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  1. thanks gavin. i'm looking for the original covers for the 160.
  2. Looking for Hella 160 light covers. Thanks.
  3. Looking for Hella 160 light covers. Thanks.
  4. I have a '74 and I'm pretty sure mine is from a Bavaria. It's definitely a wider view over stock.
  5. Price:: 25 Location: : Boston SOLD Good driver front turn signal from a 1974 2002. It's worn but in pretty good condition and was working when removed. See photos. $25 plus shipping.
  6. Price:: 50 Location: : Boston SOLD Thanks Zender front spoiler, KBA 35027 for a BMW 2002. I picked this up a few years ago and never used it. It was mounted at some point by the previous owner. It looks pretty good but not perfect. Here’s a bunch of pictures showing the condition. $50 local pickup only.
  7. Price:: 100 Location: : Boston SOLD I bought these wheels back in 1981 for my 1974 2002. I just replaced them with 14” BMW alloys. The paint is ok on all of them, there’s a little rash (as you can see in the photos) but no bends or cracks. The tires are Michelin Metrics 185 70 13 and they are about 10 years old. They have about 9k miles on them, they still look good but they are old. The markings on the wheels are as follows... CERES KBA Type 24B 6JX13H2 E 13 All four $100, local pickup only.
  8. hi- where did you get the hood insulation? thanks.
  9. I came across a cool item. it's a stainless steel 2002 bottle opener made by a shop in seattle. the company's name is racetrack style. absolutely no benefit to me just thought i'd pass it on. i've attached a photo below. -steve
  10. Thanks. I really appreciate the tips and advice. I'm planning to make the switch next weekend. I'll let you know how I make out. Today I replaced an Ansa exhaust that I had installed on the car back in 1982. The only reason it needed replacement was because the hanging brackets had broken off. Thanks again for the help. -Steve
  11. Hi- I'm getting ready to install a rebuilt steering box in a '74 2002. Does anyone have any tips on the install? There's a pitman arm already installed on the rebuilt box. Looks like swaping out should be a couple of bolts. Just wanted to get some advice from someone that has done this before. Thanks. -Steve
  12. Marine Blue Bottom Seat Vinyl. Really nice condition. No rips or tears. I bought it for my '74 2002 but it didn't fit. It was too small. I think it's probably for an earlier year. Let me know if you have any questions. Price is what i paid for it and it includes shipping. Location: Natick, MA, USA
  13. nice paint work. i'd be interested as we'll. i have a few badges all clean and ready for paint. please let us know if your friend is willing. thanks for sharing. -steve
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