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  1. I'll say it again: I love this thread. Last Thursday night, I pulled the backseat and restuffed the bottom portion. It looks pretty much the same but my nine and ten-year-old daughters report a significant improvement. I cut a piece of one inch foam to fit and then put it between the vinyl and what's left of the horse hair pad. Having done it a couple of times previously, I managed to wrap it up in about 45 minutes - without any holes in my fingers from those dragons teeth that hold the fabric in place. Victory.
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  4. Ha ha! Those bottle caps had to go. I would love to go even wider with the steelies but I'm happy to have found this set of 5 1/2s. Brian
  5. Thanks Ed! Fortunately, I do have the velocity stacks. And yeah, I did find the boots online without too much trouble. I will definitely ask if I have issues when I get these on the car. It's actually going to be a little while because the family and I are heading out of the country for a year and I plan to get right to this immediately upon our return. Something to look forward to. Your engine is looking good. Those valves certainly benefited from your cleaning!
  6. Thanks for starting this Patrick. I'm looking forward to hearing what people are up to. As for me, I rounded up the carb setup that I have been longing for. They are freshly rebuilt. The airbox needs a little love but that's part of the fun.
  7. Ed, It is difficult to read the news of your father's passing. Like many, I have been enjoying following your restoration project and knowing that it was very much a father/son endeavor, made it even more special. My dad passed away almost six years ago and I miss him every day. The pain isn't as raw now but the void endures. I can say that the many memories you shared together will help you cope with the loss, today and tomorrow. My thoughts are with you. Brian
  8. Hi Ed, Just checking in on the progress after a several weeks away and wow, just wow! It's really coming along. You must feel great about the results after so much work. Keep the updates coming, they are inspiring and educational. Brian
  9. brbrian73

    WTB parts for 1967 1600

    I totally understand, no problem. Good luck in your search.
  10. brbrian73

    WTB parts for 1967 1600

    No problem at all. If you're interested in them for $75, including shipping, let me know and I'll make sure they go out by Thursday.
  11. brbrian73

    WTB parts for 1967 1600

    Here are a few pictures...
  12. brbrian73

    WTB parts for 1967 1600

    I have two wiper arms that I just removed from my '69 NK sedan. They are black and neither has a wind deflector, but they are in good shape and the splines are undamaged. They should fit your car. Let me know if you're interested and we can likely settle on a price.
  13. brbrian73

    14" NK Hub Caps

    I am parting with four 14" hub caps from my 1969 2000 NK. They are not perfect but in remarkably good condition. See pictures. The roundels could be replaced or you can roll with some patina. They are yours for $125 plus $25 shipping.
  14. brbrian73

    Bulbs for Euro Headlights

    Thanks for that. I'll get in touch with Daniel Stern Lighting and place an order. Brian