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  1. So I bought my 76 2002 in October. I was high for a season. The high has worn off and I don't think I will be keeping her. I was hoping to find a car to get excited about again, something different you know? But alas...It's in the garage under cover and I don't even miss it! Anyone else find themselves with the bimmer blues?
  2. Mannheim is only about 45 mins from me. One of my close friends is a dealer and there every week too. This is the worst time of year to send a beauty like this through auction.
  3. wowie I wish my engine bay looked like that
  4. That's all the info he needs thank you.
  5. OOH man just when I thought I would leave my bumpers alone. This is a good deal. Now I have some soul searching to do.
  6. Looks like what the park bench's should have looked like
  7. I have a friend coming over to adjust the timing on my '76 02. He asked me to find out what RPM's the timing should be adjusted at? I did a search and went through the FAQ but did not find it. I did find a reference to 1400 rpm here http://www.bmw2002faq.com/component/option,com_forum/Itemid,57/page,viewtopic/t,368328/highlight,timing+adjustment/ Anyone know?
  8. That kits is awesome. So where do you guys buy the bumpers? I've looked online and cannot find them.
  9. Try this: http://www.my2002tii.com/spring_2005/rearbumper.htm
  10. Man that looks good! Which front spoiler is that? Thanks! It's the Kamei replica. I think there are listings here on FAQ. Someone will chime in, I'm sure. I bought it from Perrier (Sp?) He makes the replicas. They are much better than the original, as I had that in the past too. I thought so but wanted to be sure. I am already talking to him. Do you have any closer pics of how you mounted it?
  11. Understood, and thanks for the heads up. I do have two new rockers which came with the car. I need to find a shop in my area who can actually do the work. I'll get on that this week :-)
  12. Man that looks good! Which front spoiler is that?
  13. After pricing these out I've decided the chrome bumpers are just too expensive. I would either delete both bumpers if I do a full respray and fill the holes in or keep the park benches I currently have.
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