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  1. That car has got the early-style filler neck that disappeared with April 71. I don't think taiga was offered before 71... Somebody who knows better? Steve maybe? hen
  2. The Donuts are here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p9xb5VqqU8E Beware of rock. hen
  3. Nice build! Will we find this on HandBuiltCars, Build Diaries or where? hen
  4. I also guess it's custom. The turbo spoiler is some more petite than this one. Wondering if the rain may cause puddles... Not quite sure if the car is a turbo. Turbos have the airbox where the other ones have the washer bottle. It is fixed to the top of the inner fender where an M6 nut is welded in from underneath: Here is no airbox like above and I can't see if there is the hole with thread: But however. Excellent job though. It's decades ago now that it's been reported that several turbos have found their way to Japan. hen
  5. Soo... Your wife's fit in riding a unicycle?? For bringing beer or something? Tell her my respect. hen
  6. Swirl your brain- create your own: h
  7. That knob right to the hazard seems to be a BMW. And the printing on it? Never seen before. A/C or...? Henning
  8. I'm sorry, Simeon. I couldn't find a better picture of the Pioneer and indeed there are only two pics. 😯 The tin to the left is an old wiper motor. Bolted to an aluminum plate and modified that it does exactly one rotation when impulsed. By this switch: Lock, not the final version yet: This ball'n'pan linkage (how do you call it btw?) needs too much space. The red part is a clamp handle. Installed: Trunk lid tele release. h
  9. Concerning the lower frequencies: Under the passenger's side of the sofa. How to ask about frequencies: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jWkMhCLkVOg h
  10. Rollable spare mudflap with secure belts? hen
  11. Please, before I can't get to sleep this night: is that subframe cracked or a flash effect?? hen
  12. Nice lip at the rear lid trim. How did you make it? Is it aluminum? Interesting idea!! hen
  13. Over the years it's been several times that I forgot to latch the hood and drove off. Then wondering about a certain slight pucking noise coming from somewhere at the front of the car. And at about -sorry, Toby, I know it was definitely earlier- 50 to 60 mph the hood opened itself half way up. An interesting but dangerous experience. So my 1600-2 had the red center control but the manual choke is removed. This one wire was remaining and needed to be connected to something, so I installed that former door switch. Reminds me of always latching the hood. hen (whosgladtohaveinjectioninsteadofthesef*****"§%&?=/%d$&?carburettors)
  14. So that was enough now. I can't count the times I had to deal with these factory stopgap of the door stopper's linkage to the A-pillar. I'm using a stopper from a 3-series with two positions. So whenever opening the door I've got this KNOCKNOCK. Huuaargh. To be erased, this. By something solid. A very small piece of sheet metal was wrapped around the M6 tapper's square drive. Now it fitted into a ratchet extension. Some alignment by eye and downdrill: Followed by a cultivated downbolt of an inhex M6. The latches on the pillar have already a bore of 5mm what's the base bore to tap with M6. Well, the bolt's thread will probably cut the plastic bushing of the lever into a spring but this will take some time and for the moment it's absolutely noiseless. Later I maybe going to lathe brass bushings that can be pressed into the lever. Sorry if this is an old solution. hen

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