Appreciate all the input and advise has gone into my files for future reference.
  3. Drove the car hard today and it pulled well but boost wouldn't go Green. Prior owner "adjusted" the blow off mechanism so , I have no way to know if that's the problem. No obvious exhaust leaks. I will check pipe connections for leak and recheck nuts after clocking the turbocharger.
  4. There was a thread about oil types being used by Turbo owners. Jim, have any suggestions for oil?
  5. Did not think about vacuum in the inlet sucking oil through seals. Makes sense. This plug?
  6. Good points you two. I will post a pic of my install. Oil pressure is within spec too.
  7. I was curious to hear what Allbim had to say. Since my rebuild, I have had oil getting past the turbo seals and leaking into the compressor housing. and into the inlet tube. Thought it may be bearing related but local turbo (Diesel)guy took it apart and said bearing was OK - he said it may be bad oil drain. I have replaced the stock oil return three times with a larger diameter hose each time. I am up to a 16 AN now and will update after install.
  8. I am interested to hear more. Kent Goldy ( of Cosworth), the guy who remans turbos for Carl Nelson mentioned he bores them out and installs a larger bearing.
  9. Thanks for your valuable input. What’s the full name for Precision? Location?
  10. OK, Ill check plugs and then compression for rings too if necassary. Thx. Comp rebuilt two turbos for me - one that I run and the original unit. They are re-rebuilding my runner right now and was going to install my original unit but I dont want to run the engine until I figure this fuel problem first.
  11. Good call. Is there a place on the pump I can verify? Or do I just pull the pump and have it tested?
  12. Hey Men, I am still chasing the cause of the fretting in my turbo bearings. However, I just did the first oil change on the rebuilt motor and found the oil reeking of fuel. Thinking perhaps oil dilution caused by; leaking injector; fuel pressure too high; or blow-by. Did i miss anything? Hard to imagine the above because when tuning after the rebuild, the wideband only read slightly rich - nothing crazy. And the motor ran very smooth. Eager to hear your thoughts.
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