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  1. Hello Looking for my roundie sold to a nice gentleman from Pasadena CA Was hit hard by covid and had to sell the car, but am now back on my feet. Absolutely no pressure to sell it back to me, would be nice to know you still have it and all is well.
  2. Sold guys i have the stock wheels and hub caps on new tires if anyone is interested. Thanks all
  3. I just posted my roundie up for sale, take a look. Thanks
  4. Hi guys My 73 up for sale Was my wife’s around town daily, well maintained and a strong runner. My second 02 and worked on by 02 master Richard at Michalangelo Motorwerks, I will provide all maintenance records and if car stays local I can pass Richards info for future work Recent fuel filter, electric fuel pump, oil and all fluids change. Ready to roll, no leaks or drips will include stock wheels on new tires $9k issues; Videos here, should show 5 listed https://vimeo.com/404116102
  5. I mounted them with 5MM spacers on stock lugs and the clearance had no issues ( on '73 ) Looking for local pickup or trade for another wheelset can ship at buyer's expense 4X100 Hub Bore 60mm 15x7 + 25 15x7 + 35 Tires 165 /55 /15 - good tread but have some cracks, would need to be pretty low to pull off this size Centers painted gold, have brand new white WORK spoke and lip decals Lips are good, no bends or chrome issues PM here or andru2013/at/gmail thanks!
  6. Nvm, will post finished shots shortly.
  7. i work in irvine but havent seen this one around town, nice one.
  8. where are the best online forums/markets to source used 4x100 wheels? they seem to be harder to find lately especially in sub +40 offsets. cheers
  9. Hi looking to get rid of stock wheels as i no longer own the car $ 150 OBO pickup at Irvine warehouse have meaty tires that hold air, but are old * not actual picture, let me know if you need one Location: Irvine CA
  10. girl in bright green roundie in laguna beach, see her pretty frequently. saw a beige roundie at El Moro/ PCH a couple weeks back
  11. hi are you parting out the car or selling it complete as-is? what are some prices here? thanks
  12. hey i never got a response from my pm can you respond or shoot me an email at andru2013 (@) gmail . com thanks!
  13. i will look into that, thank you!
  14. good morning. i have a weird issue, that has happened 3 times now. I am low on my fuel gauge so i stop by the gas station to fill up. After i head out to my destination the car will run fine, but will stall when i pull it out of gear . it is odd because if i do not fill up and stay running on low fuel there seems to be no issues, it is always when i re-fill and head out from there. Both times i made it home/destination and then when i restarted the car had no issues. something to do with fuel lines? carb? the car is carburated and i dont know what i am doing. it is also my daily driver and i love it here is a quick pic, thanks!
  15. i did sacramento to laguna beach a couple months back, no issues but the drive sucked. i think i broke my arse
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