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  1. I drilled it out and re tapped it with Allen head stainless set screw and new gasket
  2. going to miss you guys been down in south Florida for a year now while cruising on A1A is swell we have not much in the way of hills nor curves
  3. mounted a bluetooth unit (fusion ms-bt100)on firewall and amp in trunk, speakers (jl audio 6x9)in hat shelf use iphone to control rocks well
  4. so sorry I missed you all come visit sunny Florida soon not much in the 02 dept but A1A is sweet went to a cars and coffee there were 800 cars and six or so 3 series guys who swooned over my 76
  5. love it kept it the same, it turns heads! currently residing in south Florida
  6. congrats on your new toy, I am in boca raton / boynton beach give me a call lets get together for a ride Mark 845-641-5879 1976 BMW 2002 Sienna Brown
  7. Daron you have the best comments miss you buddy Florida rocks!
  8. my 1976 Sienna Brown 2002 arrived in Boynton Beach in an enclosed trailer last Friday morning, took her out for a spin on A1A still a happy girl, loves the drive seeking some Florida BMW fun
  9. moving day is 6/24 2002 on truck prior msc parts and bits for your toys call and come by on 6/21 moshe 845-641-5879 monsey ny 10952 8 miles from bear mountain
  10. relocate is going best as can be, returned to NY to assist at home and suddenly I have a 40 year old daily driver! GO TEAM SWEET
  11. started the relocation process to south Florida, leased an office but miss the 76 as much as the wife and kids any suggestions on moving her from NY to FL? I am going to be moving office equipment by rental truck 10 footer mid april, transporters all seem to want 700-1000 to move her seeking feedback not crazy enough to drive her 1240 miles
  12. i agree that it will be tough to match the roads of NYS but palm trees, and sunny skies beat the winter weather with my tired bones

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