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  1. I know these are poor and may not help in determining anything. I'll try to get better pictures later.
  2. Is there any way to verify if the trans is a getrag 245 by the #? Can't be sure but feels like I'm finding 6 slots.
  3. tii engine is seized. Prior owner told me he purchased it like this. Stated he was told head has high performance parts. Not sure if it was valves, springs, rockers or a combination. Was told they turned up the fuel and that's when gasket went. No fluids were swaped. I removed plugs and sprayed in some Kroil in the cylinders. May follow with some Marvel. I haven't put a wrench on the crank yet, just made sure it was out of gear and pulled on the fan. New head gasket laying in trunk. Trying to locate a fuel tank for my carbed '76. May see if I can make the tii tank work.
  4. Finally made some time to further investigate the mystery car. Engine block number looks to be 523816/4. Transmission numbers 2764229 2.0 Rear diff. is open which I guess is not that big of a deal on a fairly stock set up. I forgot to look at the dash gauges. I believe they're black with the tach but will verify.
  5. Well hopefully since they went to all the work of a swap they installed a g245 in it. That would take some of the sting out of purchasing a mutt. I'm assuming the automatic cars had no beneficial items or bits that would be worth considering swapping? It does have a nice factory steering wheel.
  6. In doing a search it almost looks like this is a 1969 automatic???? Montana title shows 1972.
  7. Just got home and went out in the dark to get info. I couldn't get the # off the block without removing air box which I'll have to do later. I'm guessing this was an earlier body with the tii engine, fuel tank, and rear badging installed on it. Vin # on the blue '76 is 2744402
  8. You're correct. Pictures of the blue car are a "76. The pictures of the silver or tan multi-colored rusted car What's the black stripe across the bottom are the "72. Pictures of two different cars.
  9. Mike A, I hear you. One of my illnesses is, as my father put it, "making love" to my project vehicles. I do get nourishment from finding the diamond in the rough and bringing it back. Many of my projects I get back on the road as dependable rides, drive for a few years, but then end up passing on later to let someone else deal with the expense of body work, paint and final touches. Between cars, trucks, and bikes I'm nearing the 80 count at 52 years old. I usually don't loose money but luckily I'm not in it to make money. The issue of location also makes it harder to sell these and repurchase another. The 02 has interest due to working in service for BMW for around 10 years and owning two early 320s, early 318, and a 535is. This was many years ago back in Ohio where there were less pickup trucks LOL.
  10. The sad but exciting day I found her sitting on top of six crushed cars wait for it's turn. Would have been so much nicer if I had found it prior to the crush pile.
  11. '76mintgrün'02 I just read your response. Thanks for the heads up on the exhaust manifolds. Unless the engine is worth a nice penny I may pull and set aside for possible, much later swap. One of my hurtles is my location. NW Montana makes for a poor place to find used parts and a worse place to ship to or from. More pics!
  12. Thanks all for the input. As most seem to confer, I'll probably move forward with the trans swap. The '72 has rust some rust in the rockers. Rear shock towers look good from trunk but there is definite rust and separation of inner fender well to rear fender. I haven't gotten it up in the air to check the subframe mounting points due to what I've seen on these other areas I'm assuming the same or worse. I have done some metal work brazing and welding but more on a farmer's level. Not good enough for body work. So possibly swap, trans, marker lights to early style, rear diff, exhaust manifold to non Cali, front strut/brakes? Any other items?
  13. Thanks mintgrun. Do you know if there is any positive difference with diff or brakes making it worth swapping?
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