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  1. how hard is to install? any pics? I would like to see how it looks on 32/36
  2. how hard is to install? is worthy to do it on a automatic ? http://www.piercemanifolds.com/product_p/sync-link.htm
  3. Looking for a member, couple year ago he was selling lenses, rear for roundie with red center and white front signal lights Still doing?????????? Need front signal white lenses Correa [email protected]
  4. on my car I only have 2 wires (black & red), so my question again, do I connect one each side?
  5. My 75 lent has only one light bulb and 2 wires, on this euro lent do I connect one wire on each side???
  6. how much for the square lenses only no housing CA 94547
  7. http://autos.yahoo.com/news/florida%E2%80%99s-most-blinged-camaro-zl1-brings-out-the-haters-in-force.html
  8. So I do not need spacer on front ??, I always got confuse on this ET calculations
  9. http://www.ebay.com/itm/VW-MKI-MKII-Jetta-GTI-BMW-2002-Honda-Vintage-SPEEDLINE-14-4x100-Wheels-RESTORED-/120965433432?hash=item1c2a1a0858&item=120965433432&pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&vxp=mtr ET 38 and Hub Bore 57.1, I think will fit, what you all think?
  10. went to o'reilly's for some parts and meet this asian chick looking for brake pads for her civic ........... order some chinese food and had sex all day
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