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  1. I have an ok condition 1974 that (once I get it running again) will be my daily driver/grocery getter for the most part. Recently totaled my other "failsafe" car (98 Accord) and so now I'm trying to redo my policy with my new failsafe driver. I'm wondering what the best thing to do with regards to the bimmer is though. Kelley Blue Book doesn't have it listed but Nada Guides has it listed at low retail for $10.3K (obviously way more than anyone should ever pay for an 02 in the condition mine is in). With my previous policy I had an agreed value of $5500 which actually raised the cost of my policy. Should I reinsure it with an agreed value? My biggest concern is that if it were ever totaled I would hate for them to give me the value of the scrap metal for the car or something shady and insurance companyish like that.
  2. So I daily my 02 and my school is a hot spot for car thieves. The rumor is that the local gangs use the school as an initiation to the gang. Mainly Hondas that are getting stolen but I feel like the 02 would be pretty damn easy to steal. Anyhow, I want to wire in an ignition kill switch somewhere but I figure since I'm doing an engine swap next week I might as well find a clever way to hide it. I'm thinking wiring it in to the knob for the fog lights or possibly doing something with the mystery green button in the console (though that would be less inconspicuous) or something like that (or maybe somewhere else?). Has anyone done something like this? Also, what would it take to wire it into the fog light knob?
  3. Woah I somehow missed this one. This is awesome Toby! Thank you so much. The engine he has was rebuilt by a reputable shop down in San Diego and then never reinstalled into the car. I figure its worth picking up even if I end up choosing to just use the E21 motor. Either way I'll end up with a freshly rebuilt M10 installed and one I can sell on Craiglist. I was going to buy just the engine without the transmission but he said he wanted it gone so he threw it on top of everything for an extra 25 bucks. I'm getting all this stuff for only $875 so its not a bad deal for me.
  4. It would be pretty tough to take the engine and not the cam I would imagine.
  5. ar_kid, I forgot to post a thank you reply but I really do appreciate your taking the time to write that up. I ended up finding someone who is parting out an E30 318i who said I could come take whatever I wanted. I'm trying to build a list of the things I would need to be sure I don't forget anything when I go to pull everything out. So far the things I've figured out: Engine and tranny (duh) Intake manifold with throttle body Exhaust manifold ECU and harness The various engine sensors (what specifically would these be called so I can know what they look like?) Fuel sending unit Injectors (which if I'm not mistaken are located inside the intake manifold, correct?) Distributor What am I missing?
  6. This helps a lot. The basis of my question outside of "would this work if I had a whole car to take parts from" comes down to what does creative fabrication entail? I am considering going and buying a cheap E21 320i or E30 318i and doing my swap this way. They seemingly can be had for very cheap (<$500 for running E21, ~$1200 for E30) but before I do, I want to know how much I need to be budgeting out for this fabrication.
  7. Alright, so hang with me here. I'm really trying to get a grasp on everything and having a hard time figuring out what I am trying to figure out. I'm a mechanical newbie and my 02 is the first car I've ever worked on myself. *As a disclaimer, all the plans I have (and that will be listed below) will have supervision and help from people who are more mechanically smart than I am.* (good grammar Jack. This post is a surefire winner) My situation is this: My stock 02 M10 is tired. It has leaky gaskets, the carb needs rebuilding, the transmission isn't super peppy, etc. I really want to do some sort of fuel injection set up. Being the impulsive dumby that I am, I recently went and picked up a recently rebuilt M10 out of a 1980 320i and a G245 out of an 82 320i. It did not come with the intake manifold, throttle body, or sensors necessary to set up the fuel injection. I didn't really understand fully what all was required in doing this swap. So now I'm left with a solid engine (I'm told it has about 5-10k miles on it since the rebuild) without any of the parts that would be necessary to run fuel injection, the ECU from the 1980 320i and a 5 speed. *Let's all take a moment to observe Jack's stupidity. * My confusion: Everywhere I turn when looking for advice and guides for swapping in the E21 M10, I always find long build threads with complicated Megasquirt conversions with ITBs and blah blah blah. No one ever just swaps the motor in with the stock kjet fi. I understand that the kjet is not the best way to do it, but for the end result I'm looking for, I want something that is fairly simple, doesn't require TOO much maintenence and more importantly, doesn't