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  1. I can give it a home in Albany with my three other 2002s. Email me directly at: [email protected]
  2. Please don't throw anything out. I have a huge barn just outside of Albany, NY full of 2002s and parts and would gladly save anything from the scrap pile if you're ditching it. I don't NEED any parts, but I hate the idea of them getting tossed out. And I have the room for them. Plus I have a trailer to pick them up in.
  3. What would I do? Get it running first, figure out the mechanicals and then see if it's worth putting any work into the body.
  4. Where in 518 are you located? I've since picked up a 74 and have a few parts that I can get rid of. Looking for a drivers side front fender.
  5. I need one or two of these things!
  6. Located in Upstate NY. (12018) Make offers. Location: Averill Park, NY USA
  7. Interested in a driver's side front turn signal (and side marker reflector/lamp) if you have them to 12018?
  8. I need a driver's side fender. email to [email protected]
  9. Just acquired a new 1976 project car and looking for interior and doors. I'm in Averill Park, NY
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