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  1. bublinki

    More 02 goodness in the bins.

    Hey Paul, i know you didn't ask me, but I found my bra(gee, that sounds funny..) when I was going through boxes trying to assess what to begin with on bringing my Mint Grun back to life. The blue color in the embroidered roundel faded to a kind of purple. The bra seems to be of very good quality, but I do not remember seeing a tag on it to indicate who made it. As an aside, how to you keep the sunroof rail covers(?) so shiny? I had mine buffed by a shop a couple of years ago and it did not take long before they were corroded aluminum again. Of course, i did not wax them or do anything else after they were buffed, but I had the sunroof closed most of the time. Thanks, Phlip
  2. bublinki

    Another nice '76 on eBay

    It always seems kind of strange/questionable to me when a few photos of the engine compartment are not included. Those would go a long way in helping to sell the car. Nice to see there isn't a bunch of oil/dirt/etc trailing down the driveshaft like mine!
  3. Wow, you are my organized! I have never seen the foam pads you have, but then again, I'm pretty sure my "newer" '76 never had them. That, from all the diagrams for my car that I have reviewed. Good luck with the car. Post photos when you get a chance...if you haven't already. Phil
  4. bublinki

    Rebuilt Manual Pedal Boxes

    Wow, those are beautiful! Nice work.
  5. bublinki

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    Ha, ha, ha... Too funny. I put the kids to bed and was out in the garage trying to figure out why my oil filler cap was leaking oil over my newly painted valve cover and noticed my Weber carburetor air filter looked very oily... Of course, the oil filler cap gasket had a lot of oil on it and I just had to remove it to dry it out and try to create a second gasket from a "to go" container, as listed on this site to "tighten things up"... then as I was drying it out it fell into the engine compartment..., ha, ha, ha... this sucks!! Couldn't find it for about an hour... it f-ing rolled away from the engine compartment area to midway, just below the drive shaft. WTF??? Damn, it was a can of worms!!! Bolt missing from the transmission, brake fluid leak from the clutch pedal WITHIN the f-ing pedal box(as seen from through the carpet hole/opening)...oil everywhere over the bottom of the engine...OH, gee, to get to the pedal box from the interior, the carpet has to be somehow removed(Thanks BMW2002faq!!!) Gee, I hate AND love these cars!
  6. bublinki

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    Wow, Bibm5, that is simply a work of art! Way to go, thinking outside of the box! It truly is a gift...
  7. bublinki

    Before I take this door off...

    Sounds like a job(advice from) for the "Master Tinkerer". I am sure he will chime in soon...
  8. bublinki

    Rebuilt CV Joints (Thanks!)

    Hey Larry, Okay, silly question, maybe. Why were the yellow zip ties placed in their specific locations? To keep the output shaft pointing in the right direction, so you could tell if that specific end connected to the diff or the wheel side? Great photos and fantastic result, congratulation! Regards, Philip
  9. bublinki

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    That's awesome! Imagine some guy breaking into it to steal carpentry tools, etc and finding an '02? Oh, and I have attempted the paint thing.... it's a whole lotta prep work!!! Good idea to pass it on...
  10. bublinki

    Emission parts

    PM sent
  11. Meanwhile, the '76 owners with(or, w/o, for that matter) a sunroof are drooling at the prospect of original parts! Should it end of that way!
  12. bublinki

    76 wiring diagram key

    Nice job 323iJOE!! Thank you so much for taking the time to do that and making it available for all of us.
  13. bublinki

    76 wiring diagram key

    Just checking to see how things are progressing. I have a '76 and would love to see a color diagram.
  14. Sorry for your loss. That is just sad...