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  1. So, I was traveling on 580 tonight at about 7:30 pm and saw a white BMW on a trailer heading east. I was exiting at 238, was that the 1602? While I was at a distance, it looked really good. Congratulations on the lucky new owner.
  2. I have space to store your car in the East Bay if you are interested.
  3. Out of San Francisco, I would not head south on Highway 101 unless you are travelling in the middle of the night as the traffic will be a nightmare. Instead divert to Highway 1 through Pacifica. You will get to travel through the new tunnel that bypasses Devil's slide. On the tunnel's south portal, park and take a walk along the trail, which offers very cool vistas of the Pacific. Head south along 1 through Half Moon Bay where there are many good restaurants and bars as well as a nice campground along the water. You are welcome to stop-by my house for a cold one and mechanical support, which hopefully is not necessary. Here is the view as I brought my car home a few years ago. The drive from HMB to Santa Cruz along 1 is a lot of fun, especially if you stop at Duarte's Tavern in Pescadero.
  4. I purchased them from Steve at Classic Auto LEDS. They look like a great product and cannot wait to test but I still have a lot of wire to install. The kit has LEDs for twilight, turn, and brake light. You use a stands bulb for reverse. I will put a picture up when I get it working.
  5. Thank you for the feedback regarding polishing and alignment. Polishing with Novus worked great. I am about to glue the LED with your input. Will upload the result once I get the rest the car assembled!
  6. Does the little window on the back of the enclosure face up for the backup light?
  7. The BMW 2002 tii US VIN 2761064 was manufactured on February 7th, 1972 and delivered on February 15th, 1972 to the BMW importer Hoffman Motors Corp. in New York City. The original colour was Agave, paint code 071. It spent the first 42 years in Marin County and now resides in San Mateo County. Hopefully, I can get her back on the road later this year assuming I stop worrying about zinc plating and powder coating...
  8. Starting the restoration of my rear tai lights any new thoughts regarding polishing the plastic? Also what type of caulk is good to re-seal the rear plastic piece?
  9. That is funny I have exactly the same issue. The outlet nipple disintegrated upon removal. I sent an email to Rogers tii to see if he has one.
  10. I cleaned the outside and was ready to paint but started looking at the crusted rust on the inside and got nervous. I tried CLR but it was only marginally beneficial. Thought about setting up an electrolysis bucket but that seems like more work than it's worth. Hate to have rust from inside the pipe lodge somewhere since everything else is refurbished. Maybe I am being paranoid?
  11. I am about to re-install by rebuilt engine and looking at my coolant pipe. Itis corroded and the end worn. I thought about removing the rust and painting. Does that seem reasonable given that a new pipe is not that expensive?
  12. Knee deep in the rebuild of my '72 tii, I acquired this 1975 911. It is a European model brought to the San Francisco Bay Area in 1984. It has a 3.0 liter and was converted to a turbo look in Germany including a hideous blue interior sometime in the late '70's. Lots of fun, but it is going to be a big project.
  13. I would recommend Terry Tinney in Livermore: http://www.terrytinney.com/ He did my '72 tii engine earlier this year, hoping to install in in the next few months.
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