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  1. NEPA_Tii

    Anyone on here on LI?

    Ok, so that's 3. Couple more guys check in and we could get a nice cruise to Montauk together one day.
  2. NEPA_Tii

    Anyone on here on LI?

    Very cool project. I am seriously impressed with your bodywork skills. I wish I could do half that. I have the engine apart for my winter project. Cleaning everything up and replacing lines, hoses, etc. Sending recaros out to Aardvark for new skins. Are there any good shops for these cars on LI? I've been to The Little Garage in Huntington. They're not bad but I really need someone with a lot of tii experience to properly tune this in the spring. If not I may end up taking it across the ferry to Sportscar Restoration in CT. They're supposed to be legit.
  3. NEPA_Tii

    Anyone on here on LI?

    Nice, I'm in Port Jefferson. What are you driving? Are there many other 02 owners out here?
  4. Are there any members on here on Long Island? I'd love to meet up for help on small projects, drives, etc. Just seeing who's out there. -Sam
  5. NEPA_Tii

    WTB Tii Air Box Brackets

    Bump Still looking.
  6. NEPA_Tii

    WTB Tii Air Box Brackets

    Hi all. I am in possession of a stock tii air box sans brackets. Looking to purchase some brackets shipped to 11777. Thanks!
  7. Can anyone confirm what diameters are needed?
  8. I have a 74 tii, and I want to replace all the vacuum lines. Does anyone have a list of the sizes and lengths I need to order to replace everything? Thanks.
  9. I just purchased the Bosch motor sans fan blade here: for much less. Then I pulled the old fan off and pressed it on the new motor. You have to be mindful of the original distance the blade on or it will come in contact with the shroud or the internal flap while in operation.
  10. NEPA_Tii

    Wanted: Stock Seat Rails

    Hello, I am looking for two pairs (driver and passenger) of stock seat rails in good condition that still have all their bearings in them. -Sam Location: Long Island, NY
  11. Very nice. Thank you for sharing.
  12. NEPA_Tii

    Speedometer Question

    That's what I'm thinking. I was just looking for a definitive yes from someone who's done it before, before I go breaking things.
  13. So I'm repairing my speedometer / odometer. Who knows how to best remove this ball bearing to access and replace the odometer gear inside? Is is as simple as pressing the shaft and popping it out? Thanks, Sam
  14. It looks like an antique. Would you guys recommend replacing it with a newer one; or if it ain't broke...