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  1. I think Byron knows which Garret works. One of his builds featured a Garret unit but had to fab adapter for manifold.
  2. So I was reading the TSBs you posted (very informative, thanks) and saw the one about the "radial seal" in the KF. Would a fuel pressure test verify this? I do have tiny blue smoke, I thought it was from turbo charger bearings being leaky. Oil does smell like gas. Wondering if I should just pull the KF and go for rebuild.
  3. Hey Men, Sorry for the delay and thank you for the thoughtful replies. Byron, I have looked in my factory Blue book for the "Set max fuel delivery" but can find the synchronization 13-51-104 section. Is there a tech supplement i am missing? Not sure how to set fuel delivery at the three throttle positions. Eins, I pump 91 oct but it has Ethanol.Should I run octane booster? Haven't found a station that is Ethanol free. Thanks for the target readings. Once I have the procedure, I will shoot for those CO% numbers. Oh, and 152 HP was only at 4,500 RPM.😀 The car pulls but I came off the throttle as to not damage the motor under the lean condition. Appreciate you ! Stay healthy. Just found " Full Load Setting" 13-54/2. I will check this adjustment. So procedure is to do a pull @ WOT, look at the numbers and adjust bellows for CO%?
  4. Hey all, Had a chance to run my car on the Dyno as I wanted to see if the car was go lean on boost. Car seemed to have good power, 152 HP at 4,700 RPM but I didn't push much harder due to AFR - didnt want to melt a piston. Up to 5k RPM it leaned to just under 14. AFR stayed about the same 4,500- 5000 RPM. Looks like earlier posts used fuel pressure and CO to evaluate the lean condition but this is the data I have.What is SPEC AFR for our cars? Eager to know the troubleshooting. What you guys have shared in previous posts- blowby in the enrichment piston the enrichment piston can hydro-lock kink in the hose from piston housing The car does have the later, E28 fuel pump which I've heard delivers lower pressure.
  5. Is that housing an old piece or newly produced?
  6. Pulled it all apart and found the issue. My buddy "helped" me swap the turbo and didn't tighten all four of the nuts on the turbo to manifold.Car boosts fine now. Appreciate all the input and advise has gone into my files for future reference.
  7. Drove the car hard today and it pulled well but boost wouldn't go Green. Prior owner "adjusted" the blow off mechanism so , I have no way to know if that's the problem. No obvious exhaust leaks. I will check pipe connections for leak and recheck nuts after clocking the turbocharger.
  8. There was a thread about oil types being used by Turbo owners. Jim, have any suggestions for oil?
  9. Did not think about vacuum in the inlet sucking oil through seals. Makes sense. This plug?
  10. Good points you two. I will post a pic of my install. Oil pressure is within spec too.
  11. I was curious to hear what Allbim had to say. Since my rebuild, I have had oil getting past the turbo seals and leaking into the compressor housing. and into the inlet tube. Thought it may be bearing related but local turbo (Diesel)guy took it apart and said bearing was OK - he said it may be bad oil drain. I have replaced the stock oil return three times with a larger diameter hose each time. I am up to a 16 AN now and will update after install.
  12. I am interested to hear more. Kent Goldy ( of Cosworth), the guy who remans turbos for Carl Nelson mentioned he bores them out and installs a larger bearing.
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