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  1. I bought a replacement heater blower motor, Bosch number 0-130-007-002 made in Hungary. When I put positive power to the red wire connector on the motor and ground the the brown the motor runs backwards...sucks rather than blows. I vaguely remember seeing something about this (of course can't find it now). Is it as simple and swapping the wires on the motor to rectify it. Thanks in advance.
  2. Chris and I are buying for the same guy. I'll take the other. Can you send a request through PayPal?
  3. JB, is it one for $40.00 or $30.00 or $25.00 for two? Could it be there is a post from another confusing me? Easily done.
  4. I may know someone that would be interested in the Weber frame if it is an early one. His 2800cs came from there. What would you need for it?
  5. Hey folks! I am looking for license plate frames from Fred Snook's BMW of Monterey. He was the dealer in our area in the late 70s. Cheers
  6. It appears that the seat adapter brackets from Massive Brakes are a quality product. The manufacturer no longer stocks them but if he gets commitments for 20 sets he will make a run. If you are interested in a set of these brackets they have created a group buy link on Facebook. The link is below. https://www.facebook.com/pg/Massive-Brakes-178417442267056/photos/?tab=album&album_id=3017993058309466&__tn__=-R Cheers
  7. I know it's been a while but tonyou still have a set of Tii pads. Crazy but who knows. Cheers
  8. Does anyone know of a wheel nut that will work on our cars that has a VW style ball seat for the wheels? Thanks
  9. Trader Feedback 0 0 0 Total Rating 0% Solex 0 27 posts May 22, 2016 I would like to find a couple of decent license plate frames from a from Fred Snook BMW of Monterey from the 70's. Thank you! Mike Hayworth [email protected]
  10. This may have been addressed but I can't find a definitive answer. Working on a DCOE conversion and have a Ti airbox. I understand there is an Alfa Romeo brake booster that you can use that is like the Tii so the airbox clears. Does anyone know for sure what model Alfa it comes from? Thanks in advance.
  11. I work at BMW of Monterey. We have the BMW Classic parts available on line, not URO. $260.40 each. This is the link to the right side. The part number for left is 51-71-1-808-685. We have a right one in stock http://parts.bmwmonterey.com/productSearch.aspx?searchTerm=51711808686
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