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  1. I received mine today and it is incredibly high quality. I especially like the bag! Absolutely amazing. Thank you for your work in getting these made. Now I just need my car back!
  2. Great article! I polished the cover now it almost looks new.
  3. When I saw the post about Double 02 Salvage, I felt sad. I am happy that all is okay and they are in business. I have been a customer for many years and they have always exceeded my expectations. Not only have they provided me parts, but they have rebuilt by differential and drive axles. When the engine builder misplaced the engine's lift hook, they sourced one from a 320i; cutting off the sensor made it an exact match. I needed a local reference to a welder to fix my front sub frame and they had an excellent resource in the same neighborhood. I like the salvage yard feel. The cars (many 2002's) parked on American Avenue are always awesome to see. The weekly wreck in the parking lot is always a plus. The staff is very helpful. I hope the revenue received from providing parts for newer model BMW's allows them to continue supporting our cars for many years!
  4. Tonight I found another bag that I think contains the pipes depicted as 8 and 13 as illustrated in drawing 35/4. I have attached a photo that illustrates what I believe are #8 and 13. From the drawing, there are two #8’s which does not seem to fit. I have attached a second photograph of the remaining parts of the IE kit, which I believe relates to the accelerator. When fitting, there seems to be too much space between the housing and pipe. i hope this post helps others in re-assembly of their pedal box and related components. A word to those folks during dissassembly, no matter the filth, video, photograph, and document every part.
  5. Thank you, I did not check to see if the IE peddle box kit includes these inserts. I will go the garage now and check. Again, thank you!
  6. Would someone have a photograph of the spacers shown as number 8 in the schematic? I am assembling my peddle box and related components and cannot seem to find these in my box of bolts, nuts, and washers received from plating. I should have been more organized during the disassembly and photographed the process, but this portion was a total mess. The spacers I have, do not seem to fit and I fear that they may never have been installed.
  7. Thank you for the information. When I had my car painted, I neglected the underside which I regret. Now I cannot find a shop to tackle it. I will visit El Sobrante this week!
  8. I really appreciate your book. Both my wife and I worked at the same company. Unfortunately, due to corporate "issues" she resigned from her "C" level position in early May. Two weeks later, they fired me. Funny how corporate America works. While super disappointing for the both of us, all is good for us as we have alternatives. Your book gives me an escape as well as the inspiration to get my "early" 1972 tii back on the road! Funny thing is my wife really wants to drive it. Thank you for writing the book, keep them coming.
  9. So, I was traveling on 580 tonight at about 7:30 pm and saw a white BMW on a trailer heading east. I was exiting at 238, was that the 1602? While I was at a distance, it looked really good. Congratulations on the lucky new owner.
  10. I have space to store your car in the East Bay if you are interested.
  11. Out of San Francisco, I would not head south on Highway 101 unless you are travelling in the middle of the night as the traffic will be a nightmare. Instead divert to Highway 1 through Pacifica. You will get to travel through the new tunnel that bypasses Devil's slide. On the tunnel's south portal, park and take a walk along the trail, which offers very cool vistas of the Pacific. Head south along 1 through Half Moon Bay where there are many good restaurants and bars as well as a nice campground along the water. You are welcome to stop-by my house for a cold one and mechanical support, which hopefully is not necessary. Here is the view as I brought my car home a few years ago. The drive from HMB to Santa Cruz along 1 is a lot of fun, especially if you stop at Duarte's Tavern in Pescadero.
  12. I purchased them from Steve at Classic Auto LEDS. They look like a great product and cannot wait to test but I still have a lot of wire to install. The kit has LEDs for twilight, turn, and brake light. You use a stands bulb for reverse. I will put a picture up when I get it working.

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