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  1. great job! is there any chance that i can get the file too? thank you.
  2. sratner

    BMW '02 Restoration Guide

    For sale "BMW '02 Restoration Guide" in excellent+ condition. Somehow i ended up with two. $15.00 plus shipping. Thanks. -Steve
  3. sratner

    A Blue Coil Mystery

    it seems a brand new out of the box condenser can be bad. i replaced the new condenser with another new one and the car runs perfect with the new coil. dlacey suggested that it was a bad condenser and he was right on! thanks for the help.
  4. sratner

    A Blue Coil Mystery

    thanks. i’ll try another new condenser to see if that helps. could the voltage regulator be an issue?
  5. sratner

    A Blue Coil Mystery

    ok here's what i've discovered. the new coil has the same markings as the old one. both coils measure 3.0 resistance. should i measure voltage output? there are no loose connections and the condenser is new (but i'll try another new one this weekend). i did learn that the rotor reads R1 instead of R5, does that matter? thanks.
  6. sratner

    A Blue Coil Mystery

    Thanks. All good stuff. I guess I don’t understand why the old coil works fine with my current set up. FYI- The rotor is R5, the plugs are BP6ES and the wires are Kingsborne 12-7405. I’ll check the coil resistance tomorrow and report back. The vacuum runs to the Weber and that’s been like that since 1980 when we re-laced the soles and removed the emissions. I’ll try running without and see if it matters. Thanks for your help.
  7. sratner

    A Blue Coil Mystery

    It does look like speaker wire and from the research I’ve done I think it might be a resistor wire. But why would this set up work fine with the old blue coil? Did the blue coil from 35 years ago have a resistor built in? Yes Reyes, that’s a spark plug tube. I’ve had it for years, not sure where I got it. It really helps clean up the engine compartment.
  8. I could use a little help figuring this one out- I have a bosch blue coil that's been in the car for at least 30 years ('74 2002, owned the car since '79) so instead of getting dumped on the side of the road i decided to pick up a spare. i bought a new bosch blue (the correct coil) as a replacement and then i replaced the old blue coil which works perfectly with the new one. the car drives fine until it gets hot and then i experience bucking, backfiring and hesitation. the whole experience doesn't last very long and then the car drives perfectly. since the car was driving fine before i changed the coil i decided to reinstall the original blue coil. the car ran perfect. i figured i got a bad coil so i returned and exchanged that coil for a new one. installed it today and the bucking, backfiring and hesitation was back. what's going on? anyone have a theory on what's going on? Thanks.
  9. sratner


  10. sratner

    Black Rear Vent Window Opener Latch

    perfect. thank you!
  11. looking for a Black Rear Vent Window Opener Latch (right side) for a 1974 ‘02. unfortunately mine snapped while opening it today. thanks. -steve
  12. interesting piece about the car-
  13. sratner

    Hose Help Needed

    great. thanks for the tips!
  14. sratner

    Bucking, Hesitation & Backfire!

    it turns out it was a spark plug wire. i installed new plug wires a week ago and after inserting them through the ignition tube i didn't tighten one of the wires into the ceramic connecter very well. i tightened the wire down into the connector, checked the other wires and the car runs great! your suggestions made me go back and check my work...thanks for the help.