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  1. Looking good. I'm on the hunt for a 12v tach for my NK. I have a 6v unit that I would be happy to trade if you (or anyone else) has one. Brian
  2. I’m drooling here, clone or not. Enjoy that.
  3. The wheels look fantastic and someone is going to be lucky to get them. As for driving in the snow, sure, minus one point for subjecting such a beautiful car to the elements. But, add ten points for driving the thing as intended! Brian
  4. Ed, The Talbot mirror is a fitting cherry on top of the cake. And what a cake it is. Enjoy every single mile! Brian
  5. I find myself in need of a new center resonator, not for my '02, but for my NK sedan ('69 2000). This being the forum with more cars, owners, etc., I thought I'd ask for guidance here. For background, my M10 is stock but running a Weber downdraft carb. The plan is to move to a DCOE setup at some point and headers of one type or another. Hotter cam? Maybe. The muffler is OEM and relatively new but the resonator is failing and has to go. I was considering an Ansa "sport" resonator but am a little wary of introducing a droning sound. The other options would be the standard Ansa resonator or one that is OEM. I would actually like a little sportier sound from the back but definitely don't want to be turning heads while driving around town. I've read a fair amount online about the experience others have had but it's hard to find this exact scenario. Most results involve Ansa rear muffler and different combinations of resonators. Any advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks, Brian
  6. You can probably hear me cheering all the way over here in California!
  7. I'd like to see this in someone's NK sedan!
  8. Such a beauty! I'm glad you're going to be able to enjoy some time behind the wheel soon. I recommend pulling over every few miles just to look at it! Brian
  9. Kooglewerks makes a lot of high quality parts for 02s, including custom shift knobs. Plus, Forrest is an all-around great guy. Check out the website: http://www.kooglewerks.com/products Brian
  10. After my time away, I'm itching to get back to Monterey in 2020. I just missed it this year and it hurt. Count this NK in for Legends next summer! Brian
  11. You're a busy man, Patrick! Good job on the swap. I wish I was in a position to bring that number matching motor home but that's not in the cards at the moment. Enjoy the drive north and bask in the glory of all things Monterey. There are so many cars to see, it's almost overwhelming. Have fun! Brian
  12. What did I do this week? I drove the NK for the first time in a year! Our adventure in France was beyond fantastic but I did miss my cars. It's been busy getting back to reality but I did manage to find time to install Euro rear taillights. Brian
  13. Nice work. Put me down for a couple of the NK stickers. I also like the '02 sticker, especially with the model year. Brian
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