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  1. Hey guys, I've been away from the little car for awhile (school), but I'm headed back home for the holidays and want to get some work done. One thing I really want is to tackle the points. My car takes a little bit to turn over. Especially when it has been sitting for awhile, or even overnight. I've replaced almost everything throughout the ignition system except the ignition coil and the points (new battery, cables, starter, alternator) but now I think my slow start may be because of the points. The car runs absolutely great, otherwise. Driven from Atlanta to New Orleans multiple times. I wonder if it's even a points issue? My question: I didn't see any good walk-throughs on the site, do you guys know of any? Or, have you done it yourself? I have an old british military motorcycle that needs points adjustment all the time, so I'm somewhat familiar with the process. Thanks, Happy Holidays atd
  2. I have a '72 02. Someone backed into me and bent mine. I'm looking to replace both the front left, and front right, though. These are the bumper brackets that connect the front bumper to the frame. I have the stock bumper, looking for the stock brackets. Thanks!
  3. Yeah it looks great. I was wondering because, if you look at mine, the greying part made me think that it may have been covered or painted with this wrinkle coat at one point.
  4. Do y'all know if that's what it looked like originally? I have a pretty stock car and want to keep it as close as a possible to how it looked when it rolled out the factory. Mine definitely needs to be redone but I just haven't got around to it. I've attached mine below. The picture is from when i first got it. So, it's not exactly how it looks now... Anyway, your's looks great regardless. Seems like a simple job too.
  5. Not sure exactly what you're looking for, but here's my baby. It's black panels and seats. Grey carpet and coco mats. I've seen a lot of color combinations but, they can all look good if done right, or paired with a good exterior color. Hope this helps.
  6. Thanks for the help! Just did! Read a bunch of reviews and they all seem to be great reviews, so, I'm looking forward to reading it. A big part of this will be determining whether this is something I can actual do. I have installed stainless steel brake lines, new alternator, starter motor, battery and new wires, So, this would be by far the most complex job...
  7. So, my 02 has a frigiking AC... But it isn't hooked up. I went by a German Auto specific shop (not my regular shop) because i was told they have done this kind of work before, and they would do it right, etc., I have the compressor, I have the condenser, I just need to get it hooked up and blowing. I was told that it wouldn't be worth it because the cost would be more than the car is worth (which is ridiculous because it was appraised and insured for $13k) So, how much should an AC install cost? I know ever place is different but there I just need a range of what I should be paying. If it helps, I want it done well, and right. Thanks!
  8. In the first pic, I was wondering if these are the numbers to determine if my cars is numbers matching. The Haynes manual says the engine numbers are on the crankcase, just above the starter motor. But these are the only numbers I can find. In the second pic, I was wondering if this hole should be there. Or specifically, if there should be some bolt or something. There's nothing attached to it, I just think it seems weird... Thanks for the help!
  9. Looks Great! I love that engine bay. Especially the battery in the back. Good to know about the insurance appraisal. I'm torn because mine is so damn stock, I don't want to touch anything. I feel obligated to keep it original
  10. Nice wheels! I noticed you don't have the BMW roundels in the center. They were hard to find for me too. I'll be on the lookout for some more and will let you know if I find some. Looks good, would love to see some shots under the hood
  11. This is a small issue but as y'all know, small issues turn into back issues. I live in New Orleans (born and raised) and don't have the luxury of off-street parking. So I have to park on the street... I'm not sure but my best guess is someone backed in to me just enough to bend the bracket. But not break it or even dent the bumper. Just slowly push on it. As you can see it has caused the passenger side part of the bumper to come back and rub the wheel well. My question is. I think I can bend the bracket back in place but I'm sure the bumper is somewhat bent as well. I'm thinking of just using sawhorses and clamps to set it back. Any ideas? Can y'all think of a better way? Or has anyone done anything like this before? I've got pictures below. It's the passenger side... The first picture is so you can see it's offset Thanks, III
  12. I think I'm going through the exact same issue...
  13. I just wanna make sure I'm getting the right part. I have a '72 2002 with the stock "black" coil. I'm about to get a Bosch red coil. Will I still need the Petronix 1874v? I still have the original points setup in the original distributor cap.
  14. I just wanna make sure I'm getting the right part. I have a '72 2002 with the stock "black" coil. I'm about to get a Bosch red coil. Will I still need the Petronix 1874v? I still have the original points setup in the original distributor cap.
  15. I just got home and took a picture of the SR441x. I have know that the top bolt the positive battery cable. I have been attaching the ignition wire (or starter switch) to the far left bolt. The original starter was connected on this side and I assumed it went to the same side. So, the correct connection for the ignition wire is the one on the right?
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