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  1. Barrosco


  2. Alex here (MX339 on R3v). It would definitely be wise of you to take what these guys tell you here to heart. I'm pretty sure Marshall and Toby have been around the track for longer than I've been alive. That cage definitely needs to go, and I don't think I've ever seen a seat that has no head support before! Something that hasn't yet been recommended is a HALO seat. I'd highly recommend one, especially for W2W. I've already seen a few big crashes in my short time in SE30 and some guys have been very fortunate to have a HALO. On the topic of driving, taking the E30 out first is definitely the way to go. You're going to need quite a lot of seat time before you actually go racing, and it's always best to make sure you get the time you paid for by driving something reliable that you're not consistently trying to develop and work on. You also learn a lot more on street tires than R-Comps or slicks. If you can consistently use a street tire to it's optimum, then you'll be a lot faster on stickier stuff. Oh yea, and I highly recommend the engine that Jeff is offering. I was actually chatting with him last night, and you'd have a hard time building an M10 like that for what he's asking. Let alone have someone who knows these engines build it for you.
  3. I'm unsure if I'm going to bother bringing the '02 as it's not particularly pleasant to look at, not drive on the highway. Granted my E30 isn't THAT much better looking either. Anyone have any input? Would the '02 be more appropriate?
  4. That's what the seller says. Apparently they're modified Turbo Flares, but they have the little flange on them so they must be IE Turbo Flares. They look surprisingly good, and I think if they were actual BMW flares they'd look even better.
  5. Yep, #16 is what I meant. I think he usually runs #6 as you can see in Ed's picture, but that 356 must have already had the number. To be fair, all the little 2002's probably weight well under 2500 pounds, as a matter of fact, I know Chuck's is quite a bit under 2000. They make us run at 2700 pounds in the E30's so that's probably where a lot of the time is. Please do post some of your pictures, David. Like I said, I missed out on a lot of the racing so I'd love to see them.
  6. Like Russ said, the Maroon #02 is Chuck Reynolds car, and boy is it fast. I talked to him on Thursday, but I guess it broke and I didn't get to see him again. Kind of a shame, since the only other relatively quick '02 out there was the #6 car which I think ran in the 1:43's at times. I know Chuck and his car are capable of 1:41's which is super quick for an '02 considering I run 1:45's in a Spec E30 and the super fast guys run 1:43's. I saw your car driving around the paddock on Thursday or Friday, Simon, but I never got to check it out or come say hi. I ended up being really busy working with the team that was running the old Grand Am RX-8 and the 3-Rotor Camel Lights prototype, so I missed most of the racing.
  7. I've been looking into it and mulling it over. I was able to find the training manual on the N20 and the only thing I've found so far that may be a bit difficult to control on standalone would be the electronically controlled variable oil pressure valve. It's not completely vital as the valve does have an emergency relief built in that will just allow the engine to use full pressure at all times. There may be a few other issues, but today's aftermarket ECU's are extremely capable. I'll continue my research and report back if I find anything else of use.
  8. I know that's what I did for the feed, Peter. I'm pretty sure I've got a soft line running alongside the hard line for the return. I'll probably bend up a hard line for the return at some point if that's the case.
  9. I found this interesting little car on Schnitzer's Facebook page. I've never seen one quite like it with the boxflares that have cutouts. I'm wondering if this was Schnitzer's try at rear mounted cooling in Group 2 in response to what Alpina was doing with your car, Mark (if it even is a Gr. 2 car). I suppose it could be an early iteration of their Gr. 5 car too, especially since I don't believe I've ever seen any Gr. 2 car with centerlocks. Any thoughts, Mark?
  10. I've got a friend running a G250 with his M42 swap track car (which I have not seen in person). He came up with his own setup that pushed the engine way further back than Jake's kit, which brought about some issues. The main issue with the G250 is the bellhousing. As you've seen in Jake's kit, you have to grind the rib off of the bottom of the G240. Well, from the looks of it, the G250 may not allow for as much clearance. I know my buddy ended up chopping out a lot of the underside of the bellhousing, but like I said, his engine is much further back and I believe his centerlink is probably closer to the mounting flange of the bellhousing. You can tell in Toby's picture that there is a step in the bellhousing that may provide enough clearance. I don't recall if my friend had said whether or not he had issues with fitting it in the tunnel itself either. Suffice to say it may be possible, but you won't know for sure unless you try. I know I'd like to get one in my car sooner or later.
  11. Do you still happen to have these? Edit: Just realized there's a phone number. Nevermind.
  12. Well, the G240 is a weaker box, so I don't think it's done very often since the 260 is perfectly suited for the M20. Not many people have a reason to use the smaller box. That being said, I believe the stack height of the flywheel and clutch components needs to be the same as it would for an M42 with a G240. I don't see a reason why being mated to an M20 would change anything. Unless the mounting flange on the crank is a different depth than that of the M42. I would suggest you measure that and make sure there aren't any issues. If they do turn out to be the same, then the M20 flywheel swap setup would work just fine. You can go either route, but it either has to be the flywheel spacer with the rest of the stock M20 components or a 323 TOB without the spacer.
  13. Here's a definitive thread on the G240 with an M20 flywheel: http://www.r3vlimited.com/board/showthread.php?t=269072 The best way to go at it seems to be an M20 flywheel with the little M42 spacer, and standard M20 parts from there back.
  14. No, no, no, Toby. That's an absolutely ridiculous suggestion. First off, what you're suggesting is blasphemy on account of even considering installing something produced by anything but the finest of German engineers. Secondly, if you're going that far, why not spring for the dual stage supercharger and water injection to get that high altitude performance? This is what I propose:
  15. Yikes, usually when things start to let go like that they really tend to make themselves known. Awfully strange that wasn't making any noise. Have you gotten the trailing arm adjusters tacked in yet, Marshall? I helped a Spec-E30 friend re-install the trailing arms on his subframe while it was out of the car and even then we had a hell of a time getting them back into the subframe. I'm assuming that it was a problem with his measuring and or welding, but it still makes me a bit weary to put them in any of my cars if they're going to be that big of a pain to initially install, let alone adjusting them. Ray, has your shock been relocated? I've never seen a rear Massive kit like that, and I quite like it.... Is that rotor the same size as Marshall's?
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