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  1. Hi all, we were just finishing up rebuilding our 69 BMW 2002 and are about to install 245 Getrag transmission in it when we noted that on the seal retainer one of the bolts is a short one. Well when I referenced the FAQ site it said the short bolt goes in the One O'clock position.We put it in there then noticed is that 1 O'Clock looking at the Bell housing end or 1 O'clock looking at the drive shaft coupling end. We would really appreciate your help on this so we can get into reverse. Richard
  2. hey were you at the Severn Pacific Northwest historics on the Fourth of July weekend running the number 34 Hyde park 2002?

    1. NeueKlasseGuy


      Yes, that was me.

    2. Larboard


      oh okay awesome I was just wondering that your cars are fantastic it was great to see them on the racetrack I got lots of photos

  3. All, I was curious on your 5th gear upgrades. Did you cut out your gear shift hole and move it back; or shorten your shift plate? which would be better? I am well equipped for the welding, but figured all of you have gone through the conversion process and know better. Thanks. Richard
  4. Hi all, I would like to find a 425 Getrag 5 speed transmisson in the Washington State area. I would like to install it in my 1969 2002. I'll come and get it. Thank you. Richard White Location: Seattle, WA
  5. Our 2002 is a 1969 build. We had the same problem. In your trunk there are about four ground wires (Brown) that are screwed into the center channel between your fuel tank and spare tire well. Get the course sand paper out and sand it down to bare metal and clean all the wire contacts. Before you put them back, use some dielectric grease on the bare metal to keep them from corroding. Good luck.
  6. Thanks Mike, that's exactly the problem, the PO put a rubber tube with an unsealed screw in the end on the bottom of the carb and was sucking air. Fixed it and it roared to life, but now the fuel filter is clogged with rust particles. I'll have to find a place in the Seattle area that refinishes gas tanks. Appreciate the help. Richard
  7. The other comments are correct, remove the center bearing and it should slide right off. We just replaced the Guibo and center bearing on our 69 2002 and if you are doing the same; before you disconnect the shaft to replace the center bearing, make sure you mark the two shafts so it goes back together exactly as before. As per the Guibo, use new bolts and nuts and install the Guibo on the tranny first with the cross member support bar removed and your tranny supported, then work backwards to the differential. We learned the hard way.
  8. I have a 1969 2002 with a manual choke. We found it in a barn in Everett WA and it has been siting there for fifteen years. We rebuilt the subframes, brakes, replaced all the bushings and now are working on getting it tuned. It has the single barrel Solex carb (36 I think?). I have new gas, filters, plugs are new and gapped to spec, timing is on the mark, but it runs rough. I set the idle about 800, changed out the brake vacume booster hose and verified the other vacume lines are tight. I work on marine diesels and have never worked with a manual choke before; could you tell me when the choke is pushed all the way in or out, the butterfly should be fully closed or all the way open--is that right? Any other items I should do to the carb/fuel system to get a clean idle? Thank you for your help. Richard
  9. Toby, My name is Richard over in Bothell. We have a 1969 BMW 2002 and sure could use a trunk lid and other parts. Could we come over at your convenience and see what you have? Thank you. Richard
  10. Hi all, I was trying to re-install my driveshaft and new Guibo and what a tight fit. I loosend up the final drive bolts thinking it was going to slide in there, but ended up using a jack to push the middle of the shaft up to get it aligned. All the bushings have been replaced in the rear unit and a new tranny bushing/mount installed. Am I missing another adjustment area? I havn't replaced the engine mounts yet as they are on order. Perhaps the engine is sitting too far back? Your help would be greatly appreciated. Richard
  11. We got ours from a barn! So here's what you asked for: *Purchase price (in USD please)= $2000 *Purchase date= 8/2012 *Mileage= 97000 (there's only five digits on the odometer, but we think it's 97000) *State of purchase= WA *Model year= 1969 *2002 or 2002tii= 2002 *Color= Nevada *Auto or manual= Manual *Factory options= *Any aftermarket accessories that came with the car (including but not limited to wheels, suspension, exhaust, seats, stereo, mirrors, pedals, steering wheel, etc.)= None *Did the vehicle come with tool kit= No *Your assessment of the vehicle history in terms of paperwork/receipts (1-10, 10 being highest)= 2 *Your assessment of the interior quality (1-10, 10 being highest)= 9 *Your assessment of the exterior quality (1-10, 10 being highest)= 3 Rust canker in spare tire well and rocker panels. *Your assessment of the mechanical condition of the vehicle (1-10, 10 being highest)= 8 (43 year old bushings crumbled in the hand). And it came with 1/2 inch of dried grease all over the rear subframe and differential. Take yours to a steam cleaner and blast the snot out of the undersides. Regards, Richard
  12. If you want to have fun and are looking for fast sharp turns (Lots of them) take the highway out of Port Angeles to Neah Bay and you'll be having a ride of your life. Richard 1969 BMW 2002
  13. Hi all I have a 1969 2002 and I just finished getting all the 43 year old nasty rubber coating off the bottom of the car. I was looking at how many coats of POR-15 I was supposed to do under the car and especially in the wheel wells and I couldn't find anything. Since you good people have real life experience may I request what you think? 1 or 2 coats? Thank you. Richard
  14. Looking for a spare tire well for my 69 2002, wondering if you could cut yours out? Price? And of course I would pay shipping. Thank you.
  15. Greetings, I'm new to the forum and just got a 1969 2002. When I was bringing it home I noted that there's a thunk when shifting into 1st and 2nd gear; 3rd and 4th are fine. First time working on a old BMWs, all my experience is with very large marine engines. Suggestions? Appreciate your help.
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