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  1. I will take them if not spoken for. Only one question will they fit over girling front calipers? Thx Girt
  2. GeoffW, If you don't mind me asking what tires and size are you running with that set up? Looks great! I see why you would want to keep them at all costs. Any modifications needed to fit or issues with front brake clearance? Thanks Girt
  3. Outstanding, Thanks guys......
  4. Need to replace my trans to exhaust bracket. Had modified mine to fit a ie long header. Now removed and went with stahl. Thanks
  5. Harry, need a transmission to exhaust support bracket in good condition. Have one? Thx.
  6. Price Drop post Vintage. Will do 500$ plus shipping. Looks like I had over priced it. Thx G
  7. Tank is 100ltr modeled after alpina tank.
  8. Yes and I paid a lot more than a 100$ for it.
  9. Ti airbox for sale. Just couldn't get it to fit my project. Comes with 2 new filters. Boots in good shape. Can hand deliver to vintage in NC next week or 25$ shipping in contus.
  10. Steve at Blunt tech did me a great favor today. Found out the IE big brake upgrade aluminum hubs were causing me problems with cyclic noise and making it appear the rotors were warped. Also getting a mild vibration at speed. After 2 sets of rotors and reseating 2 sets of bearings and races it was determined that they are the problem. Steve was kind enough to break up a big brake kit to get me BMW 320i hubs in time for the vintage. Would like to replace them for him. So If anyone has a set available I would like to buy them. Big thanks to Steve and his fantastic customer service. Pls drop me a note if you can help. Girt girt1@verizon.net
  11. No it was the new casting with Dr scrick Lazer ingraved in the end. The old style like I had is now nla unless you find one sitting on someones shelf.
  12. No it was a new billet . The old ones are now nla unless the shop has one sitting around. Seemed ok nothing stood out but didn't investigate further.

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