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  1. Forgive me if this is a repost. If not, you'll likely cry.
  2. I'm not entirely sure, I have 25 offset and get more rubbing than I like, eating paint on rolled fenders. http://www.bmw2002faq.com/topic/141155-what-is-the-best-solution-for-some-more-clearance-on-front-wheels/page-2
  3. show me my posts

  4. I was zipping along last night on a small highway when either a raccoon or cat RAN out in front of me. When I got to my destination to assess the damage, this is what I came across: Direct hit right in the middle of my fibreglass dam. My question to the 02 community is what do you think I should do? Repair this or simply get a new one? When I bought this glass one, it didn't fit the car properly and we had to cut out around two inches in the middle so I don't want to go through that again. I've read that the original dams were a molded plastic, not glass. So, who makes the best airdam? Is this one good as far as durability and almost more importantly fit and finish? http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-BMW-2002-Front-Air-Dam-Spoiler-Polyethylene-/251201866210#vi-content thanks in advance
  5. can anyone decipher this info and tell me the offset? here is a link to a much larger image: http://dunesman.com/photo/gallery/IMG_1FF96137-6396-4A2F-AB31-BECF8F90AEEE_orig.jpg
  6. Tjones, Tell me if I'm wrong. If I'm rubbing on the fender and I have a 3/8" gap between the back side of the rim and the strut, I have less that 3/8" to deal with the offset, weather I get different rims or cut these down. By looking at it, there appears to be LOTS of meat to nibble down on the hub. Lots. Thanks for the info of where to find the offset, I'll check and report back sometime this weekend. Cheers
  7. Thanks guys. I honestly don't know what the offset of the rims are... I do know that under aggressive driving, I'm rubbing on the tire 195/50/15 which has a width of 7.2 and an O.D. of 22.8. I also know that there is MAYBE a 3/8" gap between the tire and the strut. So am I wrong in thinking that the offset isn't going to do a whole bunch? The hubs on these have tons of meat so I'm thinking is would be safe to mill .250" off the hub to get it closer to the strut and further away from the fender. tjones, there is a pretty big discrepancy in sizes between those two tires 205/60r13 width is 6.9" and OD is 22.7 205/50r15 width is 7.9 and OD is 23 As far as just accepting the rub, nope, not gonna do it, lol. Rubbing is BAD IMO...
  8. I'm going to go with some adjustable coil overs from IE. I already have the camber plates but they aren't enough. Cool bike! It's a two stroke, it's not a DT, a TS?
  9. Thanks for your feedback guys. RoadHog, aren't you rubbing paint off? My paint rubbed right off. I'm concerned about it cutting through the tire and pop. Plus, it's just not good. I think I'm going to get some coil overs. The fenders are rolled already. I don't want to "pull" them or put flares on. Thanks again guys!
  10. Current toys 1961 T Bird Converitble, slightly hopped up, A.C. disc brakes, c6 trans, great looker and driver 1968 Mercedes 280se, great, very clean original car that runs and drives perfectly 1971 2002 2012 Callaway c19 truck, 540hp grocery getter 1976 Donzi 2+3 w 500+hp SBC / TRS drive 75mph 1967 Triumph t100c 1971 CB 125 tied to a Phillipeno Taxi cab 2001 XR680r in SuperMoto Trim Two 1988 DT 50's 2012 KTM 300xc
  11. maybe I'm about to answer my own question but Yokohama S Drive comes in a 195/45 which would give me a 21.8 O.D. and a 7" width. Hmmmm
  12. Hey guys, I need some help on deciding what option is BEST for me and my car. I have some 15" BBS wheels with Toyo Proxes 4's with a an aspect ratio of 195/50/15 I was looking at options on the Toyo site for other tires that might be slightly smaller, no luck. The O.D. of my tires is 22.8 with a width of 7.8. If I move to a 185/55r I go to 23" O.D. with a width of 7.6. Maybe there is another tire out there? Basically when I drive hard, brake hard and turn, the tire rubs the fender. The fenders have been rolled already and there really isn't anymore I can get by doing that. One thing I was looking at was the clearance between the inner tire / wheel and the strut. There is about 3/8" gap there so I was considering milling 1/4" off the hub of the front wheels. Can you guys please take a look and see what you think? I don't think I want to toe them in any more, they're about perfect as is but that went through my head as well. Thanks in advance! Geoff here you can see where the fender is burning / cutting a line
  13. Huh? So you brought the car to a mechanic and he moved on you? Give me his name, I'll track him down for ya... I have ways. I ran a VIN search and came up empty but that doesn't surprise me due to the cars age.
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