require all the expensive aftermarket MS parts. Now my question: As the pre-requisite for this question, let's disregard all the steps necessary to install the 5 speed (I've sat down and chatted with a few people who have broken it down pretty well for me). My simple mind seems to think that if I had a running e30 318i, or a running e21 320i or something like that, I would be able to pull out the ECU, the wiring harness (maybe have to get a new harness to make everything kosher with the 02), the intake with the throttle body, and everything else that goes into making a motor run, wire it up and then drop it into the 02 and everything should work just fine and dandy. (everyone take a quick break... This post is getting wordsy) Obviously I understand there will be some complications along the way. I get that. I will need some parts to make certain things work with the 02 (things like the driveshaft and the long speedo cable, etc in the case of the transmission). But if it was working fine in the E30 or the E21 it came out of, it should work just fine in the 02? No? Yes? Am I an idiot (well that's an obvious one... Don't answer that)? Basically everything that would be swapped in would be straight off a working parts car. Sub-question to the original question: Assuming I am able to find a parts car with everything mechanically sound. What parts are going to be necessary for me to make the engine compatible with the 02. My solution: You. You, are my solution. I understand this is a pretty wordy question and I hope I didn't alienate anyone. Everyone always says that you gotta start somewhere and sometimes the best thing you can do is to do it yourself. But those people are stupid and never dealt with figuring out how fuel injection works. (that last part is a joke.) If you are feeling especially kind, but your fingers don't want to type out your incredibly detailed and eloquent response, I would also be up for a phone call/cup of coffee/beer where you could explain all the things while I took notes. My phone number is 951-7one9-5five9nine and I live in the LA area, specifically in West Covina.
  8. I am seriously terrible at taking photos along the way of this build. I'll give a little textual update here and really try to make sure I take photos in the future. So my front passenger side wheel bearing decided to catastrophically fail on me... No good. Also while I was poking around fixing the vac leak in the brake booster, I discovered a bunch of old brake fluid inside the booster so I decided I'd go ahead and give my master cylinder a refresher. I haven't actually installed the master cylinder yet but I think I will refresh the paint on the booster while I am in there to try and make everything a bit prettier on that side of the engine. The whole engine bay could really use a good cleaning. Can't wait to give it a solid pressure wash when I start my swap. I also ended up breaking off the idle solenoid into the threads of the carb body last week while trying to get everything tuned so that set me back a bit. Was able to extract it with a bolt extractor. Once I got that done, I figured I'd take apart the carb and clean everything so I did that and then went and picked up brand new jets from Ireland Engineering and got some solid insight from those guys on planning my swap. Put the carb back on and now something seems to be amiss with the choke... The butterfly valves don't seem to want to shut quite so snappy... I think I might have put something together improperly inside the carb. Annoying. I also somehow managed to strip one of the threads that secures the choke to the carb. Also annoying. For now it's fine though. Everything seems to be on tight enough for the choke to function at the capacity my putting it back together has limited it too. Going to need to get that checked out by someone greater than I. I also went out and took some pictures right after sunset today (just missed sunset by a bit :/ ). My iPhone's lockscreen has never looked so good!
  9. Using nothing but the power of profanity, I condemn this jet to death. But in all seriousness, should I try drilling it out?
  10. So while I was trying to rejet my carb last night, I did a bad thing and tried to tighten the idle-stop solenoid too much and it snapped in half and left the threaded bits inside the carb's threads. Any suggestions on how to get it out? I've uploaded a couple pictures of what I'm talking about below.
  11. I know you said you weren't looking for a project but this has been up for a month and a half or so. You'd probably be able to talk him down on that price and have enough money to make it nice pretty easy. http://sacramento.craigslist.org/cto/3782973277.html
  12. I'm also very curious what you are doing with your injection as well. I'm planning on using an e21 head on the 02 bottom end for fuel injection. did you do any photos of that install?
  13. Will be watching close. Setting up my air ride in the next couple months. What management do you plan on using?
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