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  1. Had the E30 steelies powdercoated "german silver" also holding up great. Worth the money.
  2. JohnS absolutely understood. Very jealous even with the problems but the fact those rims exist is great.... Will begin the seach. Do you think that you might just have them powder coated next time and be done with it? Another choice I've found with bare aluminium is a product called shark hide that is used on pontoon boats. Have to apply every year or two but works great. Use it on my bead blasted valve cover and looks great 2 years out even with engine temps.
  3. Intra wheels close in style same size.
  4. Photos found on the web of another set. Vw crowd. 13x6 4x100 bore 57.1
  5. And we all start the slide down the slippery slope. I call DIBS on the first set of 6x13 Et 28 someone is willing to part with. Hopefully JohnS may have moved up to a different set of wheels..... Hint. Great info guys. Thanks
  6. Uai, Some measurements would be fantastic if you have some time it would be appreciated. Backspacing, inside diameter and true rim width would be a great starting point. Are yours the same as JohnS above? Model number KBA 40020 13x6 H2 ET 28 It appears they may have been produced with a few different offsets/et. Thanks, Girt Jason, Outstanding work and very cool to boot. JohnS, are you currently running them or are they just taking up space in your wallet that I can help you with?? V/R Girt
  7. Steve, Yes hopefully someone has the answer but thinking the ET is too far off. Those are pretty big spacers. May just need Jason's flares.... And some paint..... Thx G
  8. Jason, The car looks fantastic. Did you do the body work? All was just offered a set 14x5.5 ET 37. Have spacers in front already. How well would these fit rears? And thanks to all for input and measurement offers. Girt
  9. Great look jgerock. Fits that car well.
  10. Slav & Steve, Thanks for the informative reply. Just saved me a bunch of frustration chasing something that seemed like a great idea but .... Your time is appreciated. Thx for the help, Girt
  11. Have been lusting after a set of 13x6 ronal kleeblatts. Before I go down the slippery slope a hunting a set down. Do they fit a narrow body with lightly rolled front fenders, stock rear and volvo girlings? Running ground control coilovers. Adjustable front and rear. Tires 185/60/13? Also do they need special lugs? I see Federal ss595s are back would that be a good suggested tire? Finally anyone have a set they might part with if they work? Currently on E30 steelies and want to up the look. Thanks
  12. GirtAllerton


    72 Bmw with Original engine & 121 head, mahle piano top pistons 10.5 to 1 compression. Schrick 292, Vac rockers, Fully balanced, ported and gasket matched. 40 Weber DCOEs, MSD ignition, Stall Korman header, stainless exhaust, Ground Control coilovers, 5 speed with lsd. Big fun.... Oh by the way Original paint except engine bay. No rust found. 100 ltr Alpina style gas tank. Last photo car in stock condition when purchased from po in Cali. Drove back to Philadelphia from San Francisco post mechanic going over.
  13. Thanks its my old 1864 Pennsylvania Bank barn that was converted to a work shop. Great place to spend time in.
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