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  1. You and me both, Ed! I had to dash to the garage to ensure mine was still where I left it. Hopefully those bottle caps will be replaced by the next owner. The car has some needs but seems in reasonable shape. It would be great if the new owner participates here.
  2. This just popped up on Bring a Trailer this morning: https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1970-bmw-2000-neue-klasse/ Should be fun to watch! Brian
  3. I agree, Ed. The headers definitely look like Alpina's bundle (or basket or bag) of snakes!
  4. Three cheers for anything related to Hubert Hahne.
  5. Like some others here, I have E21 Recaros from Aardvarc Racing. I love them.
  6. Ah, so good to see pictures of the engine original to my NK! Good luck with the sale, Patrick. I hope the buyer stays in touch because I'd like to keep tabs on its whereabouts. Brian
  7. Alas, that picture was not of my car. It was just intended to show the tach that I'm after. I do have a tach in place now - an aftermarket VDO, but I didn't install it and unfortunately can't say what wiring was necessary. It lights up with the dash lights and functions properly but I'd really like a factory looking tach.
  8. I finally ordered a new steering wheel hub that should work with my Nardi. I've been dealing with a wobbly steering wheel for too long. It's on and secure, but it obviously should have any wiggle to it. Mitch and I almost worked out a trade for the tachs we need for our respective cars. It looks like the 6V unit I had will fit his car nicely (shipped it yesterday) but the 12V he had was larger than what I'm looking for. That leaves me still on the hunt for a 12V tach approximately 3" in diameter... By the way, it's great to see that '67 1800 looking so good and on the road!
  9. Looking good. I'm on the hunt for a 12v tach for my NK. I have a 6v unit that I would be happy to trade if you (or anyone else) has one. Brian
  10. I’m drooling here, clone or not. Enjoy that.
  11. The wheels look fantastic and someone is going to be lucky to get them. As for driving in the snow, sure, minus one point for subjecting such a beautiful car to the elements. But, add ten points for driving the thing as intended! Brian
  12. Ed, The Talbot mirror is a fitting cherry on top of the cake. And what a cake it is. Enjoy every single mile! Brian
  13. I find myself in need of a new center resonator, not for my '02, but for my NK sedan ('69 2000). This being the forum with more cars, owners, etc., I thought I'd ask for guidance here. For background, my M10 is stock but running a Weber downdraft carb. The plan is to move to a DCOE setup at some point and headers of one type or another. Hotter cam? Maybe. The muffler is OEM and relatively new but the resonator is failing and has to go. I was considering an Ansa "sport" resonator but am a little wary of introducing a droning sound. The other options would be the standard Ansa resonator or one that is OEM. I would actually like a little sportier sound from the back but definitely don't want to be turning heads while driving around town. I've read a fair amount online about the experience others have had but it's hard to find this exact scenario. Most results involve Ansa rear muffler and different combinations of resonators. Any advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks, Brian
  14. You can probably hear me cheering all the way over here in California!
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