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  1. Got her all cleaned up and ready to go to the PVGP tomorrow!! Hope to see some of you there!
  2. Hi Brandon, Looking for the rectangular front and rear sidemarkers. The fronts are amber and the rears are red. Thanks
  3. Nice Paul! I knew you weren't coming back without it!
  4. I'm gonna wait for a couple of good rains to wash the salt off the roads. Looks like it may happen this week. Yay spring!
  5. This is exactly what I did on my 02. Worked perfectly.
  6. Webber 38 install Tuck the bumpers a la CATuned If I have time before driving season gets here, I'll install a new carpet set.
  7. That plug looks like the one for the flasher relay which would be one reason they're not working. Search "electronic relay upgrade" and get it. Or try to find a good used one. New ones are like $270 right now.
  8. AVG, you were 100% right. Loose purple/white wire at the fuse box. I'm gonna go punch myself in the face.
  9. Turns out I do not have power at the back up light bulb or the flasher bulb. Not sure why I said that in the earlier post. Let me give a little background here. I've been dealing with this issue for 2 years. I did a 5 speed swap last year, I had these symptoms previous to the swap. Sometimes everything will work as it should, and other times everything is dead. The back up light switch is new (and the correct one) and the wires are clean and tight to the connection. I replaced the turn signal switch with a new one from blunt. The hazard switch is new and has the correct pin out for my car. I have 2 stock and working flasher relays, and I also have the electronic relay that people have been using (the symptoms are the same regardless of what relay is in use). I took the ignition switch out and cleaned it, no change. All grounds for the circuit are spotless and tight. All wires leading to fuse #6 are intact, spotless, and tight. With the ignition on I have 11.8 V at the fuse. I took out the rear bulb trays cleaned and sanded the bulb contacts. bulbs are new and fit fairly tight in the sockets. What's really got me confused is when I turn on the hazard lights, all signals flash like they are supposed to. Where does the turn signal switch get it's power? As I understand it, the TS switch completes the circuit when engaged, so does the power come from the ignition switch? The only places this circuit comes together is the bulb trays and the fuse according to the wiring diagram.
  10. Yep, all grounds are clean and tight.
  11. Yes, I've checked the circuit with every electrical test I know to perform. Everything has power, everything has continuity.
  12. Car is a 75 12 fuse car. According to the sticker under the hood, this location has the flasher system, the radio, the horn, and the back up lights. Why would everything on the fuse be working except the flashers and back up lights?
  13. That Ceylon looks great. I've never seen that color in person. More pics of both please!
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