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  1. Could you confirm that VIN please? When the car was on Ebay back in May, the VIN stated was 1662587. Yes that is correct sorry for my mistype, i looked over the plate very quickly and misread it, in some light the 2 looks like an 8. VIN is: 1662587 Here is a picture of the vin plate
  2. Thats it, If i am going to take a car with me to arizona i would like it be something with A/C and that is a little more modern. VIN # is 1668587
  3. No there actually isn't. I have to move to arizona in january and i cant take the car with me.
  4. Yes, but things quickly changed in my life, i have to move to arizona come january and i cant take the car with me.
  5. Looking to get somewhere between 4-5k. I think the car is worth more than that actually but i need to get rid of it quickly. i am moving to arizona in january and the car cant come with me
  6. Hi, I have a 1969 BMW 2002 for Sale or Trade. I have lots of service history for this cars, and papers to back it up. I am looking to trade for an E30, E36, E39, E46 (CLEAN TITLE AND MANUAL IS A MUST), or E38 (CLEAN TITLE). The reason i need to sell or trade is because im moving to Arizona in January. If i am going to take a car with me to Arizona i would like it to have A/C and be a little more modern. Currently waiting for new title, but should be here in 1-2 weeks So here are some details about the car: -No Rust -Clean Title -4 Speed Manual -New Clutch and Slave Cylinder -Painted Flat Black(Previous Owner) Original color is Polaris Silver -New Carpet and Front Sport Seats -Custom Wood Door Panels -Dash is almost crack free. One minor crack that can be repaired -Speedo and Tach don't Work (Estimated 115k miles) -Rebuilt Engine (Have All the Paperwork) -320i Radiator and Front Brakes -Custom Exhaust -Weber 32/36 -New Cap and Rotor -Ireland Engineering Strut bars Front & Rear -New Fuel Pump -Original Hubcaps and Emblems in great condition (Very Rare) -Registered till December 2013 Here is an album with some picture of the car. http://imgur.com/a/L9eHU Give me a Call or Text at 925-286-8477. Thanks, Brandon
  7. WOW an owners manual that actually shows you how to do things...crazy. would be nice if they made them like that still. Mine didnt come with the owners manual...oh well. Thanks for your help. I would love if you could send me all the pages to the owners manual and send them to my email, if that isnt to much to ask. I tried to PM you but it wouldnt allow me to. maybe if you could pm maybe that would work
  8. Hey guys, So i did some searching around and found how to do a valve adjustment on the m10, but still had a few questions, hopefully you guys can help me out with them. First off can the valve cover gasket be reused? i have heard from some places it can and other say it cant. From previous knowledge its never good to reuse a gasket, but if this one can be reused then thats great. Also what is the best measurement to adjust it to. i have heard .008 is the best and ive also heard .006 and .007. So hopefully you guys can answer these for me. Thanks, Brandon
  9. Good news. Shaft wasn't broken. Just loose and got pushed down. I love over thinking things
  10. Well I have one good spline on the passenger side. Can I swap where the arm mounts to the wiper linkage from side to side by removing the nut on the bottom on the body
  11. Then can i take the broken spline off by the nut on the body. Seen below http://imgur.com/uBsnX
  12. Hey guys. Just got my first 2002 and the wiper blade came off. The spline is still inside of it. The other side doesn't have a wiper but it had the spline. I was thinking take the nut that holds the spline on and put it onto the other wiper. But there is a clip on the inside of the wiper. My question is how do I take that off. Here is a picture of what I'm talking about. http://imgur.com/xWhNn Thanks, Brandon
  13. A 1996 BMW 328i with 5 speed manual
  14. There is Paul over at autohaus exec 909 the guy is like google for BMW he knows 2002s inside and out. He is in Burlingame
  15. i would go see paul over at authaus exec 909 and if he cant do it he surely knows somebody who can. that guy is a huge wealth of knowledge.
  16. Thanks Dave, no prices posted, I got offered these as a trade. But gotta put 300 on top of the roundie...I think it's worth it
  17. If I could, I would but its trading for my car so I can't do that twice....
  18. So once again I have a decision to make. I have an offer for a '69 2002 with round tail lights and no bumpers or trim, wood door panels, new racing style seats, and new carpet. From what I've been told no rust. Painted flat black. The guy says "you have to go easy on the transmission during hard shifts." Also car has no door locks. Running steelies with original hub caps. Here are pics of the '69 On the other hand there is a '74 with big bumpers, beige in color, recaro seats. Carpet currently not installed but will be included. All new door and window seals, electronic ignition, new bilstiens, new steering wheel, new rims. 5 speed swap with higher geared rear diff. Says it has a little rust, nothing structural, and cracked air dam. Here a pics of the '74 I will post pictures later tonight of both cars. I am currently using my phone to post this. Thanks, Brandon
  19. Cool ill have to get some input from you guys cause I have 2 possible trades lined up for my e36. One is a 69 roundie and the other is a 74 with big bumpers....kinda in the middle cause both have there good and bad points. Ill probably be making a post about it
  20. I dont currently have a 2002 but i probably will shortly, am i welcome to show up in my e36, also any ideas on location yet?
  21. Ok thanks a lot. I think I'll try and get a locksmith to key the other doors to the ignition key. But what maybe a possibility is that the original owner took the locking mechanism out of the door....he put on some custom wood door panels so I don't know. If the trade ends up going through then I'm gonna start to look into this more. Just kinda wanted to see my options before getting into it
  22. Are the ignition switch and door locks not the same key? Also if the case is that he doesn't have the key. What should I do in order to get them. Call a locksmith or go to the dealership or something. Or would getting new door handles with keys be an option to. Not sure how difficult it is to take off the door handle. Also I guess if I get new locks I would need a trunk lock to...
  23. It's A a 74 i almost traded this guy, this car used to be in the sf bay area, then he sold it to a guy that flew in from LA so im guessing that this is the same car. also im guessing something is wrong with it. cause he sold it about 2-3 weeks ago
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