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  1. I, have the passenger door, open differential non-lsd, post/pre 79-80 nose/grills, spring coils front L/R, spindle, struts. The ONLY issue is that I am Los Angeles, CA
  2. I, have one, asking $150.00 if you're interested. Ed
  3. 1936Spyder I was able to locate pictures out of my laptop.
  4. I, have various tools from e21, will that work for you?
  5. I, am sorry. I, have the H4 Headlights. Thanks,
  6. I, need to kook for them, I'll get back to you Saturday! Thanks, Edu
  7. I have one for sale, in Los Angeles, CA. if interested!
  8. I have a couple of gas caps. Where are u located?
  9. I have one from e21, will that work? I am asking $300.00 for it.
  10. I, gave a friend that has 320is with a 6CL engine, I do not know if there are compatable. You can do additional research to find out... In the mean time I can ask for a price. You can send me message to [email protected]
  11. Hi there, I have set of turbines wheels, if interested.
  12. I have a set from 1980 e21, they might be compatable. LMK.
  13. If you are unable to get one closer to you, I have one from a 1980 323i. LMK. ED
  14. a friend of mine has one from a 1983 320i, I do not know if there are compatable, to your 1974tii transmission. LMK. He is located here in LA.
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