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  1. its definitely different than the typical car on here. thats why i built it that way. Thanks for the kind words. Car is still available.
  2. If I remember correctly, you would have to replace the front shock assembly with an unmodified one. as for the rear, there is just an airbag where the spring was. i think the bump stop for the rear was removed. but it shouldnt be too difficult to revert to stock.
  3. The dashboard has a dash cover on it, one of those hard plastic ones. Its a three piece dash underneath that cover .
  4. So based on what im seeing cars go for at auction, i want to ask 10,000obo. This price includes the rear spoiler, all the spare wheels/hubcaps, original 1.6l motor, any other spare parts i have for this car.
  5. Gallery of Pictures, Videos at bottom of car starting and driving
  6. Thanks for the questions @Conserv Its kind of emotional to even think about selling, so i didnt even think about these sorts of questions. I appreciate it. Any other good questions like this? My plan is this weekend to take better pictures, and maybe video of the car running.
  7. where is the car located? I am interested, Thanks, Mike

  8. I have a chamonix 1600 Im not sure if its really "for this crowd" but i dont really have space in my house, or in my life for this car anymore PICS https://imgur.com/a/SKchh2Y VIDEOS of car starting at bottom of pics page 2.0 from an 02 in it (I have the original 1.6 in a wooden crate, unknown condition) Replica turbo flares Rear sidemarker delete paint about 6 - 7 years ago headrestless seats black interior drivers seat has tears, cracked not good dashboard eta beta lucy wheels ( i have 8 origninal steelies and 4 hubcaps) air ride suspension (this is the part i think most here will flinch at) 5 gallon tank in trunk skinny us speck euro looking bumpers, front is removed, but i still have it duckbill foam spoiler (i dont remember which brand) never installed on this car air cooler that was color matched to car 4 speed manual, grinds 1st gear from what i remember ST sway bar front installed, rear swaybar not installed (i do have it somewhere) ooh, another thing you guys might not like, i have i think most of the original belt line trim, but whats on the car is stick on trim (though it looks reeeeealy good) interesting vintage steering wheel, i have the original somewhere too basically no rust that i have ever seen, car was supposedly an AZ and Cali car its whole life unknown miles I havent driven it in over 4 years, she has been sitting in the garage Price is definitely or best offer. I can take more current pics, and pics of more angles. she looks basically the same, just very dusty, and she has a front lip spoiler now.
  9. Agreed, luckily these were the seats that came with the car. There isnt even holes for headrests on these. I had no idea they existed, haha.
  10. Shes a 69 1600 that the PO put a 2.0 into. Original 4 speed. The suspension is custom air-ride done by Airbagit who is local to me. with an app that allows me to control the bags from my phone. Wheels are Eta Beta Lucy's 15x7 et13 Full Poly bushings in the front, will be full poly in the rear ST sways Its got a weber 32/36 i think dashCap with iphone5 dock moulded in. BMW Premium e28 speakers in the rear deck Thermador car cooler (functioning) paint matched. Ill have to do a whole post about the progress of the car. Im trying to get some blogs to feature it.
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