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  1. For the Fuel system - it looks like there are only even numbered pages? Not sure the whole section is there.
  2. I see on eurotrash's rear disk build he added a proportioning valve. But I don't see mention of it here. Is this required for the Blunt-tech kit?
  3. Check the year stamped under the exhaust header. My block turned out to be from a 78 e21.
  4. Or the PO was my father, who was of the mindset that the drain plug should be so tight, only a gorilla with a breaker bar could get it loose. Amazed that man never stripped the thread. The first time we re-built an engine together, I could see how my "over-use" of the torque wrench was paining him.
  5. interested in the center caps. email me and we can arrange. joshuajoseph at gmail
  6. So the prices have gone up at Bavauto. The e21 320i (part #11 41 1 286 493) is 390 and The 2002 (part # 11 41 1 269549K ) is 623. So - I could order the cheaper pump, perform a pick-up transplant - and effectively save 200 bucks?
  7. That looks great! I am looking into their dyes after seeing this.
  8. That looks great! I am looking into their dyes after seeing this.
  9. I hadn't read it that way. Good point. I was interested in a new pump - if its used, I already got one of those.
  10. If it isn't the right size for esty I would be interested. What size is it?
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