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  1. Name: Asim Ahmad Category: BMW '02s Date Added: 2020-05-03 Submitter: Asim Ahmad Asim Ahmad
  2. My ti with Weber 40DCOEs Sent from my ONEPLUS A5010 using Tapatalk
  3. Hi all, Ref: 1970 BMW 2002 ti I need advice on replacement of the two universal joints on the drive shaft. Apparently, the early ones don't have circlips/snap rings. The U joint has sealed/punched plates. After taking the old ones out, will the snap rings (came with new ones) fit in? Is there a groove for them? Thanks
  4. Hi

    Nice car.  I have a 1970 2002 ti May I know how have to managed to coonect the original ti air cleaner to the Webers?  



    1. Oldtimerfahrer



      I used rubber pipe connectors (adapter) that are meant to be fit between different size plastic pipes used for water disposal pipes. It a black ring that slides onto the trumpet when not mounted to the carb and slides to the horn end. Then you put the horn back on.The outer diameter of the rubber piece is the same size as the stock rubber elbow that goes to the airbox. You can't even see it from outside. I can probably find a picture of one if you don't understand what I mean. Note, I used slanted trumpets and don't use very long trumpets or they will hit the airbox.


  5. Volvo p1800 Sent from my A0001 using Tapatalk
  6. Hi, I also need two splined sleeves (for 1970 2002ti). Can anyone help? Regards, Asim
  7. Thanks for the info. To my understanding, Porsche type synchros cannot be replaced with Borg Warner synchros. The best solution is to convert to Getrag 245 %-speed unit, but it requires certain modifications like shortening the drive shaft etc. It is interesting to know that a 2002 ti was in Jamaica. I visited Jamaica in 2006 to attend a Commonwealth Training Program, stayed there for 40 days. Fantastic place. Visited almost every major town except Negril (famous for sunsets).
  8. Well, I hammered the output shaft (carefully but firmly). Try to heat the casing/bearing area with electric heater. Aluminium and steel expand at different temperatures. The bearing will come out easily.
  9. Ref: 1970 BMW 2002ti VIN 1690945 4Speed Manual I have taken apart the Getrag 232 transmission because it jumped out of 2nd/3rd gear upon hard acceleration (initially) and later it became hard to shift into 2nd and 3rd gears. I could not find anything wrong with the gear shift linkage. However, the main shaft gears are slightly out of alignment with those on the layshaft (see pic). Also, the gap between 2nd and 3rd gears on the main shaft is a bit more than that of the corresponding gears on the layshaft. Is this normal? There isn't any play/endfloat Can anyone please suggest how to correct this gap/mesh alignment? Thanks, Asim Ahmad
  10. Asim Ahmad

    Asim Ahmad

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