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  1. Late Model 2002tii Clock

    Anyone have a late model 2002tii clock that’s not working for parts? I have a clock that needs a gear or two and i’m hoping that between the two I can get one working. Thanks.
  2. Lower Steering Column Trim

    still looking for lower steering pad photo below- thanks -steve
  3. Lower Steering Column Trim

    WTB - i'm looking for the lower steering column pad (trim) for '74. hopefully as close to mint/excellent condition as possible. thanks. -steve
  4. my lower steering column cover which holds the choke cable is cracking. does anyone know if the aluminum cover version that came on the earlier cars fits a 1974? thanks. -steve
  5. (no benefit to me) i know some of us are into watches so i thought this might be of interest. i just came across nezumi studios he’s a stockholm based designer who has created some truly beautiful vintage inspired racing style watches. i just picked up and received one of his lap timers and chronographs. the design and workmanship are excellent. he also created a very cool car too! check out his video-
  6. Urethane Steering Coupler

    thanks! appreciate the help.
  7. Urethane Steering Coupler

    any tips on where i can learn how to do this? thanks for your resonse.
  8. Please check out the photo- my car is parked and the steering wheel is in an unlocked position, why does my coupler sit uneven? is this normal? i did rebuilt the box a couple months back and replaced the stock coupling with urethane. steering box works great but i do notice what feels like the coupling twisting a bit when i'm driving. thanks.
  9. 1974 2002 Headrest Trim

    anyone have two of these? thanks.
  10. Hella 160 Covers

  11. 1974 2002 Headrest Trim

    I'm not sure but those look like the trim piece behind the vent knob.
  12. 1974 2002 Headrest Trim

    thanks steve i appreciate the link. unfortunately the part is $22 from the dealer and it doesn't look like it's the exact same part. i was hoping someone had one laying around that they would sell. if i can't find the part used i'll buy it. thanks again.
  13. 1974 2002 Headrest Trim

    here's a shot of the part i'm looking for. i've got one missing and i'd really like to find a replacement. thanks for looking.
  14. 1974 2002 Headrest Trim

  15. 1974 2002 Headrest Trim

    hi- looking for one black headrest trim piece for a 1974 and hella 160 covers. thanks. -steve