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  1. For sale: 1 drivers side trapezoid style BMW mirror. In extremely nice condition. I do not have the mounting bracket. $65.00 plus shipping.
  2. set of 4 vintage basket weave wheels. No rash, no bends. Overall very nice condition. 13 x 5 1/2 ET 18. 4 x 100 bolt pattern. Good 2002 fitment. Mfg by Lemmers with BMW logo on each wheel. $300.00 plus shipping
  3. Yes they are. I thought I had them marked sold. If not, Im sorry.
  4. Combo rear strut brace and battery tray. Very nice condition. $65.00 plus shipping
  5. one set E21 Recaros. Perfect bolt in fitment for the 2002. Will require recovering, but in good working order. All trim, handles, labels in place. $600.00 plus shipping
  6. one pair 1972 BMW 2002 grills. No major bends or tweaks. Would require refinishing. $200.00 plus shipping
  7. One pair of Euro Side markers. Decent usable condition. Some light stress cracks in the lenses. Some pitting. $50.00 plus shipping
  8. 1972 2002 roundie taillight lenses and outer trim rings. Not new, but very nice condition. $150.00 plus shipping
  9. Hey neighbor. I live just north of you in Gregory. I have a 1972 tii. 

  10. Factory aircleaner, good overall condition. few very light dings. $45.00 plus shipping
  11. Vol I and II BMW 2002 repair manuals. Great condition, complete. $200.00 plus shipping
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