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  1. I had to do the lathe trick to my switch, too. I saw that it is made of aluminum. Even if it is made of steel, you could take the risk and install it without copper ring. This will bring it some deeper. There's no real oil pressure underneath (HA!) but just some fumes. h
  2. Yee. That's why nub-noobs like me never have much success when using the search-function. h
  3. Ahm... Small correction here: Left-hand drive vehicles are cars with the steering wheel on the left side like in continental Europe or in the US. This is Linkslenkung (left-steering) for driving on the right, so for right-traffic (Rechtsverkehr), not for Linksverkehr. Linksverkehr means left-traffic for cars with the steering wheel on the right side like in GB, Australia or Japan. Cars there have right-steering or are right-hand drive. Confusing enough? h
  4. Yes. The glasses are smaller in diameter than the openings in the cluster housing. You will need a set of 66-71 rings, a set of 71-73 rings (different profiles) or a fake wood cover what's nothing else than three rings in one piece. h
  5. Have a look at this: A pedal assembly of a 72 RHD. Link: http://bmwfans.info/parts-catalog/114-Sedan/Europe/2002-M10/R-M/browse/pedals/pedals_supporting_bracket/ It seems as if you don't need the entire box but just the clutch pedal, sleeves and few additional parts. It is like this in LHDs. Concerning gearbox, driveshaft and electrics search this forum, there's a lot of info here. Don't forget the small sleeve in the engine's crankshaft and the little electric mods. hen
  6. I've always thought the L-version has real wood applications on the door cards and the cluster front. Sure you haven't got such one? hen
  7. That pic doesn't enlarge when clicking, David. Please enhance. Because I can't identify the beer brand. hen
  8. I don't doubt the quality of your work, Mo, not at all. It seems excellent. I've only noticed a certain difference in the lettering between the german and the malaysian made items, that's why. hen
  9. Please give us the lengths, Toga. I remember some values but not sure enough to post. There are six sender units: 2002 and tii -73, 2002 and tii -76 and the tourings and touring tiis. The turbos have -iirc- the touring senders. Corrections welcome! hen
  10. Maybe there's also need to talk about fonts...? hen
  11. But you... You don't take your 4-weeks-old to teach him how to fish, Andrew, do you?? hen
  12. Yep. Alfa Romeo Giulia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alfa_Romeo_Giulia Scroll down for the white one. hen
  13. Have you checked the "synchronisation" of the cables? Maybe your passenger cable is too far back in comparison to the driver's. Where do your cables come from? They don't look like 02 parts to me. hen
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