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  1. Car has a snorkle. I don't see a clock. I didn't decode the VIN, so is it a tii or a 2002 with a tii motor?
  2. Interested in the seats and gearbox. Let me know how you are pricing these items. Thanks.
  3. #1 Price $1800 1975 78xxx State: Wi Model year: 1973 2002 Malaga manual Completely stock tool kit yes paperwork receipts: 3 interior quality: 9 exterior quality: 7 mechanical quality: 10 Probably not on the road #2 Price $3000 1996 miles 130,000 State: NY Model year: 1968 1600 Manila manual Completely stock tool kit yes paperwork receipts: 3 interior quality: 9 exterior quality: 7 mechanical quality: 10 Still on the road here in Virginia -- now has an Alpina A4 motor and a dog leg five speed in it. #3 Price $1200 1999 miles unknown State: TN Model year: 1972 2002tii Riviera manual ITA car -- locked 4:10 worked motor, roll cage, Weber tool kit no paperwork receipts: 2 interior quality: 7 exterior quality: 7 mechanical quality: 10 Still on the road at John's house #4 *Purchase price (in USD please)= $8000 *Purchase date= 12/4/2012 *Mileage= 99,580 *currently 101,765 *State of purchase= RI *Model year= 1971 *2002 or 2002tii= 2002 All numbers match *Color= Riviera *Auto or manual= 4 speed *Factory options= tinted windows, adjustable seats, and some other crap *Any aftermarket accessories that came with the car (including but not limited to wheels, suspension, exhaust, seats, stereo, mirrors, pedals, steering wheel, etc.)= stainless header, Alpina style wheels, Weber 32//36. *Did the vehicle come with tool kit= no *Your assessment of the vehicle history in terms of paperwork/receipts (1-10, 10 being highest)= 10 Original window sticker, books, and keys. $40,000+ in restoration receipts. *Your assessment of the interior quality (1-10, 10 being highest)= 8.5 new door panels, carpet Dynamat, very clean. original headliner, instruments, cracked dash. Everything works. *Your assessment of the exterior quality (1-10, 10 being highest)= 8 in spite of the money spent on the car it has a few issues. Paint is good rustproofed. One small rust spot on the driver's frame rail. *Your assessment of the mechanical condition of the vehicle (1-10, 10 being highest)= 8 the rebuild was done well but not by a BMW aficionado. Bilsteins going in soon once I decide about springs. I picked up a 4:11 LSD rear end and starting Momma Don't Know fund for pistons, head work, dual Webers and a five speed. I'll drive it until it starts to smoke---it may be a while, it runs well.
  4. Alpina style 6J X 15 ET 12 wheels. Wheels are perfect -- no cracks or curb rash. Yokohama S Drive 195 55 R 15 S Drive mounted and balanced with Complete set with BMW center caps. Tires have less than 2000 miles. One tire has groove from fender rub (shown). Will ship if necessary. $600 plus freight. Location: Virginia Beach VA
  5. I'm looking for the bracket and nut that hold down the spare tire in the well for my 1971 2002.
  6. Does it ride high? I suppose it must. The rear tires rub on bumps all the time. It sounds like box wrenches clanging around when I hit a bump. And the fronts rub when the wheels turned to full lock. Lemme see if I can take more pics.
  7. I am upgrading my suspension trying to determine my best options. I purchased the car last December with what I believe to be a mostly stock suspension. The sway bars are 16mm, the front struts are marked 1-0211-27-314-0 Boge. The shocks are Monroe. Not sure about the springs. The wheels are 6J X 15 ET 12 turbine. So far I've ordered Bilstein HD and I know I will replace the wheels. I'll get some sway bars too. I'd like to go with 13" but I know tire availability can be a problem. I am after a stock look (I'd go with steel wheels as long as they weren't heavier than an engine block) and I like th Panasports. I'd like to have aggressive street ride that won't beat me to death. So looking at my car pictured below can anyone identify what I have and/or make suggestions?
  8. wareal

    found in car

    hinge key and owner's manual
  9. Found this in the glove box when I bought the car. The weird part: the seller didn't know the car had a trunk key!
  10. I purchased my first 2002 (1973) in 1975 at the age of 23. I've owned at least 1/2 of a 2002 ever since. I've owned 7 BMW's in my lifetime. My favorite was probably the ///M3 I bought new in January 1995.
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