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  1. m6smitten

    WTF bearing fretting

    omg that sucks.
  2. m6smitten

    WTF bearing fretting

    Explain this post please.
  3. m6smitten

    My Turbo and Exhaust manifold

    05 Bracket 11651262590 06 Support plate 11651262591 I have one of these (05 Bracket) but forgot who I promised to send it to. lol 06 is bolted to the turbo and 05 carries the load by being bolted to the block.
  4. m6smitten

    WTF bearing fretting

    The fretted bearings are Aluminum. Comp Turbo wants to go brass next. They said there was evidence of some heat but it doesn't look like oil starvation to my uneducated eye. More like wobble. Any chance you could put a micrometer on yours for verification?
  5. Pulled turbocharger apart and found this. Comp Turbo rebuilt this unit 2 years ago and maybe has 400 miles on it. Thoughts?
  6. m6smitten


    I thought White, Blue and Red were the three options. Red being the stiffest. Cant recall my source for that info.
  7. m6smitten

    Pulling Turbo motor

    Car is running well but smokes blue terribly after idling for 2- 3 minutes. The turbo was rebuilt last year so I'm a little confused. Oil drops forming on the bottom of the compressor housing. The piston rings should be sealing oil from compressor since there aren't "seals" - right or wrong? Just trying to rule out causes. 1) Drain backing up in the return line- The turbo drain is clocked perpendicular to prevent pooling. I do have an ad hoc oil pan but the return line is the same diam as original. Question: Was there an oil restriction in the head or was flow to turbo limited by the small diam feed line and banjo bolts? 2) Ingestion - Could the turbo have ingested something and compromised the bearing or piston rings? The plan A) pull air cleaner and check for turbine shaft wobble B Yank turbo and check ex- manifold for signs of leak C) Verify no oil escapes from oil pan return banjo when car is sitting on the ground.
  8. m6smitten

    WTB: Turbo steering wheel

    I have an e21 "Turbo" wheel and was thinking of drilling out the rivets and mating it to my Turbo hub.
  9. m6smitten

    Pulling Turbo motor

    Question on the over-pressure valve; is clockwise increase or decrease allowed pressure?
  10. m6smitten

    Pulling Turbo motor

    Got the motor back in and loving having the car back on the road.
  11. m6smitten

    2002 Turbo Intake Reproduction

    Id be in for a Repro if you make one.
  12. m6smitten

    2002 Turbo Intake Reproduction

    Any luck on finding an elbow? Just noticed mine is cracked.
  13. m6smitten

    Ignition Advance Curve for Turbo

    thanks! Page 19 lists mine as a Turbo dist.