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  1. Would love to get a regular old intake manifold. Shipped to 11023
  2. Ok our good buddy VW Jake took the plunge and bought the korman manifold.
  3. Ok Carb is sold. Now offers on just the korman manifold?
  4. Hey dudes anyone interested in either a 38/38 with a casting issue, accelerator pump issues and choke issues. or a korman manifold. Give me a negotiable amount of money and either can be yours, shipped or picked up in person.
  5. Ok, the carb actually doesnt look cracked. Inside the surface is smooth, looks like some kind casting issue to me. And heres a close up of this manifold. Is there anything special about it?
  6. A wiring loom, I think its 99% complete. If you are interested i can pull it straight and take better pictures.
  7. The carb is "sold". How much is this "korman ported manifold" worth?
  8. Hmm. I guess this carb is headed for le garbage. Anyone want a "korman ported manifold"?
  9. 38/38 carb with korman ported manifold, at least thats what the guy who sold it to me said. Cant say im impressed with korman's paint job. Carb has choke issues and accelerator pump leaks. This thing is heavy, i dont think its worth shipping.
  10. I bought these a few years ago from here thinking mine were broken. Mine were not broken, and therefore I have never used them, and do not know the contortions need to use them.
  11. Gentlemen I have a pair of volvo all-metal sunroof cables laying around. These will work in your 2002,,E9 coupe,,early Bavaria, early porsche, and early 530i. I bought them off of here and never used them.
  12. Dude, thats the engine block urinal. Im going to turn it into an f1 car engine in a few years.
  13. Where does this $100 come into it?
  14. This thread is for humor, not for dog naming. Please take dog naming to off topic. Thanks --- the internet.
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