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  1. I need all the fuel vapor lines that are connected on my Tii. I am not sure what they are called. I think there are 3 of them.
  2. Has anyone converted their a/c on a 1972 tii from R12 to R134a? If so, is it a fairly easy job? Thank you in advance. Lee [email protected]
  3. Looking to purchase a 3 core aluminum radiator for my 1972 2002 tii. [email protected]
  4. Needed a new expansion tank that goes in the trunk of the 1972 2002. It is the plastic canister. [email protected]
  5. Wasn't this the TII out of Florida that ended up near San Diego? It had some real issues if I remember correctly. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/1972-BMW-2002tii-nice-driver-/390600760378?pt=US_Cars_Trucks&hash=item5af19e9c3a#ht_500wt_1064
  6. Hey all, I uploaded a few new pix of my TII along with documentation I have on the car. 55k original miles and still going strong!! 100% original!!!!! I got lucky with this one.
  7. Looking for this type of setup.
  8. I saw a beautiful 2002 tii getting on the Ventura freeway 101 from White Oak this morning (in southern CA). The blue license plate was close to mine. Whoever it is, kudos. That car is sweet!!
  9. Wow, I do feel bad for this guy. Just goes to show you what a valuable commodity this board is. I know I used it when I purchased my TII. I only know a small amount of what you all know and appreciate all of your help over the past year.
  10. are these prices real or what? I thought I paid a high price for my 1972 TII a few months ago at 11k. The car looks brand new and has a few minor issues. It is fully documented with ALL original paperwork. Now I see them for over 20k. Are my eyes playing tricks on me or what?
  11. I tried numerous times to contact him with no luck. Not sure what the story is with this car and why he would not return my messages.
  12. So my mom's friend says her husband was in a car club in England and she still had the auto grill badge. Asks me if I want it. Absolutely I want it! If you see me driving around, make sure to beep! I think it is pretty cool and looks great on my TII.
  13. Looking for the same set-up as this car has. Please e-mail me if you have a set for sale. [email protected]
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