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  1. Exactly!  Good question.

    Yellow = L shaft.  I wrote a big note on the garage wall:  "The double bumps on both shafts are the ends toward the wheels."

    Thanks for the compliments.

    You going to do yours?


  2. Hi.

    I can do $60 for all reflector parts.

                  $25 for charcoal cannister

                  $25 for heat shield.

    Plus shipping. 

    Let me know.





  3. "..Well, uh, duh puhl or duh pond, whishever..." Carl Spackler Ha, ha, ha.. Thanks for the laugh mintgrun!!!
  4. Thanks for sending all of the parts I asked for! He has a lot of cars to deal with, but sent my stuff very quickly.
  5. Try this article, I think he gave a good description and the covers turned out great. This Project is Giving me Wrinkles Follow 3 Entry posted by MildSeven · April 5, 2016 843 views I found his post by typing "Wrinkle paint" in the search box. A bunch of references came up, but I did not have time to review the others... Good luck!
  6. The valve cover painting showed a nice progression! Your attention to detail is great. Would you be willing to tell us the type of paint, i.e., special for the heat generated, color name..., your technique for painting the letters, BMW emblem.. I really like that grey color. Thanks
  7. Hey Driv3r, Was wondering, did you ever measure the size of your finished spring? I bought some Hitch Pin Clips and Safety pin fasteners to try and mimic what you did, but I have no idea of the size. I have attached photos of the spring in question, that I found on the web. What do you think is the width and height measurement. To be sure, any help that you may lend, will be given proper credit! thanks!
  8. Resurrecting a post, for "corrections", from almost FOUR YEARS AGO!!! This is what makes this site great. Ha, ha, ha
  9. Please add my name to the list too. Thanks!
  10. This is exactly why I have always admired this site and this group!
  11. Folks, we have a winner! Nomad wins the creativity award. Thanks for making my evening!
  12. OMG, Jiffy Pop was AWESOME!!! Just the right amount of salty popcorn goodness and you had to keep moving the "pan"!! Who here went after the left-over salt and oily concoction at the bottom of the pan/tin when eating the last kernels???
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