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  1. The one below. Prevents you from bending down your lower back too much. One proof more that the BMW factory looked way into the future. henn
  2. The one below. Prevents you from bending down your lower back too much. One proof more that the BMW factory looked way into the future. henn
  3. Check also for the ground wire of your generator. henn
  4. You: doing cars. Me: dreaming about Cher in her early 30's. henn
  5. Henning

    EFIing an M10

    So this issue of EFIing an old M10 motor comes up repeatedly from time to time and so I brought my thoughts about this together. I don’t know if there’s already a blog entry or write-up, so… sorry if repeating. Please feel free to add all your info, opinions and experience to make this a helpful content for later readers! Talking about the reasons for EFI doesn’t make sense here I think. Let the pros-and-cons discussion take place somewhere else. Fuel supply (This does not affect tiis with an intact system) Pump: What kind of injection ever shall be insta
  6. Hey, what's that? A stock 71-73 tii wheel I found in a shelf in summer of 2015. A slotted three-spoker. Spokes rusty and the foam... Gone. And now, what to do with it? Paint the spokes, yes, but the foam? I'm not familiar with replacing or shaping foam. Oak sounds some similar, so let's go oak. The wheel's core: Hm... A kind of oval steel profile around. I started a first try to find out what's doable: Continuing: The pic above is taken from another project; just to demonstrate what's going on
  7. Homemade: Used to be a jalousie case before. There was a house in the neighborhood that got new windows, these alloy cases were discarded and so I snatched them late that one evening. henn
  8. How hard was it to install? >We had to widen the intake a bit because the throttles hit the edges: And replacing the four bolts by shorter ones. The old ones were too long. MAP junction with the blue line: A cnc-made adapter for the airbox: Throttle linkage is nearly plug'n'play. Did you have to drill the IACV hole? >No. IACV is included as a stepper in the retroject. What engine management system did you use? >" ECUmaster EMU" made in Poland. I recommend choosing a local supplier for mother-tongue support if needed. I don't know of english forums for the EMU. Did you buy their EFI Fuel pump / Swirl pot assembly? >Same supplier as the retroject. We thought it would be better if pump and injection unit came from one hand. How much did it end up costing ? >It's not my car so I don't know. Here are links: https://www.webcon.co.uk/products/15299-retroject-3838-throttle-body/ ECUMASTER USA 2018 Wall Street, Suite 700 Garland TX 750417000 +18175239947 sales@ecumasterusa.com www.ecumasterusa.com plus tuning/mapping on the dyno, of course. How do you like it? >Depends on the tuning. With the first data set it was nearly impossible to run up without screaming rear wheels- in an automatic. This was improved later but it shew the possibility range of a modern engine management on an old motor what I found pretty interesting. 110HP and 180Nm were measured on a standard E12. Basically can we have a review of your experience with it? >Not really, I'm sorry. Car and owner live some away from me but I can ask him one the phone if requested. Generally I may write a blog entry about efi conversions one day. henn
  9. This is a warm-up btw: My guess is that the factory preinstalled the strip onto the bumper on the production line. In case it wasn't needed, i. e. in the US, the authorities or whoever installed the front number plate put it into the well since it still belonged to the car and its owner. There seem to be some of you to have these strips in virgin condition. You may sell them here as NOS. Please provide shipping to Germany. henn
  10. Ahm... I'm not quite sure if golf matches navy blue interior. Even if golf and navy fit to water. henn
  11. Well, this is the early-turbo-roundie-style. Or is it the later-turbo-squarie-striped-style? Let me know in the comments. henn
  12. Your transmission doesn't have anything to do with your clutch. It's not more than about flywheel, clutch set and throwout bearing what have to fit to each other. A 228mm clutch set won't fit to a 215mm flywheel and vice versa. If you should have a 1602 (do these exist in the US?) these came with 215mm from factory. A 228mm wheel will make your engine some more fatigue especially if it's really a 1602. Years ago I've converted a 1602 to a 2L-engine without changing flywheel or clutch. It ran for tenths of thousands of miles. henn
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