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  1. I, have the passenger door, open differential non-lsd, post/pre 79-80 nose/grills, spring coils front L/R, spindle, struts. The ONLY issue is that I am Los Angeles, CA
  2. I, need to kook for them, I'll get back to you Saturday! Thanks, Edu
  3. I have one for sale, in Los Angeles, CA. if interested!
  4. I have a couple of gas caps. Where are u located?
  5. I have one from e21, will that work? I am asking $300.00 for it.
  6. I, gave a friend that has 320is with a 6CL engine, I do not know if there are compatable. You can do additional research to find out... In the mean time I can ask for a price. You can send me message to [email protected]
  7. Hi there, I have set of turbines wheels, if interested.
  8. I have a set from 1980 e21, they might be compatable. LMK.
  9. If you are unable to get one closer to you, I have one from a 1980 323i. LMK. ED
  10. a friend of mine has one from a 1983 320i, I do not know if there are compatable, to your 1974tii transmission. LMK. He is located here in LA.
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