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  1. brbrian73

    My Mother. My Hero

    Thank you for sharing your mom's story, Harry. Her passing leaves a void in your life but she can live on through inspiration. Brian
  2. brbrian73

    '69 1600 For Sale

    Not mine, no affiliation. Just spotted this on SF Bay Area Craigslist.
  3. brbrian73

    2000 NK For sale

    Rey - Did you already strike a deal with someone? eBay says that it is no longer available. If so, hopefully that person will show up here soon. Brian
  4. brbrian73

    2000 NK For sale

    I sure hope someone here picks up this car. It's a really honest example from a really honest guy. Brian
  5. brbrian73

    1968 BMW 1600-2 - Where do I start?

    Congratulations on your find! As Ed said, posting on the 2002 general discussion forum is your best bet. You should also send an email to BMW ( and request the build history of your car. They will reply with the date of manufacturer and delivery, as well as the original paint color and code. Good luck! Brian
  6. Looking great, Ed! It is really coming along. The video does work and you can see the contentment in your face! I've heard that installing the horizontal chrome strips at the top of the door and just behind it where the body meets the rear side glass can be tricky. Not because they don't go on easily enough but because installing them frequently scrapes off the paint on the lip, leaving exposed metal under the trim which can then lead to rust. I haven't done it personally but maybe applying some lubricant to the lip would help avoid this problem? Brian
  7. brbrian73

    Lightweight E-Type on Leno

    That was great to watch. Thanks, Ed! Dan's level of expertise and attention to detail is astounding. I also personally like the balance he strikes between originality and sensible modifications. He clearly listens to the customer. Very, very impressive. And his background as a detective with Scotland Yard raises the cool factor to crazy levels. Brian P.S. Ditto on the exhaust sound!
  8. Is that 14x6 or did you go wider? Are they et15? What's the best solution? Would rolling the fenders do it? Rub they might, but they look fantastic.
  9. brbrian73

    Re-purposed 2002 Parts

    I love that sort of genius, Tom! Nice work!
  10. brbrian73

    Italian DCOE 45’s

    My wife thanks you for replying before me! Brian
  11. brbrian73

    BayArea 02 Swap & Show 2019 on 4 May

    Kudos to Kile for the artwork. That is outstanding stuff. Brian
  12. brbrian73

    Red Turn Signals

    Interesting. To this day, BMWs sold in Europe, and likely other markets, have orange rear turn signals while those destined for the U.S. have red.
  13. brbrian73

    Red Turn Signals

    Euro was definitely orange. The red markers were made to comply with U.S. regulations. Euro 911s are easy to spot for the same reason.
  14. brbrian73

    Mice, Rats, etc.

    Wow, what a find! I'm happy to hear that the issue was easily resolved in the trunk and not gnarled wires under the panel. While driving my '02 at speed, I still have small bits of paper fly out of the defrost vents. This is the result of a mouse nest created while the car was stored for 23 years. At least someone was enjoying the car during that period. Brian