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  1. Okay, thanks for all the input, and I have a few questions. 1. To flip the drivetrain bolts around, I think I will have to take off the guibo to allow space to turn the bolts around. Can I do that, or will the guibo expand when I take it off? I seem to remember that new ones are installed with a metal band to keep it compressed. 2. Can I install a new selector rod seal without dropping the tranny again? I believe I can push another in there, moving the original one deeper toward the tranny - but am wondering if I am going to have to pull the tranny out to get to it. I could not feel a set screw or hog ring on the selector rod joint. 3. On the shift rod mount, where I have the two bolts that use an allen key for tightening - I understand one is supposed to be longer than the other? Mine are the same length. Could that be part of my problem? Thanks in advance for any help/suggestions! Keith
  2. Okay, one problem fixed, and now another one shows up. I’ve got transmission fluid leaking significantly. I attached pictures, and it is all over the place! Any common culprits? I just replaced the speedometer o-ring, and it looks like the leak is coming from somewhere higher.
  3. Found the cause of the noise, one of the 17mm nuts that holds the drive shaft to the tranny fell off, and the bolt back out and was hitting the tranny! Recommend I use loctite when replacing?
  4. Looks like Guibo bolts may be hitting the tranny on mine...
  5. Mine is doing the same thing, did you figure out what it is? I checked, and it is not my shift linkage hitting the drivetrain.
  6. Hot wire from battery to 86, green and white wire (from ignition, where I currently tapped into for socket) to 30, and then hot wire from 87 to socket? Ground can stay separate?
  7. Got it, thank you all. I went with green and white, and it seems to have worked as I need it! Didn’t want to put it on something that would always be hot, as I don’t want it running down battery (and don’t want have to unplug speaker since I’m going to hide it). Just tried it out, and everything works!
  8. Sorry for leaving that out, it is a 1976.
  9. I’m looking to add a 12 V socket and USB to the console of my car. I want to be wired with the ignition on, so I can leave a small Bluetooth speaker plugged in. I went under the steering wheel and found a wire that was hot with the ignition, and spliced into it. Soon after, I realized I spliced into the turn signal wire as it wouldn’t stop clicking when I turned the car on. That got me thinking that maybe I should just splice into any wire, as that might impact another system without draw on the current. Any suggestions on the best way to wire this?
  10. Nailed it Tom! Flipped it around and all is well! Thanks for the tip!
  11. Done! Just took it for a drive in the neighborhood, and everything worked, I’ve got some transmission fluid leaking from the speedo cable input, but other than that I think the project is complete. It may just be overfilled and seeping out some - we’ll see. The other thing I may need to look into is that the shifter seems to be further forward. Like when I put it in first and third, my hand just about hits the radio. Not sure if I flipped something around and leaned to forward instead of back? It’s a blast to drive with a new clutch, a non-crunchy 2nd gear, and the appropriate flywheel/clutch (the previous owner had put the Tii 228mm version in there). Thanks everyone for their help!!!! Couldn’t own these cars without this community.
  12. Thanks Paul, any concern with the crack in the rubber boot?
  13. Fabian, I may take you up on your offer! Keith
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