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  1. Thanks for your input guys, I'll get stuck in this weekend and try to sort things out.
  2. I have two intermittent problems which may or may not be connected. I'm hoping someone here can help. Occasionally, after a few hours cruising, the alternator charge warning lamp starts to glow dimly. Sometimes a quick squirt of revs cures it, other times it just goes out and stays out on its own. I did the V/R test, which was inconclusive, so fitted a new one anyway. All was fine for a thousand miles or so, then the same symptoms re-appeared. I've checked the wiring to the alternator plug and it's all fine. The second problem is that the indicator warning light on the dash is also intermittent. I've seen Mike Self's article on refreshing the flasher unit, but have yet to try this. My question really is could there be another common fault which might be causing both problems ? All suggestions gratefully received.
  3. Hi guys, don't know about beauty shot, but here's a photo of me and the wife taken during the Grand Prix de Tours in France last year. The car's a single carb 2002 with lowered and stiffened suspension. The wheels are 14" Alpinas and I've upgraded the front brakes to Volvo calipers and vented discs. She has leather E24 Recaros up front and I have a pair of 40DCOEs waiting to go on. Nothing too fancy but I love her !
  4. Yeah Steve, I reckon it's had quite a life ! Thank you all for the heads up on my problem. I'll just block the vent and carry on regardless.
  5. Just to confuse the issue, the vin is 4-271-008, which my book says is a '75 year, RHD Auto. ( I'm in the UK ).
  6. HI, I'm in the process of building up a 2002 engine, using my existing head and single carb, but onto another bottom end. This new (used) block, which I think is from a tii, has a crankcase breather just above the dip-stick hole, which is not on my old block. Does anyone know if it's OK to just block this off, or should I connect it to somewhere ? All suggestions gratefully received............
  7. I've seen this pictures many times on here and it shows the tensioner dismantled, but doesn't mention how....
  8. Hi, I've been searching the forum for how to service my timing chain tensioner. There's lots of stuff about fitting and bleeding, and measuring the correct length, but how does it come apart ? Mine measures way shorter than spec, though the spring is fine. After a good soaking, I can hear the ball rattling, but I can't budge the front end from the main body. Any ideas ? Thanks guys.
  9. Thanks for the tips Mike. It is the original 1 bbl Solex.
  10. Hi, My '02's mechanical fuel pump works fine, but after a long lay-up, it takes forever to fill the float chamber. Could I install an electric pump to simply prime the system before I crank it over? I'm concerned that the mech. pump won't be able to pull through the electric one. Does anybody have experience of this? Cheers !
  11. Thanks for the info. New studs now on order. I know what I typed though. My thought was to screw the old stud in from the rear until the knurled section reached the hub , then press in from there.
  12. Hi, I've been searching the forums in vain for the answer to my question. (I'm a newby here so have pity..! ) I'm sure it's easy, but can anyone please tell me what wheel studs I should use in the e21 hubs I'm about to fit to my '02. They obviously have threaded holes, but is it OK to press out the old knurled studs from my existing hubs, and press them into the new ones, or should I get new threaded ones. If that's the case, which ones should I use and where can I find them ? Thanks.
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