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  1. 2000CS tear down started today

    Ooooh that looks good!
  2. 2000CS tear down started today

    Hi Ed, Just checking in on the progress after a several weeks away and wow, just wow! It's really coming along. You must feel great about the results after so much work. Keep the updates coming, they are inspiring and educational. Brian
  3. WTB parts for 1967 1600

    I totally understand, no problem. Good luck in your search.
  4. WTB parts for 1967 1600

    No problem at all. If you're interested in them for $75, including shipping, let me know and I'll make sure they go out by Thursday.
  5. WTB parts for 1967 1600

    Here are a few pictures...
  6. WTB parts for 1967 1600

    I have two wiper arms that I just removed from my '69 NK sedan. They are black and neither has a wind deflector, but they are in good shape and the splines are undamaged. They should fit your car. Let me know if you're interested and we can likely settle on a price.
  7. 14" NK Hub Caps

    I am parting with four 14" hub caps from my 1969 2000 NK. They are not perfect but in remarkably good condition. See pictures. The roundels could be replaced or you can roll with some patina. They are yours for $125 plus $25 shipping.
  8. Bulbs for Euro Headlights

    Thanks for that. I'll get in touch with Daniel Stern Lighting and place an order. Brian
  9. Bulbs for Euro Headlights

    Thanks MOJOJOY. This is just what I was looking for. My only question is whether the longer halogen bulb will fit without touching the metal reflector that is inside the headlight. Can anyone confirm? Thanks, Brian
  10. Hi there. I have been busy sorting the 2000 that Connor so kindly delivered a little more than a week ago. There has been some progress and some setbacks but I love the car. As much as I appreciate the quad lamps, I actually prefer the Euro headlights on this car. I'm in the process of making the swap and need help with the bulbs. One of the Euro light has a bulb and the other does not. Given that the existing bulb has a broken filament, I'd like to buy two new bulbs. What should I be looking for? The existing bulb is an OSRAM 40W. It is not high/low beam bulb so is the small bulb on the outer edge of the fixture the high beam? I'd greatly appreciate guidance! Thanks in advance. Brian
  11. Need opinion on possible NK purchase

    Chris, Your car looks fantastic. I obviously love the color, but the Euro lenses and driving lights put it over the top. Brian
  12. Need opinion on possible NK purchase

    I think I should introduce myself at this point. I participate on the 2002 side but am new to the NK world. After some stressful moments, I came away with the 2000 on eBay yesterday. Jonathan - I see that you were actively pursuing the car too. I can only say that I hope to do the car justice and I wish you well in your search. Nick - I too like the quad lamps but am thinking of converting to the Euro lenses/grills. I would also really like to go back to the original steel wheels. After I get to know the car, I'm sure the list will grow. For now though, I'm really over the moon about bring this home. Sadly, my '72 Bavaria will have to go but I've longed for a NK sedan and that is now happening. The car is in Oregon and will make its way north of the Golden Gate as soon as next week. I'll post more info when it arrives. I'm glad to be part of the NK world. Brian
  13. Happy Father's Day! June 18, 2017

    Ah, Rob Seigel. I love The Hack!
  14. Hey there. The Bay Area '02 Show & Shine held in Brisbane on May 6th is featured in an article on Petrolicious. Great pictures and write-up.
  15. Wow, 86 views and still this car/owner remains unidentified! Who knew that this color could fly under the radar?