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  1. I had power at the relay, but problems with the ground. I cleaned all points of contact on the relay with a wire brush and emery cloth which remedied that problem. They relay clicks when I toggle the fog lights, with the headlight switch disengaged or with the parking lights running. But once the head lights are engaged, I no longer hear the relay (not sure how relevant that is). I have voltage at all fuses, including #9. I did not pull the dash to check the switch. How likely of a culprit is that given that it actuates the fog light relay? I noticed that John76 recommended wiring the relay differently, which I may try. I saw another wiring guide was posted, which I have not read yet. I'd really like to understand this problem if possible before moving onto a different solution.
  2. Looking for driver's side trunk lever (piece that attaches to torsion spring).
  3. This is/was a really informative write up on wiring fog lights properly. Funky’s relay diagram was especially helpful. Thank you. But I’ve still got a problem with the fog light setup in my ‘76 and I’m hoping some more of that knowledge can be shared. My car was a barn find. I’m the second owner. I know nothing about the history other than what can be observed. I noticed upon removing the grille that Bosch square fog lights have been installed. Not sure if this was done by the dealership or in the aftermarket, but they are not working. So, I do the following: Read forum Visual inspection - find nothing obviously wrong Replace bulb - no change Repace all fuses in fuse box - no change, but needed to be done anyway Inspect wiring and relay connection points - no change Read forum... My fogs are wired to a relay. The relay is wired directly to the battery. That wire has an in-line fuse. The ground runs from the relay to the bolt securing the relay on the fender wall. The last wire runs from the relay to the switch in the dash. My dash however, has a toggle switch, not the push-pull defroster style commonly recommended. It also seems to have another wire running from the switch to the fuse box. What am I missing? Bad relay? Bad in-line fuse? Dummy switch masquerading as the real thing? Wiring completely wrong? Comments and ideas appreciated.
  4. Anybody give me an idea of the longevity of the horsehair seat cushions? Have a '76 with originals and there's nothing left. Looking for a good replacement. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Any left? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Hey Scoop, welcome to Tampa. Nice 02! I've got a '76 (my first) I rescued out of a barn in West Virginia that hasn't seen the road in nearly 30 years. I'm working on it a little here and there, but I'm a noob. It'll be roadworthy some day. Until then, it's just a dream. I'll keep my eyes out for ya!

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