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  1. Socal folks (Mikeperry or others) . I'm interesting in purchasing a late model gas tank in the area. Message me if you have one available. Thanks
  2. Will the tank fit a 74? I read that the older tanks don't fit late models but I really don't know.
  3. I dug in to a wire loom along the top of fire firewall to rewire the electric fan, and the next time I went for a drive the oil pressure warning "O" light was illuminated. I noticed that a previously hidden wire in the loom had fallen out and made contact with the engine (grounded). When I removed the wire lead from contact with the engine, the warning light went off. The picture shows the two sets of brown and green wires that fell out of the loom. The one with the bare connector (two brown and green wires that come together at the connector) was the one that causes the "O" light to illuminate. Does that mean that this connector needs to be hooked up to the oil pressure sender? I disconnected the single brown wire (shown just above my index finger in the pic) and grounded it to see if that would cause the "O" warning to illuminate, and it did not. Since grounding the brown and green wire connector causes the "O" light to illuminate, do I need to connect the newly discovered brown and green wire to the sensor (I'm thinking yes but want to check with folks who know more than do I)? Any idea what the brown wire that was connected to the sender purpose may be? Thanks
  4. Delete. I retyped the entire post when I couldn't find it, but now they both appear. Sorry.
  5. Heater blower relay makes a lot of sense. My heater blower currently is inoperable and the fact that the wires from this relay are just dangling down and not connected at least is one (if not the) reason why my blower is not working. Thx
  6. It's a '74 2002 base model. Yea it was me that was upside down with my head at the petals and my feet over the headrest when I took that pic. But that definitely looks like that the item in question so I guess once upon a time the car did have A/C (it came with the non A/C console). I may see if I can use that relay for the electric fan the PO wired because I didn't find a relay associated with the fan and when I attempted to ground the switch it blew a fuse. That's when I didn't see a relay for the fan. Thanks for the responses!
  7. Ok, so I am trying to deal with all the dangling wires throughout the car. I followed a handful of dangling wires under the dash and it let to the item in the pic above the steering column. What was its purpose? Also, just in front the of relays in the engine bay there is a little box with a three pronged plug that is just hanging unattached to anything. What went there? Thanks!
  8. Ok, I did a search on the forum because I have the exact same problem, and I thouht I hit paydirt when I found this thread......... But it says the pics were removed. Can anyone help out with some pics so I don't make a donkey out of my new headliner installation? I have fished around with my fingers, but was starting to cause some dimpling. Thanks
  9. So my car has rear defrost with the switch connected at the dash and the defrost back glass of course. The problem is that only the connection point at the right side of the glass has the wire connected. The driver side connection point is bare. So my questions are: 1. Where does the wire come from to connect to the driver side connection point on the glass? There is a wire separated coming from the wire bundle that runs along the driver side back there, but it doesn't have the proper style connector for the defrost connection tab at the glass, so I have no idea what it may have been connected to at some point. 2. Is the connection point on the right side a simple ground (because that is what it is on mine anyways)? 3. Any idea why the PO had ran a wire from the inigition coil to the trunk? It is just back there but not connected to anything. Thanks!
  10. Thanks for the replies. I decided to pry the metal flaps back to have a look. I could see some of the shifter assembly. There was a flathead screw on top (see pic), and when I shifted foward and backward (1st-2nd or 3rd-4th) I could see what appeared to be a nut and bolt either side to the shift assembly (see other pic). So I guess the PO made the hole to access the area. On another note however, there is a large 2.5" + hole on the upper bulkhead on the passenger side. Does that mean this had an AC unit, or do all have that massive hole? It was mostly filled in with some goup of sorts (which I removed to see what in the heck was going on there), but the only wire going through it appeared to be coming from the inigtion coil and leading all the way to the trunk (thin black wire not connected to anything). Was this supposed to be connected to the rear window defrost? I do have a ton of slop in the shift which I want to address, but I was figuring I needed to be at the base of the shifter and replacing the bushings there to fix that. So if this access is useful, I will do a less-than-permanent seal of it before laying the padding and carpet. Thoughts?
  11. When I removed the carpet, I notice two openings a PO had made in the transmission tunnel a few inches in front of the stick shift. The first one is small and just a couple inches in front. The next one looks is a pretty decent sized T-shape opening. The flaps have been bent back down somewhat. But I was thinking about doing a permanent seal of these areas unless there may be some good reason for leaving the openings?
  12. Hi, Please message me and let me know the cost for the passenger side fron grille and lower steering column trim. Thx
  13. I have got a similar problem except the blinkers will only work with the hazzard button pressed in. Hazzards of course aren't working when the button is pressed, but at least I have use of the turn signals then. I have tried switching out the hazzard button already but that didn't help and the problem persisted. Anyone have ideas? Thx
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