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  1. I'm not trying to be difficult but the photos seem to indicate use. For example, the second picture of the stalk. The arrow appears fairly bright and white, while the wiper icon is quite dark. I know that my grimy hands can make the stalk icons look exactly this way over years of use. Plus, the wires and the back of the switch don't look new.
  2. Just to be clear, NOS means "New Old Stock" and this particular part appears to be used. It might be rare, fully functional, etc. but it really shouldn't be listed as NOS.
  3. brbrian73

    Any rally lights restorer out there?

    You might also want to contact Daniel Stern. When I purchased used Euro headlamps for my 2000, it was recommended that I get in touch with him regarding refinishing the reflectors. He sells bulbs, headlights, auxiliary lights and relays, and also provides advice. Unfortunately, I don't recall who he recommended to restore the reflectors and ultimately I didn't have it done. His contact info is below. Good luck. Brian Daniel Stern Lighting
  4. What carb did you go with, Chris?
  5. Nice work, Patrick! I'm glad you found those cracks and addressed them. It sure beats the other way of finding out they were compromised. Keep up the good work. Brian
  6. brbrian73

    NOS Old Type Trunk BMW Emblem 51141826893

    Searching Google with 18268932 as the part number comes with several hits on eBay UK, Ireland, France, Germany as well as some other sites. Those auction listings describe it as being 82mm and for E9, E10, E21 and E23. Brian
  7. brbrian73

    NK 2000 Wiring

    That's fantastic, Chris. Thanks for sharing! Brian
  8. brbrian73

    tii clock

    I am not a tii clock expert by any means but a quick web search seems to indicate that OEM tii dash clocks have "Kienzle" written below the center knob (in at least two different fonts that I found) and either "BMW" or "MotorMeter" above the center knob. For what it's worth, BMW0299's clock appears to be identical, face and rear, to the reproduction tii clocks on offer from Rogerstii. If that's the case, this clock would likely fit and function, but not be an OEM piece. Brian
  9. Done, done and done!
  10. brbrian73

    Looking to buy my 1st NK

    You might have seen the 1800 that is currently being auctioned on Bring a Trailer. I'm not suggesting that you pursue that particular car, but one of the commenters, drffishman, mentioned that he has a '68 2000 that he is looking to part with. It's an automatic and something of a project, but he says it runs well. He also says that he would like for it go to "someone who will love it." That could be you! If you're interested in getting in touch with him, you would have to add a comment to the auction and tag him with (@drffishman). Brian
  11. Ah Jim, I'm afraid you might be disappointed! The picture I used for reference was pulled from the web. My car is solid and has great promise, but lacks the Petri wheel and wood in top condition. Brian
  12. Aha! Thanks for solving the mystery, Chris. Brian
  13. Okay, silly question but what is this light/button? It seems to be on some NK 2000s and not on others. Thanks in advance! Brian
  14. Good for you! Since when were rational decisions always the best ones? I doubt very much that you'll look back at this project and regret it. The look on your son's face says it all. Keep us updated. Brian