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  1. And the winner is - VWJake! Thanks for the responses. The pieces are the end caps for the exterior chrome trim strips on the passenger door. I must have gotten new ones when I replaced these years ago. I guess they fell out of the glove box when I removed it, although I thought the box was mostly empty. Thanks for the help.
  2. I’ll go check it out. I replaced the trim years ago. Maybe they were in the glove box and fell out?
  3. I was refurbishing my heater box and removed most of the under dash pieces, including the glove box. I was left with the following identical parts on the interior carpet. I can not figure out where they go. Anybody have a clue?
  4. I made my $35 payment for a T-shirt delivered several weeks ago, and I have not heard a thing. I sent a follow-up message to hankeester several days ago, and again I have heard nothing. Does anyone know anything more about these BMW T-shirts?
  5. Looks like 02tradition does NOT have one. His has some cracking on teh spring, so probably best to look for another one. Do you have one? Thx, fjinva
  6. Any chance you have another one. Mine is broken also. Thx, fjinva Richmond, VA
  7. Vote #2 for a loose reverse light switch connection on the tranny tunnel. That was mine.
  8. Can anyone help me ID the valve on the top, drivers side of my 5-speed overdrive transmission? Obviously, I know little about this transmission, and these are not my pictures (thanks to whomever posted these pics), but the red circles are the part I can not identify. What is this? On my installed and functioning tranny, this piece is loose and simply lifts out. Is this correct or is this a problem?
  9. When I finished reading my signed copy, I made my wife read the first few chapters, then gave it to my 16 year old son for a read. Great book. So much truth and goodness in there. Now, back to the garage to work on BMWs and LandCuisers!
  10. Love it. Thanks for all the ahrd work. We really appreciate it.
  11. Are there any pics of the engine and under body?
  12. I also have owned. and currently own several old land cruisers since the early 1980s. I love ih8mud.com ! The TLC community is pretty remarkable. This one is too! Also the austin healey groups are very helpful and knowledgeable, but not nearly as much information as this 02 crowd.
  13. Just finished reading the book over the last week. IMO, certainly worth the price and more! Lots of great information about the changes from one model to the next and variations across the globe. It is not a guide to restoration but, as previously described, a guide to the models, options, differences, etc.. Photos are very helpful and the history is excellent. Certainly should be in every well stocked 02 library.
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