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  1. gr8glfr


  2. These are a few of my pencil sketches. Copies are $40 plus shipping. An original of your car would be $350 plus shipping. There is no permission to reproduce the attached files. Thanks, Gary Wishon 562.522.8016 Inka in motion.pdf Scott's 33.pdf First BMW02 Drawing.pdf
  3. I'm 6'2" in a 74 and have ample headroom. Sat in a friends original 75 and head scraped roof.
  4. Amazonas. I get as many compliments on the color combination as for the car itself
  5. I was at burro canyon range on sunday in my Focus. Wished I'd driven my 02. Sorry I missed you. What a great road for our cars!
  6. One year into the 'driving' restoration.
  7. BMW MOTION.pdf Scott's 33.pdf Perhaps a gift idea or just something you might want to have. $350 unframed for a size 16x20 frame. [email protected]
  8. I'm in for the latest iteration.
  9. I like the big sample above I wonder how swapping the silver 2002 text for blue with silver outline instead of bkue woukd look.maybe more pop for text?
  10. 74 was my average speed in the suv. My most BS ticket was from a 'SHE' CHP officer. Good to see an 02 on 101. I'm doing the same drive in the 02 for TGvg. I hooe I dont see your new best friend.
  11. Made a Long Beach to Paso Robles run and back. A rare sight was Turkis roundie in Arroyo Grande going South Sat. On Sunday a Verona square-tail in Santa Margarita Sunday goin North. I wasn't in the Chick Magnet so went un-noticed. Wondering if they're FAQers.
  12. I will vote #2. Wouldn't buy any of the square ones. Although my 02 has square tail.
  13. Eurotrash: very nice idea for a golfer's plate. I'm a golf pro in SoCal. Having another 2002 (1st one a malaga roundie for a couple of years in the 80s) has definitely shifted a lot of focus away from golf to mothering the car.
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