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    Possible New BMW 2002 Owner

    Well, I sold the truck. Sadly, because of my dad paying 200 dollars for brakes and taxes, I only made 650 from the 800. Car funds started! Its been disappearing and reappearing from their shop. Not sure whats going on, havnt seen it for a while though. If any ones sellin' a BMW cheap, I might buy it!
  2. hackrtanman

    Possible New BMW 2002 Owner

    That's what our trailer's for! Yeah, and sorry about the pictures. I forgot that it was labor day, and I am now back in school, but will try to get pictures when I can.
  3. hackrtanman

    Possible New BMW 2002 Owner

    And I doubt you would what to spend 20 dollars just to get over here, ferries are too damn expensive. And considering it has been sitting for 30 years, it's all up in the air whether the odometer has rolled or not. Edit: I will try and get pictures hopefully sometime either Sunday or Monday- selling my truck to even get the money to get the bimmer is my first priority.
  4. hackrtanman

    Possible New BMW 2002 Owner

    Yeah, I do have a lot of mechanics nearby, and there are a few 2002 owners on the island. Also, the guy who owns it does a ton for work on any type of car, European, Japanese, American, and he is highly knowledgeable.
  5. Hey, I live in the Puget Sound area, just going to be getting my drivers license soon, and I recently came upon a truck. Now before you say this is a BMW 2002 forum, I got it for free, and I am going to make a profit, hopefully about a grand of profit. Anyways, a few miles away from my home there is a mechanic, and about a month ago he pulled a '02 from a barn, then tried selling it on Craigslist. He said he had people all over the country thinking about it, but turned them down because it has a frozen engine, and would budge. I think he might of fixed that, cause its out on his yard now. Anyways, I think I might offer 750 if I get 1000 for the truck, as it needs quite a bit of work. New seats, fix the engine, New paint, some patchwork, etc. If I can remember right, I think he said it has around 60k miles on it, which seems quite low to me. Again, if I can remember right, I saw a 5 speed Manual shifter, but I don't think so, and if it was it is either a rare factory swap, or a 30 year old swap, as it has been in that barn for 30 years. Oh, I also failed to mention that it is a 1969, white. Any quick tips? I have read buyers guides here, so I know where to look for rust, and all of those sorts. Oh, and by the way, for those who are interested, its "stablemate" as he put it, was a Challenger RT, not sure what year, but sold in the hundred K's.