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  1. My 2000 rear end is higher than I am comfortable with. Car is using the springs it originally came with and proper bilstein shocks I got from Carl. I notice the rear wheels to have some positive camber as in a V. this leads me to beleive the springs are too long or too strong. There is a green dot on both. Can anybody please advise what I need to do to evaluate and correct the rear stance of my car. I will post pics soon.
  2. In the middle of my fuse box there is a small, fat, white fuse. about half the size of the standar ceramic body fuses. Anybody know where I can get these or what they are called so I can ebayem?
  3. Hi All, I was a member of the old roadfly forum and see most of the members have migrated here. I will post pics of my restored 67 soon. I have been working on other cars I own so my 2000 has been covered and sitting pretty in my garage. Today I took it out after nearly a year and boy was it fun. I will continue to resotre some minor things I have pending. Looking at my old parts I have noticed I have a complete set of door plastic handles in mint condition. Color is blue. If anyone would like to make me an offer before I put them on ebay.... KiX
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