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  1. No telling. I was doing my daily auction search (I am a broker) and it caught my eye.. Could have been in a will, or rather no will. BUT! If anyone does look at it and does buy it, please let me know. With an auction like this, most people are there for the 2-4,000$ mini vans, etc. HOPEFULLY they will not know what it is worth
  2. http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:BPAEPqU0ZUAJ:https://www.manheim.com/publicauctions/vehicleDetail.do%3FauctionID%3DKEYA%26saleDate%3D20130211%26saleYear%3D2013%26saleNumber%3D6%26sortKey%3D7%26sortDirection%3Dasc%26consignor%3DCWPA%26index%3D130+00000000001660482&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us&client=safari I would usually have kept this secret, but I found out I have to be in the state of PA to buy it. Looks like a really nice car. Click the orange "CR" for better pictures. If anyone gets it, message me what you paid, interested to see what it goes for.
  3. Dang. Too bad this one wasn't on the market when I was shopping. Like the older models. It is never too late
  4. Bump! Going to ebay. Videos available. Will continue to be weekend driven!
  5. Based on what I can see it doesnt look like I can do it without removing anything....maybe I am wrong...
  6. 1971 BMW 2002. Starter was getting very tired lately. Very slow to turn over, sometimes it wouldnt. And now it wont turn the car over at all, no clicking or anything, just nothing . Battery doesnt seem to be the problem. I have a new starter. Should I go ahead and install it, or look elsewhere? Also, anything to know before doing the install? Is it a straightforward install? Looks like I just remove manifold and carb. Bolt it in, and its ready to go Any tips/tricks or advice? Anything else I need?
  7. Well just as I get time to drive the car, I have lost my only set of keys. What are my options? Can BMW make me one with my VIN?
  8. Need a starter for my 1971 BMW 2002. Mine is growing a bit weak, time to replace! Email me what you got on here 1
  9. Allan you may want to change title, and description that they are for a 2002TII
  10. Haha believe me I have been going back and forth. I think I am going to list it on here eventually. It is too nice to daily drive, I honestly feel bad.
  11. My odometer has stopped working on my 1971. Anything to check to get it functioning again? It is a true 98,000 mile car and has stopped last week at 98,281...Kind of a bummer.
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