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  1. Hi Jeff, didn't recognize your user name here I was looking for your regular user name on the other forums we are both members of, send me a picture to my email and I will see if I can locate these hard to find parts for you, have to take care of my good customer. Shawn
  2. Water pump and carborator have both been sold! As of 2/2/16 Shawn
  3. All emails have been answered update antenna is sold and no longer avaliable Bmwextremeparts@yahoo.com still have carborator 2002 emblems. Shawn
  4. Motivated seller need the remaining parts from racecar sold to clear out garage and downsize.. Also I am helping a local customer of mine who I helped to buy a 1972 2002 for parts for his and helping him sell off what he doesn't want he is a member on here but very busy with work and family so I am helping him out. You can email me at Bmwextremeparts@yahoo.com Shawn
  5. Sent you an email I am on the Ga/Fl border off I-95 my local customer and I should have some of these parts. You can email me at bmwextremeparts@yahoo.com Shawn
  6. I might have something you can you maybe able to use? I you can email me at bmwextremeparts@yahoo.com for pictures also sent you a message to your inbox Shawn
  7. Wanting clear remaining parts out taking fair and reasonable offers for what I have remaining from my post you can email me to Bmwextremeparts@yahoo.com for pictures and your offers. Shawn
  8. Still have parts remaining looking to clear out! bmwextremeparts@yahoo.com Shawn
  9. Still have antenna mass, 2002 emblems and 40dfav Weber carborator for sale want to finish part out sell! Motivated seller taking best fair reasonable offers Shawn bmwextremeparts@yahoo.com
  10. Brake pads are sold and no longer available went for list price thank you to kind buyer!
  11. Driver side mirror is now sold and no longer available! Come on everyone help me finish the sale sweep on remaining parts. Shawn
  12. Update 8/26/15 brake pads are sold no longer avaliable! Make me a fair and reasonable offer shipped for these 2002tii brake pads and they are yours trying to clear out garage for a car I am getting soon Shawn Bmwextremeparts@yahoo.com Motivated seller!!!
  13. All emails answered turnsignals and wiper levers are now sold and no longer available Shawn
  14. Patches are now sold no longer available Shawn Bmwextremeparts@yahoo.com

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